Our Problems
Chapters 13-15
by Sharon

Chapter thirteen:


I woke up happy and relaxed. Steve’s arm was draped across my chest and the other was under me. He looked so adorable and huggable. I leaned forward and kissed his forehead. He never stirred, but I thought he would. Heavy sleeper, I guess. That’s when nature called. I tried worming away, but Steve’s arms only wrapped around me tighter.

"Steve, love, let me go to the bathroom," I said, gently trying to get away. He then mumbled something about me that no catholic nun would ever dare to repeat.

"Um, Steve, let me go," And I tried again. He would just hold me tighter. As much as I liked to cuddle, I also wanted to go to the bathroom. Somehow, wetting the bed didn’t seem entirely attractive. I tugged again. This was starting to get annoying.

"Lemme go before I get some cold water!" I hissed. I really, really had to go now. I rolled to one side suddenly and misjudged the distance between the side of the bed and the edge. I rolled right off.

"Owwie..." I muttered and I got up to go the bathroom. Steve was still asleep when I walked back into the room. According to the clock, Kevin was coming over. We were going out for dinner in an hour. I was in a bit of a crummy mood because of how I woke up, but that would melt away soon enough. Kevin and I had something devious planned. We were sure Steve would like it enough. I got dressed as Steve was still snoozing. I kissed him to wake him up. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and swished it around. He opened his eyes and began to return the kiss. We began to make out and when Steve started to undress me, I stopped him.

"Listen, dinner with Kevin. Remember?" I asked, pulling away. The look of anguish in his eyes was just too perfect, but then I held out my hand and pulled him up. He went to the bathroom and got dressed. By that point, we hadn’t kissed for fifteen minutes, so walked up to him and threw him into a deep, passionate kiss. If I couldn’t last fifteen minutes, how could I last the show? Or, only have a five-second kiss with him? Fortunately, it was only Thursday and the show was on Saturday. Oh, look, one day to kick the addiction... I thrust my tongue into his mouth and once again we started to make out, in plenty of time before Kevin was supposed to come over. He walked me to the bed and pushed me down. He ran his fingers through my tight curls of black hair and I reached down to grab his ass. I worked my tongue into his cheek and ran it every where. I never heard the scrape of the lock, or the sound of the door opening; I was way too busy. Kevin had come in and was watching Steve and me make out. I did notice when Kevin let out a soft moan. I pulled away from Steve and stared stupidly at Kevin. Kevin snapped out of his trance and smiled.

"Hi, guys. I was wondering when you’d stop. Do you think we can go for supper?" he asked, getting up and walking to the door.

"Yeah, I’m sorry," said Steve sheepishly, and the three of us went to the hotel restaurant. We hung out awhile and Steve and me played footsies. I was really enjoying myself and I was actually having an alcoholic drink. Only one; I don’t really drink. I was more intensely focused on this high sugar dessert that was going to give me a thrombosis later in life, since it would provide me with a sugar high. I know from experience that sex and sugar high go well together. Let’s just say that Nat and I had to cut down on coffee ice cream. Nat… for the first time that day I thought about her. I guess I became quieter since Steve asked what was wrong.

"Oh… I just thought about… about Nat," I replied. Then, I saw Kevin slip me a piece of paper. I opened it.

Are we still going on with the plans? How shall we do it?

I can’t wait.


I knew what Kevin meant with all this. I knew quite well. I wrote back and said some innocent words to Steve. He didn’t need to know what we were up to. We passed notes some more, but then supper was over. The waitresses were getting mad at us 'cause we were too ‘noisy’, whatever that meant. The food fight had been innocent enough. Steve and I got to our hotel room and Kevin went to his; probably preparing for tonight. I looked at Steve. He was throwing his coat down and taking his shoes and socks off to prepare for some lazy TV time. But the thing that got me and really turned me on was the way his lips were wrapped around his straw; sipping coke. Those big, red lips could do so much to me… the way they were sucking on that straw… I had to put my hand out and stop myself from falling as I thought about what he could do. I was fully erect and breathing hard. Just the thought of Steve sent me into a could-be orgasm. He was looking at me, alarmed. Then, I saw his eyes trail down my body and they stopped at my crotch. He let a small smirk slip through and took another sip of his coke. My hand sort of shook and I almost fell over again. I got up without a word, went into the bathroom, and turned on the water in our bathtub. I pulled off my black cotton shirt and tossed it on the floor. I set about to removing my socks and shoes (that I hadn’t bothered to take off yet) before Steve poked his head in the door.

