Naked in the Rain
by Ariel Thalia

    Life on the road could get to anyone.  Even after years of it, Steve still found himself plagued by a sort of Cabin Fever on the bus.  Just imagine a cross-country roadtrip with your family.  One that goes for several months a year, every year for at least 10 years, and you can understand why Steve would get so cranky.

      Of course his fellow Ladies were more than willing to help him through this predicament.  Alright, so they had some genuinely warped ideas - like Tyler's threatening to spank Steve just to shut him up.  Others were a bit hard for Steve to grasp - like Jim's wanting to teach him about meditation.  Ed's were unmentionable in polite company, and Kevin was ready to start grumbling right alongside Steve, just to keep him company.

      By the time they'd reached Seattle, it was raining, and the roles seemed to be reversed.  The Ladies were all pretty grumpy about coming into such bad weather, and Steve was happily conspiring in his head.  When they'd come to their final destination, they got off the bus and ran into the venue's locker rooms for shelter.  Everyone, except Steve, that is.

      He'd gotten naked and then ran outside, feeling like a kid again scampering about in the rainstorm.  It just felt so incredible to have the cool water falling onto his skin while he ran about, looking for puddles to stomp around in.  He didn't care if anyone saw him, or even if they'd thought that Steve had completely lost it this time.

      Kevin stepped out, naked from the ankles down, ready to join Steve in the fun.  Unfortunately, Steve took one look at the rain-soaked keyboardist, and his initial thought was "drowned cat".  But, before he could even say anything to get Kevin to get his ass back inside before he got sick, he was rushed upon and hugged tightly.

      They stood there for what seemed like an eternity, wrapped up in each other.  Kevin pulled away and looked at Steve.  I mean, REALLY looked at Steve.  "Hot damn," he thought to himself.  "Just add water, and he looks incredibly fuckable."  Steve grinned, and brushed Kevin's wet hair out of his face.
      "Kevin, what are you doing out here, man?"
      No comment.
      "Kev, are you alright?"  Steve asked again.
      "Huh?  Oh ... Yeah, I'm fine Steve."  Kevin replied, having been called out of his mind's wandering.
      "Okay, good."  Steve smiled, and Kevin almost melted.

      For a long time, Kevin had wondered about what it was like to kiss Steve's lips.  You could almost get lost in their feel, he imagined.  Today, he finally gathered up the courage to discover what Ed had been enjoying all this time.  He closed his eyes, leaned in close to Steve's face ... and ended up smashing his nose right into Steve's.

      "Ouch"  he said as he moved back, rubbing his momentarily sore nose.  "I'm sorry, Steve."  He looked away, embarrassed.
      Steve laughed, then took Kevin's face into his hands and kissed him on the lips, quickly.  When he was kissed back with a little more pressure, Steve took it as a non-verbal go ahead.

      There they were, the rain falling incessantly, a tangle of lips and tongues, arms around each other, sometimes their hands exploring freely.  Steve pressed Kevin against the side of the bus and promptly yanked his soaked shirt up, and over his head.  He shuddered a bit as he felt the cool rain falling on his now-exposed skin, then ... oh God ... Steve's lips on his neck, genly kissing him.  Now, he was definitely warming up.

      Steve could sense that Kevin was getting excited, and rather than give Kevin what he was probably wanting, Steve ran off and danced around in the rain some more.  Yes, it was a shameless tease, but this was a man that was notorious for being a Universal Tease.  Alright, so he was more of a clit tease, but at this moment, to Kevin, he was the biggest cock tease that ever walked the face of the Earth.

      Knowing that there seemed to be something brewing between Steve and Ed, there was no way that Kevin could just run up to Steve, tackle him, and let him know that he wasn't too keen on being teased like this.  All he could do was stand there, against the bus, trying to keep himself from getting aroused by the sight of a very naked Steve traipsing about in the storm.

      When Kevin felt like he'd had enough, he picked up his shirt from the ground and started to get into the bus to get a towel.  That's the same moment that Steve came up behind him and started kissing the back of his neck.  Kevin dropped the shirt onto the ground and let himself just fade into Steve's kisses, which were now being lavished over his shoulders.

      Steve let his hands wander, moving down Kevin's arms to his waist, perilously close to his fly.  He pressed himself against Kevin, feeling shoulderblades jutting out - and into his chest.  Before he could move his hands further down the front of Kevin's jeans, Kevin had turned to face Steve, grabbed his face between his slender hands and laid a passionate kiss on the lips that could weaken the knees of the masses.  Except this time, it was Steve that was getting weak in the knees.

