What's So Maybe About

What's So Maybe About?

By: Melissa Warlow

Just another day. Like any day. Only it wasn't.

His thighs clenched in pure spasms as I penetrated his anal region again and again. My mind barely even processed how Steve and I managed into this. It was just after a concert tour and we both had our minds in total ecstasy since the adoring fans cheered us on while pelting us with Kraft macaroni.

Life was good. Life was fun.

Next thing I knew, we were wrapping our bodies together in the secluded hotel room despite the room’s temperature. We sure as hell weren’t huddling together for warmth. But something else; something more.

His soft kisses were eager to my mouth when we first go into the room. I was bewildered but willing. At first we blamed it on the high of the whole ordeal, but we couldn’t lie to each other anymore. My knees were buckling so I guided us to the waiting bed. Welcoming, with the official mint on each pillow, as if expecting us. I took the initiative and traced my tongue around the inner workings of his mouth. The sweet taste of his saliva was more than I have ever dreamed of and forever will.

He suddenly felt like taking charge and nearly ripped off my shirt in the struggle. I hurried for his as our lips virtually never left each other. His hands searching all over my body in short, warm flashes on flesh to my bare back. We pulled down one another’s pants and already I could feel the bulging of his quivering member.

Slowly and surely, I trailed us further up the bed…This was it; no turning back.

He lowered his face to my  –rather stiff–penis. Urgently, he wrapped his mouth around the peak and started to use my cock as he would a lollipop. Never in my life have I felt anything so pleasurable. Well, not with a girl and this was the first guy.

His tongue was gifted with the talent to find each and every tender spot. My manhood was completely under his control. Every now and again he would grope my backside with so much strength that I was certainly I would ejaculate each time. And time was arriving soon. My breathing was getting heavier so that even he knew that the time was near.

“Please, Ed..,” he panted out with a look of desire. My body moved on its own to position myself behind Steve. My urges succumbed and my mind wanted so eagerly to grant Steve’s wish. I jabbed my cock into his anal region and thrust repeatedly. Growing faster and faster as time passed by. He hunched forward while grabbing onto the bed covers that we hadn’t thought to hide beneath. Without lose a second of my momentum,  I found his chin with my right hand. Chin in hand, I pulled his face in closer to mine and initiated caressing the back of his neck with my tongue.

“Ed… I’m…” His breath left his body in short, heavy gasps; he was at his limit too.

“It’s okay, Steve. I want you to,” I whispered into his ear.

That set him off and he exhaled as if he had been underwater the whole time. My idle left hand found his third leg and started an efficient massage of my own. There I was–Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies–making love to my fellow band mate. My right hand grasping his chin so I could lick his neck, my left hand stroking his genital, and thrusting him with my own weapon simultaneously. This all seemed like a dream, but the incoming eruption from my pelvic region plead to disagree. Semen oozed out of both of us; more than I would have ever imagined. My bulging erection had served its duty so I eased it out of Steve and laid down on the bed with a content sigh. Then Steve stretched out beside me. After finally getting my heart rate down, I turned to Steve–who was breathing deeply–in an attempt to comment on what happened. To my dismay, his eyelids were showing and all forms of communications would have to wait until tomorrow. A night that truly deserved sleep.

The next morning I opened my eyes to see Steve sitting on one of the hunter green hotel room chairs–particularly the one facing the window that covered one wall of the entire room. After swiftly and silently reapplying my boxers, I scampered over to where Steve resided.

“Hey Steve,” I greeted with a certified smile.

“Oh, hey Ed.” His tone sounded uninterested and his expression was hollow. The words to ask about last night were a smidge away from leaving my mouth when he cut me off. “Ed, about last night… I think we should both forget about it.”

“Why?” I asked after what seemed like hours. My heart squeezed deep into my chest, because I could already hear the answer. The answer that would end all feeling in my consciousness for the next however long. Seeing as only time could really tell.

“Ed, last night was a mistake. I love you, but I have a life to live and it shouldn’t involve having sex with you.” His words stabbed my soul. So much that I could barely remember to breathe. I held back tears, sucked in a breath that would’ve been used for people on death row, and narrowed my eyes to his.

“Steve, last night was amazing. Whether you know it or not, we both love what happened last night. And we both want it to happen again. All because you don’t feel the need to make love to me, doesn’t mean that you don’t want to. Why should we care what other people say about us? I love you and you love me; there’s nothing wrong with that!” After my speech, I was breathless and proud to finally voice out my feelings. Too bad I only felt great for a moment.

“I just can’t, Ed. No matter how many times you try to argue with me, this won’t work.” His voice was harsh but anyone could hear the soft whimpering since he was near bursting into tears.

“Steve, believe in me. I love you. I don’t care what people say. Please. Please, just stay with me.” I knew I was pleading but I couldn’t help it. The person in front of me was a stranger and I wanted my lovable, silly guy returned to me. I would beg to the ends of the world if I had to.

“Ed. If I stay with you, I’m leaving Barenaked Ladies.” His words were final and I could feel goosebumps everywhere on my body. The singer leaving Barenaked Ladies?! Unthinkable. Well, if it was an ultimatum he wanted, it was an ultimatum he was gonna get.

Later that month, Steve left Barenaked Ladies. He stuck to his word and has never left my side since. Even if it means being confidential for the most part, I’m pleased to be with the man that makes me chuckle when I’m about to collapse. One day, when you truly accept yourself and tell the world, I’ll be waiting. It’s like I sang before and what’ll I’ll sing again, “If you've got a shred of doubt then it's not worth it”. Believe me, this is worth it.