You Were Lonely, I Was Bored part 5
by Ashleigh

“Fuck!” they both whispered at the same time.

“Pretend there’s no one here!” Steve said quietly.

But the knocking still proceeded. “Hello?” said the voice at the door. “Steve? It’s an emergency! Open up! I need you!”

“Ed needs me more!” Steve shouted back.

Ed slapped him on the leg.

“Steve! You just said that we were going to pretend no one is here!”

Steve chuckled. “I guess I’ve been a naughty boy, Ed…”

Ed sighed. “Go answer the door, Steve!”

Steve slowly stood up and walked towards the door. He turned the knob slowly.

“It’s about time!” shouted Fin. “WHY ARE YOU WEARING A GREEN DRESS, STEVE?!” he shouted. “And why are you so erect? Holy Christ!”

Steve hesitated. “Oh…ummm…yeah…you know. Carolyn. She likes it!”

“She’s here?” Fin asked.

“No.” replied Steve. “Phone!”

“Oh!” exclaimed Fin. “Well, I came over to let you know that I’m taking the whole band out for dinner tonight. I couldn’t find Ed though. I assume he isn’t over here though, since you’re phone fucking with your wife.”

Suddenly, Ed came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. “Oh hey, Fin! I came over here to use Steve’s shower, mine isn’t working too well.”

“Oh?” asked Fin. “Don’t you find it kinda odd that Steve is standing here in a green dress with a boner?”

“Oh! You know Steve!”

Fin smiled. “I’m taking the band out for dinner tonight, you guys coming?”

Ed looked over at Steve and gave him a look.

“Can we get back to you?” he asked.

“Sure!” replied Fin. “As long as you do it quick, I want to make reservations!”

“Yeah, it’ll only take a few, we need to talk it over!”

Fin left and closed the door behind him. Little did Steve and Ed know that he was still standing outside the door.

Ed ran over to Steve and quickly sat him down again. He removed his towel and got back down on his knees in front of Steve.

“Woah woah woah, Eddy!” Steve exclaimed. “What are you doing?”

Steve lifted up his dress exposing his very erect penis. “Is this what you want?”

“Uh huh!” Ed moaned in delight. “Can I please, Steevie bear?”

“Tell me what you want to do, you naughty boy!”

“Steve,” started Ed. “I feel so dirty saying those things!”

“Well,” replied Steve. “If you don’t tell me, I’m just going to have to go get dressed!”

Fin, still standing outside the door was kind of confused as to what he was over
haring inside the room. He saw Jim walking down the hall, and stopped him.

“Jim!” Fin whispered.

“Where are we eating tonight?” asked Jim.

“Never mind that right now!” replied Fin. “I think Ed and Steve are up to something in there!”

“Yeah, eight inches maybe!” Jim snickered.

Fin stepped back and gave Jim a very surprised look. “No way, Creeggan! You’re shitting me! Ed and Steve are fuck buddies?”

Jim sighed. “Afraid so!”

“How do you know?” asked Fin.

“Well,” Jim started. “I walked in on them kissing in the bathtub this morning!”

“I’ve seen them kiss before…” replied Fin.

“No, not like this, Fin. There was massive tongue involved in this kiss!”

“Oh man!” exclaimed Fin. “I’m gonna stand out here. I want to hear what they do.”

Jim laughed. “You want to hear them?”

“Sure, why not?” exclaimed Fin. “Should be pretty entertaining!”

So Jim and Fin stood outside Steve’s hotel room, hoping something juicy would come up (no pun intended)

Inside the room, Steve was still on the chair with his dress hiked up high. Ed was on his knees in front of him.

“Well Ed, are you gonna say it?” Steve asked.

“Yes Steve, because I really really want you!”

Steve got up once again and proceeded into the kitchen. “Don’t move Ed, I’ll be right back!”