"Hey, Steve," I said. removing my last sock.

"What are you doing?" he asked, getting in the whole way. To answer him, I unbuttoned my jeans and undid the zipper. I should have never worn tight jeans. I sighed as my erection stood out nice and free, then, I dropped my pants. Steve was still just staring at me. I looked at the water; it was halfway ready, just a few more minutes until it’s done. I walked up to Steve and kissed him, pressing him up against the wall and thrusting my tongue into his mouth. I pulled away and then began to pull off his shirt.

"Ohh…" he said, now understanding. I knew that the last thing I needed was another bath or shower. I knew it was the same thing with Steve, but hey, I wanted to do this as much as he did. I pulled my boxers off and I stood in front of Steve completely naked. I decided to make this go faster and I began to stroke myself. I tilted my head back, enjoying this, watching him and hearing him moan in satisfaction. I turned off the tap, then continued to stroke myself again. When there was a sufficient amount of precum on the tip, I began to jerk myself.

"Ohh… Steven…" I moaned, leaning against the tub and moving faster. I heard clothes hitting the floor as Steve rushed to undress. I needed a little more lube so I began to stroke myself again. I was getting into this and I heard Steve begin to moan. He, too, was masturbating. My legs began to get weak as I neared my peak and I set myself on the edge of the tub. I began to jerk off again, and then I came.

"OHH! GOD! STEVEN!" I cried. I slid off the edge of the tub. He came a second or two later.

"ED! Oh, fuck yes…" he moaned, also sliding to the ground. We stared at each other weakly, both incapable of more than babble if we spoke. I stood up and got into the tub, letting the warm, relaxing bath take me over. Steve slid in next and I scooted over. I gasped at the feeling of his naked thigh against mine. I let my head slump on his shoulder as the steam and the warmth of the bath worked their magic. I felt calm and relaxed with him. I was sure he felt the same as he let out a low moan of satisfaction. I reached over through the hot water and took hold of his member. I was bent on making him hard. He moaned and he let his head slump back. I kissed his exposed neck and brushed my tongue along the surface of his skin, enjoying the feel and taste of him. Then, there was a knock at the door. Not the hotel room door, the bathroom door.

"Come in, Kevin!" I called, and he walked in. I was nibbling on Steve’s neck. I smiled when I saw Kevin’s eyes go wide. Steve was still incapable of speech since Kevin caught us, but I knew what was up.

"Won’t you join us, Kevin?" I asked, now rubbing Steve’s chest with my hand. Then, I moved and kissed Steve tenderly. I could see out of the corner of my eye Kevin getting undressed. I picked up the kisses' intensity by slipping my tongue into Steve's mouth and I sucked on his tongue. I heard something slip into the water. I felt a hand rub my back. It was Kevin. I pulled away from Steve and decided to give him something to think about: I kissed Kevin passionately. Steve now knew our plans. I wrapped my arms around Kevin. I kept telling myself that I was only kissing Kevin because Steve would like it. I would have never agreed to a threesome any other way. Steve wandered in, kissing us both, and having a hard time choosing. I reached down and grabbed Kevin’s penis, stoking him slowly. He pulled his head away and moaned deeply, almost crying out. I wondered if this was the sort of thing Kevin had in mind. The second I felt long, slender fingers return the grip, I almost lost it. This was way too good for words. Steve kissed my neck and I felt him position himself outside of my ass.

"Oh, dear lord!" I cried, as Steve slowly slid into me. I began to stroke Kevin harder the harder Steve fucked me. All three of us began to near our climax. Kevin jerked me harder and then kissed my lips softly as Steve kissed my neck.

