by Kellie


The story you are about to read contains Steve/Ed homo-erotica. Click on to the next thread if you don't want to read that.


OK -- this is the second. As I said in the "Wet and Wild" intro, this is not necessarily Chapter 2, but it does make reference to "Wet and Wild", so you might want to read that one first. And uh.. yeah.. the water thing.

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"A heat wave is looming over the greater Toronto area, as temperatures soar into the nineties…" Steve clicked off the television and glanced outside. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, bright and sunny just like out of a movie. It was a scene you'd expect to see in southern California, or in some surfer movie… not in the suburbs of Toronto.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of soft footsteps and keys jangling. Carolyn had just finished feeding Jacob, and Steve knew that she was on her way to pick up Natalie and go shopping.

"OK… the baby is fed, there is stuff for sandwiches in the fridge, and the cool comfort of the mall awaits. I'll see you later!" she said as she walked out the door. As he heard the car slip down the street, he picked up the phone and called Ed.

"Hello," answered a squeaky-voiced Ed. Just when Steve was about to ask what was wrong with his voice, he heard the familiar (and deeper) voice of his friend say "Hi Steve… sorry, I was playing barbies with Hannah and I forgot to lose the voice. What's up?"

Steve burst out laughing, suddenly grateful that he had all boys and wouldn't have to "play barbies" any time soon. "I was just thinking… Carolyn and Nat are heading off to the mall, and it's a beautiful day out. Wanna come over for lunch and then we'll turn the sprinklers on and try to cool off? We could even run through with our gym shorts on!" Steve snickered.

"Or… with no clothing on?" Ed snickered back, quoting the often changed line from their live show.

"Well… we'd have to wait till the kids went down for a nap…" Steve's voice trailed off, leaving the words unsaid but the thought complete.

After a brief, but pregnant pause, Ed replied "We'll be right over".

Steve was setting out sandwich makings as the Robertsons arrived. He called Benjamin and Isaac down, and the families went about making sandwiches. Steve and Ed got into their usual mayo v. Miracle Whip and Grape vs. Strawberry debate, as they watched the kids make ham and cheese, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

They all sat at the table, the kids telling jokes and making faces at eachother as they ate their lunch. As Steve took a bite of his sandwich, he felt Ed's leg brush up against his. Steve's breath caught, and when he looked at Ed, who was staring right back at him, he knew it wasn't an accident.

"Everyone, clean up and put your dishes in the dishwasher, please" said Steve, hurrying the children a bit, wanting to get to their naptime, so that he could be alone with Ed. It had been a while since their last encounters together on tour, but it was obvious that they did not leave their feelings for eachother out on the road.

As the kids cleaned up the kitchen, Steve went upstairs to change Jacob's diaper and get his sunblock and hat to prepare him for the outdoors. Ed instructed the kids to change into their swimsuits when they were done, and followed Steve upstairs.

As Steve rounded the corner to Jacob's room, he felt Ed's presence behind him. He stopped just outside the door, and spun around to find his friend leaning against the wall, with a sly grin on his face and those piercing eyes staring right back.

They stared at eachother for a second, both knowing what they wanted but not sure if the other did. At the same instant, they rushed to eachother with their arms outstretched, falling into an embrace and a crushingly passionate kiss. After coming up for air, Ed looked into Steve's eyes and whispered, "I missed that."

"I did too" Steve whispered as he quickly gave Ed another kiss and turned to enter the baby's room.

Jacob's eyes fluttered open as Steve lifted him out of the crib. Ed watched with wonder, his heart fluttering form how gentile and loving Steve was with his new son. Ed watched as Steve rubbed sunblock into the baby's skin, and remembered how it had felt when Steve had rubbed him with shower gel that day in the hotel.

Steve noticed that Ed was lost in thought, and as he capped the lotion and glanced over, seeing Ed's growing erection, he was sure of just where Ed's thoughts had roamed. "Ready?" said Steve, pretending he hadn't noticed.

"Uhh… sure" replied Ed, who looked like he had just experienced thought-us interruptus. He let out a little sigh and smiled as the thoughts completed themselves. "Let's go get the hoses!" Ed exclaimed, sounding like a child himself. Steve laughed, as he recalled that the whole "sprinkler" part of "Pinch Me" was one that Ed had thought of and insisted on.

