You Were Lonely, I Was Bored part 4
by Ashleigh

Back in the kitchen, Steve was going through all the cabinets and the refrigerator.
“Where’s the god damn peanut butter?” he said to himself. “Oh well, guess I’m just going to have to use whipped cream!”
Steve grabbed his last can of whipped cream and proceeded into the bedroom where Ed was laying naked..
“I’ve got what I want now, Eddy!”
Ed sat up. “What’s that, Steevie bear?”
Steve whipped out his can of whipped cream. “I want to eat some now!” he said.
Ed licked his lips. “Get over here!” he replied.
Steve went on the bed as Ed lay down. He got on top of Ed and kissed him repeatedly. He leaned over the bed and got the can of whipped cream. He shook it up and then sprayed it all over Ed’s lips. Ed took his hands and pulled Steve in closer. Steve looked in Ed’s eyes and licked his lips. He then went and licked all the cream off of Ed’s lips.
“Oh Steve!” Ed started. “If it involves food, you’re an expert! That felt spectacular!”
Steve smiled and then put one finger over Ed’s lips. “Shhh…” he said. “Don’t ruin this!”
Ed smiled and tried to get comfortable. Steve took the can of whipped cream once again and sprayed it all over Ed’s chest. He took his finger and placed some cream on it. He put it in front of Ed’s mouth.
“Suck the cream off my finger!” he demanded.
Ed took Steve’s hand and sucked lightly on his fingers.
They laid in silence as Steve took the can of cream and sprayed a trail of it from Ed’s nose down his neck, his chest, his crotch, and all the way down to his toes.
Ed was trembling. “Oh Steve!” he shouted. “I love you! I love this!”
Steve smiled and gave Ed another long kiss on his lips. He backed away and licked all the cream off of Ed’s nose. In one long trail, he licked all the way from Ed’s nose, to his navel. Ed clenched Steve’s waist tightly.
“Oh don’t stop there Steve!” he cried. “You know how bad I want you!”
“You sure, Ed?” Steve asked playfully. He looked down at Ed’s crotch and licked his lips. “Ooohhh Ed, I guess you do want me, huh?”
So Steve took the whipped cream once again and sprayed it all over Ed’s nipples.
“Oh Steve!” moaned Ed. “Nothing could ruin this moment!”
Steve took his hands and rubbed Ed’s bare thighs. He then proceeded to work his way up and lick all the cream off of Ed’s nipples.

“Steve,” Ed started. “When are you gonna get to the good part?”
Steve sighed. “You’re very impatient!”
“Well,” Ed started. “You’ve been licking cream off the upper part of my body for about twenty minutes now!”
“You’re a very naughty boy, Ed! Do you need a spanking?”
Ed smiled. “Oh yeah!”
Steve turned Ed over on his stomach. “Stay right there!” he shouted, and went back into the other bedroom. He opened all the dresser draws, searching for a whip that he and Carolyn used when playing Master. When he finally found it, along with a short green dress that someone had threw up on stage a few nights earlier, he put the dress on and took the whip. He walked back into the other room where Ed was laying on the bed. He turned his head and gasped.
“Holy shit, Steve! You’re going to make me cum right now! You look so sexy in that dress!”
Steve laughed and started dancing around the room. “You love the way I dance, don’t you Eddy?”
Ed lay on the bed and stared at Steve and he started to touch the insides of his thighs.
Steve sat down on a chair across the room and spread his legs wide open. Ed slowly got off the bed and crawled towards Steve. He got on his knees and lifted Steve’s dress up a little.
“I want you so bad, Steve!” he moaned.
“Well, here you are Ed. On your knees right in front of my big hard dick”
“Ohhh yeah!” Ed screamed.
“Where’s that can of cream?” Steve asked. “Go get it, and spray some on my toes, then lick it off!”
“Ok!” Ed screeched. He got up and walked over to the bed for the can of whipped cream. Steve stared Ed up and down.
“I love the way your ass jiggles when you walk, Ed!” Steve said slyly.
“Oh yeah?” asked Ed. He turned around and slapped his naked ass for Steve.
“Mmmm…” Steve moaned. “Get over here!” he demanded.

Ed got back on his knees in front of Steve who was still sitting on the chair with his legs spread wide open wearing the short, tight, green dress. Ed took the half full can of cream and sprayed it all over Steve’s toes. He then proceeded to lift Steve’s right leg and lick all the cream off while sucking on his toes.
“Ok, so when are we gonna get to the good part?” asked Steve.
Ed chuckled. “That sounds familiar!”
Steve hiked the dress further up. Ed moved in closer. Just as he was about to pleasure Steve, there was a knock at the door!