"OH JESUS!" cried Kevin, coming in the water. He let go and began to play voyeur as Steve fucked me and I stroked myself. So close…

"STEVEN! KEVIN!" I cried, also coming. Steve cried out my name as he came as well. We got out as soon as we could, since we were sitting in our jizz. After draining the water, we all separately washed off and I walked out into the main area. Steve and I waited for Kevin to come out so we could get going at it again. The clock read nine. An hour… The bathroom thing had gone on for an hour. I was amazed that it went on that long. Suddenly, Steve got up and kissed Kevin. I was shocked at him, and I heard Steve whispering something to Kev. It came out somewhat like: get him. I began to slowly stoke myself again as they noisily made out. I felt a little left out, so I walked up to the two and kissed the sides of their mouths, trying to get to one of them. Steve broke away from Kevin and we began to kiss whilst Kevin disappeared from my line of sight. THERE he is. I moaned when something began to lick the head of my swollen cock. I began to hug Steve tightly as Kevin sucked me harder and faster. I had to touch Steve, no questions asked. I gripped his dick and Steve kissed me harder. I ran my thumb over the head. He pulled away and bit my shoulder to tell me to squeeze him tighter. I did, and Kevin’s sucking picked up intensity. He pulled away just before I came. I whimpered.

"Why did you do that?" I asked quietly.

"I think it would be obvious," Kevin replied. Ohh… I see. I pulled away from Steve and Kevin sat on the edge of the bed. I took him in my mouth and began to suck him hard and fast.

"Jesus, Ed! Where did you learn to suck cock like that?" he cried through his teeth.

"He picked it up somewhere," I heard Steve say. I never replied; I was too full with this monster. As much as people think that he’s average, he certainly wasn’t. He could nearly give me a run for my money. His body was tensing up and I could tell he was getting ready to come. I pulled away. He, too, whimpered in dismay. I kissed him hard and that was enough for the both of us; we came at the same time. All the time that Kevin and I were doing this, Steve had been watching and was happily jerking off for what was probably the third time today. When he came, we all just laid down together and sat there. Soon, Kevin made an excuse to leave, since Fin and the others were coming back soon. He got dressed and left. Steve and I sat there for hours not saying anything. I felt so complete lying there… I never wanted this to end.

Chapter fourteen:


I woke up a little sore and stiff. Ed and I had fooled around a few hours after Kevin left. I wound up with my arms around Ed on the floor. I got up, relieved myself, and walked back into the room. I stared at his sleeping form, so calm and still. He was so beautiful. I got dressed, in case Fin showed up, and I urged Ed to at least get in his bed. I heard the Mozart tune and I got up and answered it.

"Hello?" I asked, quite chipperly. Then, my mood came crashing down.

"Hi, Steve. It’s me, Carolyn," replied the voice on the phone.

"Uhh… Hi, Carolyn. How, how are you?" I asked, stuttering a little bit.

"I’m fine. Listen, Steve, Nat is going through with her plans… She… She’s leaving Ed. I never wanted to tell anyone, but I had to! This is awful. At first I was with her, since I’m upset with you being gone, but I never would leave you. Now, my sympathy goes out to Ed. Listen, I hope you do have a plan, though, since… Well, you know…" and she began to laugh nervously.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Uhh. Well, my mom said that if you weren’t home soon that… Well, that I should leave you."

"Screw your mom! Why would you listen to her rather than live with the one you love?"

"What did you say about my mother?"

"I… Carolyn, I didn't mean for it to come out like that, you know I lose my temper a lot-"

"NO! You will not say things like that about my mother you… you…"

"I’m sorry Carolyn, really I am. I just love you and don’t want to see you go!"

"But you’re sleeping with Ed so I guess I’m not that important to you, huh?"

"No… Well, yes. Me and Ed have been sleeping together... I… We were hurting inside and we turned to each other. We… I was hurting so bad when you said you might leave me, so I looked for some comfort. And I guess I found Ed. I’m so sorry, Carolyn."

"I… I’m sorry, Steve. I understand. I love you and I have to go," she said quietly.

"I love you too, bye."

"Bye." And she hung up. I stood there and wondered how I was going to break it to Ed. How would Ed take it if I told him his wife was leaving him? I had no clue. I was so worried. There was no way this would turn out good.