      Now that the roles were reversed, Kevin was the one that ran off, leaving Steve in the balance, wanting more ... so much more.  But, Kevin wasn't running too far.  Just onto the bus, where he'd removed his pants and boxers, then back outside to join Steve again.  When he'd emerged from the bus, naked, Steve's eyes were huge, and there was no way in hell that he could possibly conceal his excitement.

      Kevin just pushed Steve against the bus, then he started to kiss his warm, fleshy neck.  Oh God, the temptation to just sink your teeth into his skin was so incredible, and he gave in.  Steve moaned, and stroked Kevin's hair, while the kisses were being taken further down his body.  "Oh please, oh please" he sighed under his breath as Kevin got closer to his erection.

      He seemed a bit shy at first, as though he wasn't sure what to do.  Looking up, and into Steve's brown eyes, Kevin smiled nervously, and tried to think of how things should proceed from here.  He stuck his tongue out, and gave the head of Steve's cock a tentative lick.  "Just do what you'd like to have done, Kev.  And relax."  Steve said, trying to placate his friend.

      Trying again, he started to take the head of Steve's cock into his mouth, licking slowly at first.  "That's good ..."  Steve offered.  Kevin began licking a little faster, and when his tongue flicked across the sensitive underside, Steve groaned his approval.  As he got more comfortable, he started to suck, and slide his mouth up and down Steve's erection.  Much to his own surprise, Kevin was getting more aroused than he already was.  There was something about hearing the quite vocal Steve that made the experience more intense.  Knowing that Steve was really getting into this blowjob, and that he was apparently pretty good at it, it sent a rush of energy through Kevin.

      "Ohhhh yes ... that's it ... don't stop, Kevin."  Steve cried out.

      Steve's hands moved to the back of Kevin's head, almost like he was holding on for dear life.  "Ohhhhh Kevin ... fuck me ... please."  His moans reached a near-fever pitch, and as he finally came, he was still holding onto Kevin's head, damn near close to yanking the poor man's hair out.

      Kevin got up from his knees, and looked Steve in the eyes.  "Do you want me to fuck you, Steve?"
      Steve nodded his head, unable to speak.
      "You want me to fuck you good and hard, against this bus?  Is that it?"
      "Oh God, please...."  Steve finally managed.
      "Alright then."  He turned Steve around, so that his chest was pressed against the now-cool steel of the tour bus, that ass sticking out, like he was more than ready to be taken.

      Steve was left like that only for a minute, but every second that he waited felt like a minute.  As soon as Kevin returned, after what seemed to be at least an hour, he smacked Steve's ass and grinned wickedly as a handprint raised up on the vulnerable flesh.  The rain was slowing down, but the air still felt brisk against naked skin.  Kevin rubbed against Steve's ass with his hand, barely entering him with a lubed finger.  When he was finally penetrated, Steve bucked against the bus, almost jolted by the sensation of being fucked - if only with a finger.

      "Please, Kevin ... Fuck me.  Now."  Steve sounded as though he was almost begging.  He really wanted this, didn't he?

      Kevin put more lube onto Steve, and himself, then positioned the head of his cock right at Steve's ass.  He began to sink his teeth into the back of Steve's neck, and slid right into that hot, tight ass almost effortlessly.  They were thrusting against each other, both getting into the feel and intensity of being outside, in the middle of a storm that was brewing up again, and being together.

      As Kevin started thrusting into Steve a little faster, he rested his chin on Steve's shoulder, breathing heavily against his skin, endearments and moans becoming impossible to comprehend.  The rain was falling hard again, pounding out a rhythm on their hot skin as they fucked.  Steve was attempting to hold onto the bus while Kevin held onto Steve, thrusting harder as he could feel himself starting to cum.

      "Oh that's it ... so good ... oh yeah Steve"  Kevin screamed into Steve's neck, and the Seattle air.

      When they managed to be uncoupled, Kevin was leaning against the bus, almost out of breath.  Steve smiled, and kissed Kevin, pressing his full weight against Kevin's body.

      "I don't think I'll be looking at rainstorms the same way for a while."  Steve laughed.
      "Yeah, me neither.  God, that was amazing....  I just wondered what it was like to kiss you, I didn't think it would end up like this."  Kevin replied, sheepishly.
      "Kevin, I don't think anyone could've planned this.  Now, shut up and look.  The rain's stopped, and the sun's coming out again."
      "Oh wow.  Steve, there's a rainbow!  That's got to be the most beautiful sight - a rainbow after a storm."
      "It is, Kev.  It definitely is."