You Were Lonely, I Was Bored part 7
by Ashleigh

As soon as Steve and Ed arrived at Denny’s, they were seated by their waitress and served cold drinks. When they sat down, there wasn’t really any talking. A lot of staring though. Steve kept rubbing his legs up against Ed’s. Oh, Steve was definitely a cock tease.

“You like playing footsie?” Ed asked with a grin.

Steve shook his head as he took a sip of his diet coke.

“What were we doing an hour ago right now?” he asked.

Ed rested his head on his shoulders and smiled uncontrollably. “Mmm…I was fucking you really really hard against the shower wall.”

Steve sighed and took another sip of his coke.

“I want to kiss you right now so bad!” he whined.

“Me too!” replied Ed. “But we can’t do that stuff in public!”

All of a sudden, Jim, Kevin, and Tyler walk in. Steve and Ed act very surprised.

“Hey! What are you guys doing here at Denny’s?” asks Steve.

“Wow!” replied Jim. “Never though I’d see the two of you fully clothed again!”

Ed and Steve laughed. It was nervous laughter.

“We came in here to eat, Steve! What do you think?” Tyler said loudly.

“Can we sit with you?” Kevin asked shyly.

Steve and Ed took their drinks and moved to a bigger table where five people would be able to fit. Of course, Steve and Ed sat next to each other. Tyler was on the other side of Steve and Kev was sitting next to Ed leaving Jim between Tyler and Kevin.

The waitress came over and looked at Steve.

“You moved…”

“Yeah,” Steve replied. “We needed a bigger table. Didn’t know more people were showing up.”

“Well, can I get you gentlemen something to drink?” she asked the other three band mates.

“Sex on the Beach please!” Kevin shouted. The waitress looked at him funny and laughed. Jim put his hand on Kev’s shoulder.

“Uhhh Kev?” he started. “This is Denny’s, they don’t sell alcoholic beverages. Especially Sex on the Beach!”

Ed looked over at Steve who was sitting there with a blank look on his face. Ed knew he was thinking about how badly he wanted to have sex on the beach. And not the drink!

Kevin laughed. “Oh! I’m sorry. Haven’t been here in awhile. I forgot.”

"I wonder if Steve and Ed come here often!” Tyler shouted.

“Nice pun, Tyler!” Jim congratulated.

Steve looked over at Tyler and gave him an evil look. “Shut the fuck up, Ty!” he muttered under his breath.

The waitress, still standing there trying to take orders, was trying to restrain herself from laughing.

“I’ll have a hot chocolate then!” Kevin said.

“Uhm, Herbal tea for me!” Jim said.

“And a Sex on the Beach for me!” Tyler exclaimed, trying to be funny.

“That isn’t funny anymore, Ty!” Ed exclaimed.

“Ok! Diet coke then!” Tyler replied.

“Copy cat!” Steve muttered under his breath.

“Okay!” exclaimed the waitress. “Be right back then!”

As soon as she left, Tyler started teasing Steve and Ed some more. “So!” he started. “How much more fucking are you guys gonna put in before we leave to go back on the road?” he asked.

“Actually Tyler,” Ed started. “You want to leave right now and go fuck, Steve?”

Steve looked at Ed and smiled, not knowing if he was kidding or not. Which he probably was.

“No really, Steve!” Ed continued. “I’m really horny and I want to go fuck you!”

Ed got up and grabbed Steve’s hand, pulling him towards the door. Steve waved goodbye to his band mates, following Ed’s request. They went straight to the car. Steve being the driver, Ed the passenger.

“Good thing these windows are tinted!” Ed exclaimed as he forcefully pulled Steve in for a long fiery kiss. “I’m so horny, Steve. Aren’t you?” Ed asked.

Steve smiled. “Well, I could go for some sex on the beach!” he said with a chuckle.

Ed laughed. “They don’t serve that here, remember?”

“No no no! Like, I want to fuck you on the beach.”

Ed moaned. “Yeah? Tell me how bad you want to fuck me, Steve.”

At that, Steve started kissing and nipping on Ed’s neck and earlobes. Ed could do nothing but moan and writhe in pleasure at the feeling of Steve’s soft voluptuous lips against his peachy flesh.

Steve stopped. “We shouldn’t be doing this in Denny’s parking lot!” he exclaimed.

Ed snickered. “You’re right. Where to?”

As soon as Steve put the key into the ignition, someone was knocking at the window!

“What the fuck?” Steve muttered as he rolled down the window. Ed sat up, trying to get down his erection so it would look like nothing was going on. It was Kevin. He looked like he was on the verge of tears. Steve and Ed got scared for a minute.

“What’s wrong, Kev?” They asked concerned.