"Ed? Ed, wake up love. I have something to tell you," I whispered.

His eyes fluttered and he mumbled.

"I hate to say it, but it’s about Nat," I said running my fingers down his cheeks.

"What? What about Nat?" he demanded, bolting up in bed.

"Nat’s going through with her plans. It’s okay, I’m with you all the way." And I kissed him on the forehead.

"Thanks, Steve. I love you." And he kissed me back, but he was obviously still distracted.

I leaned into him and kissed him again, focused on taking away the pain. When he began to unbutton my shirt, I lost myself in how it felt and let Ed take over.


At the concert, the two of us were in a good mood. That is, until the ‘One Week’ kiss. It was short, but accidentally held for longer than usual. And Ed managed to find a way to slip his tongue in my mouth. Then, backstage, Ed had asked if it would be interesting if he and I made out in front of the audience. I’d like it, and obviously Ed wanted more than a fugal kiss for about five seconds. The band agreed, so Ed and I made out for about thirty seconds, and we were mostly satisfied for the rest of the evening.

Backstage, however, was a whole other story.

"Cock tease…" Ed hissed as we walked into his dressing room.

I’ll admit it: We were singing close together and I gave him a hard on by rubbing his crotch. He pushed me into the wall and laid a heavy kiss on me. He increased the passion greatly and we walked slowly to the couch, still kissing and wrapped up in each other’s arms. I groaned when he put one hand over my cock and the other behind my head, pulling my closer. He rubbed me lightly and I was growing so hard it hurt. I needed to get these leather pants off.

"Jesus, Ed…" I moaned softly. Ed slowly undid my fly and let my erection spring up.

Then, Ed took me in his mouth, sucking me hard, but slow. I was nearing what would be a very strong orgasm. Oh shit, this one was going to be good.

"Ed!" I cried as he slid his thumb up my ass, starting to finger fuck me.

I was nearing the edge, crying out his name. Then, I came hard, buckling up against him. I laid there, passive, but still yearning.

"That was way too good for words!" I said, kissing his forehead.

"I think so. You don’t exactly taste good, though," he chuckled, leaning in and claiming my lips. I saw the tent in his pants and I went for it with my hand, rubbing him slowly. I pulled off the PJ pants he had worn on stage and pulled his boxers off. I began to eagerly suck him off when all of a sudden, I heard Ed cursing and he pulled away. I looked over my shoulder and there was Fin and Jim, staring down at us.

Chapter fifteen:


I think there was a good thirty seconds of silence while Jim and Fin stared at us. Steve and I made a mad rush to get dressed again. I was wrestling ‘myself’ back into my pants. Then, I saw another figure behind the door. It was Carolyn.
"Uh oh…" I muttered, jumping behind the couch and getting into the safe position.
Steve looked up and saw what I saw. For a normally sweet woman, she looked a lot like a saber-toothed tiger.
"Oooooh SHIIT-ake mushrooms!" Steve cursed, as he ran for the open window.
"Oh no! Steven Jay Page, your ass is grass!" Carolyn hissed, running after him.
"HELP!" Steve yelped.
"I thought our little talk would have made you think, you cheating bastard! Goddammit, you’re fine now! You have no more problems!"
I stepped in front of her, blocking Steve.
Damn, me and my protective instincts.
"I don’t think so," I growled.
"Why the hell are you two fucking each other in the first place?" asked Fin from the door.
"Good question. Why don’t you ask Mr. Page over there?" said Carolyn, eyeing Steve evilly.
"It’s because we… We have feelings for each other. I love him," I said, helping Steve up.
"What?" hissed Carolyn taking another step toward us.
"We love each other, damn it!" Steve yelled, taking my hand.
I looked over to the vocalist. His full lips I liked to kiss, baby soft blonde hair I loved to run my fingers through, those strong arms that held me tight, his deep brown eyes, his powerful voice, his personality… Everything made me love him more each day. Before I realized it, I was leaning in to kiss him. His voluptuous lips pressed against mine, those strong arms wrapped around me...
"Break it up! We don’t need goddamn proof!" said Jim, breaking us apart.
I narrowed my eyes and hugged Steve to me, daring anyone to try and break us up. No one spoke for a long time. Soon, Carolyn broke the silence.
"That’s it. I’m going home, packing up, and leaving." She turned on her heel and walked out.
More silence. Then, Jim and Fin left.
"Steve? What are we going to do?" I asked as he buried his face in my shoulder to cry.
I had to stay strong, be strong for Steve.
"I don’t know," he sobbed.
I carefully lead him to the couch and made him lie down. Looking down at Steve, tears flowing out of his puppy dog eyes, I felt bad; like I was the one to blame.
"I need a hug…" he whimpered softly.
I got down and hugged him tightly. I felt like crying myself. Nat leaving me, Carolyn leaving Steve…
Wait just a minute here...