Steve and Ed stood in the backyard watching as their children ran through the sprinklers, screeching and laughing at the cool spray of the water. They slid along the lawn, hurrying to get back in line for the heat drenching water. Ed and Steve just glanced at each other, smiling.

Once the kids started to slow down, the fathers brought them inside, dried them off, hung their wet clothes in the bathroom and put the kids down for a nap. Then, like the children had before them, they glanced at eachother and ran towards the backyard in a dead sprint.

Steve immediately pushed Ed through the sprinkler, making lines of water on his clothes. Ed laughed, and cupped his hands over the water sprays, squirting the water right back at Steve's head. Deciding that this meant war, Steve unhooked the water hose and doused Ed from head to toe, laughing loudly the whole time.

Ed made a tackle to Steve's waist, wrestling him to the ground for control of the hose. Once he had it, he pointed it right at Steve's crotch, letting the water flow over his pants as he giggled "Here… I think you could use that!"

"ME?" asked Steve in a mock-horrified voice. "What about you, Mister pop-a-boner-in-my-kid's-room? Thought I didn't notice, eh?" Just for that, Ed stood up, and placing one foot on either side of Steve's hips, squirted water all over his face and chest.

Once Steve rubbed the water out of his eyes, he reached over and grabbed Ed's ankle, and Ed went sailing into the squishy grass as Steve grabbed the water hose. "Take that!" Steve exclaimed as he drenched Ed, just as Ed had done to him moments before. And, just like moments before, Ed grabbed Steve's legs and pulled him down to the ground, rolling over on top of him.

Steve felt Ed's wet arms next to his shoulders, and the feeling of slippery skin shot fingers of fire through him. Steve reached up to touch Ed's wet and dirty face, and run his fingers through Ed's wet, tight curls. Ed did the same, reaching down to touch Steve's wet spikes of hair, and Ed leaned down and kissed his soft, wet lips.

Steve was overcome with feeling, as he stripped Ed's wet shirt off. The cotton clung to his body, and made a slight suction sound as it peeled away from the flesh. Steve ran his fingers over Ed's hard nipples, rubbing them in his fingers. As Ed leaned down to kiss him again, Steve rolled over into the top, and more dominant position.

He could barely wait for Ed, as he stripped his own shirt off. Steve laid down on top of Ed, letting his weight press against his body. As they engaged in more passionate kissing, Steve reached down to Ed's groin. Not ready to give it up so quickly, Ed playfully pushed Steve's hand away and the two rolled again in the wet grass.

Ed reached back to grab the hose, and bathed Steve's bare chest in the flowing water. Ed placed his fingers on Steve's skin, watching how the water flowed around his fingers in streaks and rivers. He ran his hand over the sheet of water, as a surfer would glide over the surface of the ocean. Tossing the hose aside, Ed grasped Steve's hands together and held them over his head, while Ed reached down with the other hand to grope Steve's ever growing erection. Ed leaned down and whispered, "Who's got the boner now?"

Steve's flesh tingled like a thousand pinpricks. Overcome with the intensity of his feelings, he slid out from under Ed's body and moved to a kneeling position behind him. Yanking Ed's pants down like they used to in order to de-pants someone in high school, Steve pushed Ed to a table position and slid in close behind him in one fluid motion. A quick return glance from Ed confirmed that he wanted this as much as Steve did.

Steve took great care to be gentile as he entered his best friend. Ed moaned with delight, and this only encouraged Steve to do more. Ed was hot and tight… and absolutely delightful. The feeling was so intense, that as Steve grabbed Ed's hips and began thrusting, it only took a few moments before Steve rocketed off like a mission to mars. The feeling was nearly as intense for Ed, who stroked himself as Steve came, and a few seconds later was spiraling toward the sky himself.

Steve pulled out gently, and in the quiet post-coital moment, reached out for the hose and doused the top of Ed's head. "Gotcha" Steve said with a sly grin on his face.

Ed smiled in return, and with a similar sly grin, said "Yes… yes you did."