Steve went into the kitchen and got a big sausage out of the fridge. He gripped it tightly in his hands and then proceeded into the other bedroom once again. He took out a pair  of black high heels that he bought for a drag costume for a Halloween party he went to a few months back. He put them on then went back into the kitchen for his sausage. When he walked back into the living room, he found Ed laying on the couch whacking off. Steve leaned over him.

“Couldn’t wait for me, huh Ed?” Steve asked with a smile.

“Will you finish me off?”

“No.” replied Steve.

Ed frowned. “What that?” he asked.

“A sausage.” Steve replied. “We’re gonna play a little game with it!”

Ed smiled. “What’s that?”
Steve took the sausage and ran it over Ed’s lips. “Suck on this and pretend it’s me.” He said dead serious.
“Steve,” Ed started. “Me sucking on a fucking sausage turns you on? That’s not kinky, its gross!”
Steve stood up and put his hands on his hips. “ED!” he shouted. “If it involves food, obviously it turns me on!”
At this point, Jim and Fin were in awe. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing!
“Suck the sausage, Ed!” Steve demanded.
Ed took the oversized piece of pork and entered it into his mouth. He had the whole thing in, sucking as hard as he could. He tried to speak with it in, but Steve couldn’t understand what he was saying.
“Wow, that looks so good!” exclaimed Steve. “I’m willing to let you try that on me!”
Ed sat up, brown and yellowish greases dripping off his lips from the sausage. Steve stood up to walk over to Ed, but as soon as he did, he lost his balance, unaware that he was still wearing the high heels. He fell right on top of Ed’s crotch. Ed moaned.
“I guess its your turn, huh Steve?”
Steve took the heels off and threw them at the wall, coincidently, they hit the door.
“What was that?” Fin whispered.
“I don’t know!” replied Jim. “We’ve gotta get away from here!”
Fin shook his head. “No way, Creeggan! I’ve gotta hear this!”
Fin put his ear to the door as Jim stood there with a hand on his hip.
Back inside the room, Steve was on his knees in front of Ed. Ed leaned down to give him a kiss.
“Mmm..” moaned Steve. “I love the taste of sausage grease and my best friends saliva mixed together!”
Ed chuckled. “I’m gonna go fill up the tub. It will feel even nicer if we do all this in a tub of warm, soothing, water!”
They both got up and walked into the bathroom. They shut the door. Ed turned on the water and filled the tub to the brim with warm soapy goodness. He grabbed Steve and pulled him in for another long, soft kiss. He then grabbed the bottom of the dress Steve was wearing and pulled it off over his head.
“Why do you always insist on wearing clothing, Steve?” Ed asked smiling.
“I don’t!” replied Steve. “I just don’t like the way I look naked!”
Ed smirked as he stepped into the tub. He took Steve’s hand and pulled him in with him. Ed sat down in the warm soapy water, met by Steve sitting between his legs. Ed’s hands massaged Steve’s back and shoulders. Steve leaned as far back as he could, Ed leaned in closer to Steve’s mouth for another delicious kiss on Steve’s full voluptuous lips.

“I can feel your hard cock up against my ass, Ed.” Steve whispered as he moaned quietly.
Ed got up and pushed Steve into a table position and slid in close behind him in one fluid motion. A quick glance from Steve confirmed that he wanted this just as much as Ed did.
Ed tried to be very gentle as he entered Steve. Steve moaned with delight, and this only encouraged Ed to do more. Ed grabbed Steve’s hips and started thrusting harder and faster with each move. Only a few minutes after, Ed came, along with Steve who was stroking his hard cock at the same time. As Ed pulled out, Steve left out a big sigh of relief.
“You ok, Steve?” asked Ed.
Steve was still in shock. “Oh yeah. Definitely. That was amazing, Ed!” he moaned.
The two men, still in shock that they actually fucked, lied together in the tub together for several minutes longer.
“Maybe we should drain the water and draw some more,” said Steve. “I don’t like sitting in my own jism!”

They both chuckled. Ed held Steve in his arms as they fell asleep into a dream world only they could imagine.