"Steve? Umm… do you? Aw hell, Steve, do you want to… Well, Nat’s leaving me... And Carolyn’s leaving you… Well, what I mean is…" I mumbled, pulling away from the embrace.
"You want me to move in with you?" he asked, rubbing his eyes.
I nodded and prepared for rejection. My house was the smaller of the two. Steve could sell his and I could live with the one I loved.
"I don’t know what to say besides yes," said Steve, smiling.
"Oh, Steve!" I exclaimed, hugging him.
Then I said something I should get punished for.
"When we get back on the bus, I’m going to fuck you blind!" I whispered, nibbling on his earlobe.
"And I still have to finish sucking you off…" he whispered back.
Let’s talk dirty. I was going to get him off without even touching him.
"Mmmm… Oh, I want to feel you throbbing in my hand…" I said, slyly pulling away.
"Oh God… I want your big, hard cock thrusting into me, over and over and deeper and deeper…" he said, taking hold of his large erection.
"Oohhh, I can feel it already… each small convulsion when I pound into you deep…" and I pulled my large member out.
"I can feel you… so hard and big…"
I began to jack off as Steve talked dirty to me.
"I want your tight ass. God, I want to fuck you sooo bad…"
After a few minutes more of talking, we both came hard. After cleaning up, we left. While we were walking down the hallway, Steve said something that made me hard all over again.
"Show me what you were talking about."
Suddenly, I began to stumble about, trying to hide. Kevin, who was handing Jonah to Carolyn, saw this and started laughing at my antics.
"What?" I asked, leaning against a wall and tucking back.
"Oh, nothing. Nothing at all…" Kevin snickered.
"Yeah, it is nothing," Steve said, standing beside me.
Carolyn shot us both an acidic look before leaving. I shook my head and I overheard Steve and Kevin talking. Boy, I’m turning out to be a big eavesdropper.
"So, what did you say to make Ed pop one?"
"Nothing," said Steve innocently.
"Sure. I’m really sure."
"No, really. I said 'Show me' and he began to do that funky little dance." And Steve started to impersonate me.
I was trying so hard not to laugh at my lover’s antics, it hurt. And for someone who just had his wife leave him, he sure seemed fine.
"Really? So, I heard the two of you talking earlier in the dressing room. What of?" Kevin asked.
I bit my lip and watched the most adorable expression come over Steve’s face. He was having a bad time trying to figure out what to say.
"Well, nothing. He just was talking... and I want him to show me... some… PS2 hockey tactics?"
I bit my tongue and watched Kevin slowly begin to grin. It was too funny to watch. I glanced around and saw that no one else was backstage. I walked swiftly up and began to spoon with Steve.
"Hockey tactics? I’ll show you hockey tactics…" and I kissed him, gently, pushing my tongue in his mouth.
Steve broke away a second later.
"Kevin? Do you have a mint? We need a puck." Kevin shook his head and handed us a mint before walking away.
We had two, the chocolate filling kind and a plain old Humpty’s mint. I chose the Humpty’s mint and popped it into my mouth before kissing Steve. Now this was making out. We passed it back and fourth until we heard Fin shouting for us to get to our busses. I passed Steve the mint and we rushed to the bus, making sure not to miss any time. Then, we were rewarded with a sight that made me want to pop a blood vessel.