Ashamed of My Attraction: Part Three


Ashamed of My Attraction: Part Three

The sound of pounding on a door woke him up from his deep sleep. 

"Ed? Are you in there? I need to use the bathroom!" Kevin yelled from the other side of the door. 

    Ed got up from the floor, groggy and wet, he had fallen asleep there after trying to confront himself last night. Unlocking the door, he met a frantic Kevin. 

    "Ed, I totally gotta shower, we're running late already!" Kevin exclaimed. Ed didn't budge. 
    "Go ahead," Ed said, leaving the bathroom. 
    As he heard Kevin about to lock the door, Ed shouted, "Wait, I still have to get ready too! All my shit's in there." So Kevin left the door ajar. The rumbling of the shower told Ed that Kevin was in there now, so ran into the bathroom for some hair gel and left to fix his mohawk in the reflection of the TV.
    Ed quickly got on his fancy clothes for the day's TV interview and made sure everything else of his was packed, ready to board the tour bus that night. But Ed had one last problem. He really had to take a piss. 
    Not thinking, Ed rushed into the bathroom, already unzipping his pants. As he burst through the door, he found a very wet and naked Kevin Hearn.
    "E-Ed!" Kevin yelled. 
    "Sorry, Kev, I really had to go to the bathroom," Ed said, looking down, too flustered to look Kevin in the eye, but not embarrassed enough to leave.
    "T-that's fine, I g-guess, I mean, it's not like we haven't seen each other naked before, right?" Kevin laughed. He yanked a towel off a rack and wrapped himself in it snugly. 
    Ed reached the toilet and pulled out a rather stiff penis.
    "Goddamn it!" Ed shouted. 
    "W-what?" Kevin asked, turning around to face Ed. 
    "I-I can't, uh," Ed realized he was still holding his dick in his hand. But he also realized Kevin could not look away from it. "I can't g-go to the bathroom while you're in here... it's distracting." 
    "Oh, I'll leave then," Kevin said, feeling rejected. He pulled open the bathroom door. 
    "No, wait!" Ed shouted, finally finding his courage. He pushed the door shut by reaching over Kevin's head and pushing it closed before Kevin could fully open it. Ed could feel his heartbeat rushing now. He had accidentally put himself into a position behind Kevin, with Ed's pants undone, and Kevin only wearing a towel. Neither of them moved for a long time until Kevin said, "Ed, you're breathing in my ear and i-it's driving me crazy." 
    Ed shifted back a little, "Oh, I'm sorry Kev." 
    Kevin started loosening his towel, "No, it's fine..." he trailed off as the towel around his waist started slipping further down.
    "Oh God, Kev," Ed moaned as he reached for the towel. He held his hands around Kev's waist, stopping the towel from falling down any more. Ed was trying to find a way to say, "We shouldn't." or "We can't.", but he couldn't bring himself to say anything to Kevin. Kevin's body felt warm and soft under Ed's touch. And when Ed had grabbed for the towel, he had pulled himself closer to Kevin's body as well. His erection was pressing against Kevin's backside now. The only thing between them was that goddamn towel. 
    "Ed, I-I," Kevin stuttered. 
    "What, Kev?" Ed said into Kevin's ear. 
    "Ed, I want you!" Kevin yelled confidently. 
    And those words were all it took.
    Ed ripped off Kevin's towel and held his body close in his arms. Ed undid his pants all the way and let his massive erection rest in the crack of Kevin's ass. Ed started kissing the back of Kevin's neck passionately and Kevin let out quiet moans. He wanted more. 
    Trying to be a little bit more forceful, Ed turned Kevin around and pushed him against the bathroom door, then shoved his face into Kev's and proceeded to make out with him. Kevin wrapped his arms around Ed and let his hands tug aggressively on Ed's ass. 
    Ed pushed Kevin more into the door, wanting to feel every inch of him. 
    "Y-y'know," Kevin stuttered, pausing the act for a second. "There
 is a bed a good 4 feet from where we are right now, perhaps we could go there?" 
    Ed began stroking Kevin's cock. "God, I don't think I can stop myself that long." 
    Kevin moaned in delight, but was still able to successfully unlock the bathroom door. 
    The couple tumbled out of the bathroom and fell onto the twin sized bed Ed was supposed to have been sleeping in last night. They weren't going to hide under the covers, no. They wanted to watch everything. Their lips were coated with wet, sloppy kisses, and their bodies were overheating from the passion. Ed threw off the rest of his clothes and started groping Kevin again as they kissed. 
    Kevin wanted to do something nice for Ed too. He broke the kiss and started trailing his lips down Ed's muscular chest. He stopped moving when his face was right in front of Ed's manhood. "Oh, God, Kevin, could you-" but the question was barely out of Ed's mouth before Kevin started initiating in fellatio. He kissed and licked Ed's penis and Ed squirmed in pleasure beneath him. 
    Just then, they heard a knock on the door. 
    "Five minutes until the bus is ready, boys!" Fin yelled. "If you don't get out of there in 20 seconds, I'm coming in after ya!" 
    Scared their secret might be exposed, Kevin and Ed dressed and scurried out of the room before Fin could catch them.

    "Goddamn it," Ed muttered. "Cock-blocked by Fin." 
    "It's alright," Kevin winked. "I know a place we can do it and be safe. There's no way in hell I can wait until tomorrow night to have you." 
    Ed smiled and said, "Bring it on."
    Fin didn't notice, but as they left the building, Kevin and Ed were holding hands.

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