Deep Focus
by joeanne

Part 1:  The Lurker

My fingers fly over the keyboard, filling in the all-too familiar url into the address bar.  I hit "enter" and the page comes up.  It's one of my few guilty pleasures.  At first the board had been filled with bizarre tales of mythical escapades, but now it had taken a more interesting turn.

Several different kinds of erotica had popped up recently, all very, very nice.  Unfortunately, there seems to be an abundance of PWPs and not many hurt/comfort stories, or romance fics, or swarm. . . I'm incriminating myself.

I seem to be doing that a lot lately.  At least the guys haven't found out yet.  Oh, I can just imagine if Steve or Ed found out.  Steve would taunt and tease me to the end of my days.  Ed would probably ask for the url.  I always wonder why Steve seems to top in those stories, he seems more of a bottom to me.  I mean, sure, he's an extrovert onstage but offstage he's a lot quieter. . .

"Hey, Kevin, what are you looking at?"

Oh My Gord!  It's Steve!  I quickly change the page to another porn site.  Steve rests his head on my shoulder.  I can feel him nod with approval.  "You bookmarked it for Ty?" he asks.

"Sure.  You know how he gets when I don't," I reply.  I can feel Steve's face break out into a grin.  It's the grin that leaves me feeling weak-kneed and Ed standing at half-mast.  That's why Ed sometimes holds his guitar in front of his crotch.  When Steve smiles like that, bam, there goes the guitar blocking the crotch.  Usually, Ed can get it back down pretty quickly, but with the "One Week" kiss, it's all over.

That's the real reason the lights go down.  Steve thinks it's because it looks cool, but Ed knows it's to give him time to will away his erection.  And then, of course, there's the banter.  Steve and Ed have a sort of psychic connection, they know what the other is going to say and how to react to it.  Whenever that breaks down and something really ludicrous comes out, they burst out laughing.  I know for a fact that it's Ed's personal goal in life to make Steve laugh as often as possible and visa versa.

The beautiful thing about watching Steve and Ed is how completely oblivious Steve is to everything.  Steve thinks the whole thing is one elaborate gag, but it's a much more serious thing for Ed.  Hell, he practically wears his longing on his sleeve.  I know that our blue-eyed guitarist is going to snap soon.  The Great Kevin Hearn has spoken.  I giggle without realizing it.

"What's so funny?" Steve asks.

"Nothing," I answer.  I can feel my eyes twinkling cutely.

Steve gets up and shakes his head.  "You know where Ty's kleenex is if you need it," he reminds me and walks off.  I sneak a peek at his ass as he walks away.  Ed better hurry up and claim his ass before I'm tempted to do so.  I go back to the board and continue reading.


We get two days off until the next concert!  I'm so excited!  We're staying in town all day tomorrow and then we're moving out to the next city, which will give Ed plenty of time to make his move, and I'm pretty sure he's ready.

During tonight's concert, Tyler and Steve were goofing off during the closing rap and Tyler accidentally goosed Steve.  He had been trying to do something else, but that was the way his hand had slipped.  Steve knows it was an accident and so does Tyler.  Ed, on the other hand, knows that it was an accident but is too jealous
to admit it to himself.

Ed snapped something completely incomprehensible at Tyler when we had left after the second encore.  Jim and Steve had looked at each other in confusion, but I was smiling on the inside.  Ed has it bad.  He has to be too tired to do anything tonight but tomorrow night is another matter.  I wish I could be there to see it.  That's when my eyes spotted Jim's digital camcorder.  If I could sneak into Steve and Ed's room . . .

I couldn't invade their privacy like that, could I?  Damn right I could!  I would have to do it sometime tomorrow when they were out.  I would have to buy my own digital film, but that's easy in a city like this one.  I feel so evil, but then again, what's evil about wanting your friends to be happy?  And wanting to watch your friends be happy?  Very happy.