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Slash Stories by Author 

  Jimalicious Porno
   NC-17  Jim/Ed  Steve/Ed 
   Jim is lonely and desires Ed.  Ed desires Steve.  Solution?  Make a porno!

Ariel Thalia
  Bow Down
   NC-17  Steve/Kevin slash with D/S (Dominance/Submission) theme. 
   When the rest of the guys are asleep, Kevin and Steve play. 

  Naked in the Rain
   NC-17  Steve/Kevin. 
   Two Barenaked Ladies naked in the rain.  You do the math. 

  You Were Lonely, I Was Bored
  Part 2
  Part 3
  Part 4
  Part 5
  Part 6
  Part 7
   NC-17  Steve/Ed  some crossdressing 
   Steve and Ed reveal their feelings for each other and go at it like two rabbits. 
   Really kinky rabbits.  Really kinky rabbits that get interrupted a lot. 

  Deep Focus 1
  Part 2
  Part 3
  Part 4
  Part 5
   NC-17  Steve/Ed and eventually a Steve/Kevin. 
   Kevin secretly films his two best friends during a tryst in their hotel room and discovers that he has feelings for
   one of them.

   NC-17  Steve/Ed 
   After the kids are asleep, Steve and Ed have a little fun.

  A Wet and Wild Day
   NC-17  Steve/Ed. 
   Who knew shaving could be so sexy?

  What's So Maybe About?
   NC-17  Steve/Ed 
   Steve and Ed doing what they do best; getting Barenaked.

  Our Problems 1-3
  Parts 4-6
  Parts 7-9
  Parts 10-12
  Parts 13-15
  Parts 16-17
   NC-17 Steve/Ed love in this story.
   First they turn to each other for comfort... then it grows beyond that.

  Ashamed of My Attraction
  Part Two
  Part Three
   NC-17 Ed/Kevin  
   Ed fantasizes about a doot bap buddy, and finds Kevin instead.

  Kidnapping Kevin
   NC-17 Ed Steve Tyler Jim/Kevin  
   The band comes up with a sinister idea to torture Kevin.