“Jim and Ty are mad at me. They just left. Can I get a ride home?”

“No problem Kev!” explained Ed. “Hop in!”

Kevin opened the back door and got into the car.

“Are you going right home?” asked Steve.

No answer.

“Kev?” asked Ed.

Kevin shook his head. “Huh?”

“Are you going straight home?” Steve asked again.

Kevin hesitated his answer. You see, Jim and Tyler weren’t really mad at him. Kevin just wanted to see Steve and Ed fuck. He knew Ed was horny and might not be able to last but a little while longer. But how would he get them to fuck in front of him? Should he just ask them? Or should he make a move?

“Well,” Kevin started. “What if Jim and Tyler come to my house and try to kill me?”

Steve and Ed started dying laughing.

“Uh huh, sure Kev!” Steve laughed.

“I can totally imagine like, Ty and Jim going to your house in the middle of the night with their guns and knives in hand. Wearing one of those black ski masks so you wouldn’t be able to tell who they are! Ohhh…watch out Kev!” Ed chuckled.

“Why are they mad at you anyway?” asked Steve.

Kevin tried coming up with an answer, but he couldn’t. So he made one up.

“Steve. Ed. I feel really stupid telling you this. Especially now. But Jim and Ty aren’t really mad at me. The only reason I wanted to come with you guys is because I’m jealous. Jealous that you guys are fuck buddies and I can’t watch or join in! Steve, I’ve had a crush on you for like seven years now. Ever since I joined the band. So what I’m trying to say here is, can I please just at least watch you guys fuck? Please?”

 Steve and Ed stared at each other, shocked at what Kev had just told them.

 “Kev! I don’t know what to say!” Steve exclaimed.

 “I’m so sorry guys!” Kevin continued. “You probably hate me!”

 “Actually Kev,” Ed started. “I’m glad you said something. Do you want to come back to the hotel with us?”

 “This isn’t a joke is it?” asked Kevin.

 “No!” replied Ed. “You’re okay with it, right Steevie Bear?”

 Kevin snickered. “Steevie Bear? That’s cute!”

 “Isn’t it, Kevvy?” Ed replied. “You can call him that too if you want!”

 Kevin smiled.

 “Hey Ed!” Steve exclaimed. “I’m not some pet here or anything! I thought I was your Steevie Bear. No one else Ed!  Kev will have to find a different name to call me!” Steve said seriously.

 “Kev,” started Ed. “Can I talk to Steve alone for a few?”

 “Sure!” replied Kevin. “I’m gonna go finish my hot chocolate and tell Ty and Jim where I am.”

 Kevin got out of the car and walked back into Denny’s. He saw Tyler and Jim still sitting at the table now eating macaroni and cheese.
“Hey Ty!” Kev shouted. “You hate KD!”

 Tyler turned his head. “Eh? Oh Kev! I only said that to see what your reaction would be…KD ROCKS!”

 “So,” Jim said with a mouthful of KD. “How’d it go with the two sex addicts?”

 Kevin smiled. “The plan worked! I think they’re gonna let me watch them in their hotel room tonight!”

 Tyler almost choked. “No way! Way to go, Hearn! Now just don’t forget the video camera! If I don’t see Steve’s cock soon, I don’t know what I’ll do!”
“Anything for a friend!” replied Kevin.

 (Ok, is this setting in now, readers? Tyler is actually the one with the crush on Steve. He is only using Kevin to get a video tape of Steve and Ed fucking. I guess he thinks Kev is a good recorder after what he got in Deep Focus!)

 Kevin sat down at the table with Tyler and Jim.

 “What are you doing Kev?” shouted Tyler. “Go get me my damn video!”

 “Steve and Ed are talking in the car right now, Tyler! Jeez!”

 “Talking?” Jim snickered. “Uh huh. Right. If that’s what they call it these days…”

 “Oh, well, I’m really excited. You’re the best, Kev! That’s why I asked you to join the band!”

 “That’s why you asked me to join the band, Ty? To get tapes of Steve and Ed getting it on?”

 “Yeah!” replied Jim. “I’d never have to balls to go and video tape those two!”

 “You did!” snapped Kevin. “Remember Jimalicious Porno? I got the damn video off Ebay!”

 “What ever did happen to that video?” asked Tyler.

 “It’s missing,” replied Kevin. “I’m sure Steve or Ed stole it though.”

 “Yeah, and jack off to it every night!” Jim exclaimed.

 Kevin and Tyler started laughing when Ed walked in.

 “Okay Kev, ready to go to the hotel? Me and Steve have something excellent planned out!”

 Kevin got up and walked to the car with Ed. He couldn’t wait to see what this night would turn out to be like.