Bow Down
by Ariel Thalia

    Steve and Kevin were sitting in their hotel room, watching X-Files reruns on cable TV.  It was late, they were bored, and the other Ladies had gone to bed a few hours earlier, leaving the insomniacs to their own devices.  This may, or may not, have been a good idea ...

      Kevin leaned over and kissed Steve, full on the mouth.  Of course, Steve's immediate response was to kiss Kevin back.  But, he wasn't expecting Kevin's reaction.
      "Oh you like that, don't you?  You know, I see the way you are onstage, strutting around like a peacock, flirting shamelessly.  You are such a brazen hussy, and you need to be taught a lesson, Page."  Kevin said, a serious expression on his face.
      "Really Kevin?  You're going to teach me a lesson?  That's rich ... "  Steve laughed and rolled his eyes.
      "Yeah, Steve, I'm gonna teach you a lesson."  Kevin said, grabbing a hold of Steve's shirt.  "It's called 'Quit being such a fucking tease' and it's a one-on-one class taught by me."

      Steve was taken aback by Kevin's sudden bravado.  At the same time, he found it to be rather exciting.

      "To begin - Strip!  NOW!"  Kevin almost barked out.
      "Yes sir!"  Steve replied in a mocking tone.
      "Okay, Wiseass, you're gonna pay for that one.  On the bed you go, doggy-style, you cocktease."

      As Steve turned his back to get onto the bed, Kevin smacked his ass, hard.

      "Owwwww, that fucking hurt, man!"  Steve whined.
      "Good!  Now get on the bed!"

      Realizing that Kevin was serious, Steve complied.  Being there, on the bed like this, subservient, it felt so demeaning.  Yet, the anticipation of what could be coming next balanced out those feelings.

      "Oooohhhhh, look at you.  You little slut.  Your ass in the air, like you want nothing more than to be fucked, don't you?"
      No response.
      SMACK!  Kevin's hand flies across Steve's ass again, and Steve only whimpers.
      "Look here, you slut, when I'm talking to you, you answer me!  Let's try this again.  You just want nothing more than to have me fucking your ass, don't you, Steve?  It gets you hard to think of my cock inside you, screwing your brains out, doesn't it?"
      "Yes, Kevin ... I mean, y-yes Sir!"
      "That's right.  You call me Sir.  You have to earn the right to call me Master."

      This was getting Kevin hard - putting someone like Steve, the onstage Alpha Male - in his 'rightful place'.  Yeah, Tyler was right.  Kevin was sly.  No one would ever suspect him of making Steve his bitch for the night.  No one.  And that was the beauty of it all.

      His next move was to get completely undressed, then behind Steve, rubbing his hard cock against Steve's ass, taunting him even more.

      Steve was trying his damndest to not get hard, thinking of having to get his Prozac refilled - which would mean having to go back to the psychiatrist, and all the rigamarole that ensued.  It was doing the trick, until Kevin was lying across his back, pressing his cock against his ass, and reaching around to pinch his nipples, hard.  "Shit!  Why did he have to do that?"  Steve thought as he felt his own cock getting hard.

      He tried other mood-wrecking tactics -- contemplating Trigonometry and how many digits he could figure out Pi to before giving up; the "Blue's Clues" theme; even his passionate distaste for "Lilac Girl".  None of it was powerful enough when up against Kevin Hearn biting on his neck, licking and sucking on his ears, pinching his nipples ... doing everything but touch his cock directly.

      When Kevin found that Steve was hard, all Hell could've broken loose right then and there.

      "Good Lord, you ARE a horny slut, aren't you, Page?"
      "Yes Sir."
      "Yes Sir what?"  Kevin demanded.
      "Yes Sir, I am a slut."  Steve muttered under his breath.
      "Excuse me, did you say something?"
      "Yes Sir, I am a slut.  I'm an insatiable whore."  came the reply.
      "Thank you."
      Whack!  Kevin spanked Steve again.  "That's for being difficult.  Now, for that hard-on, I guess I'll just be withholding pleasures."

      Kevin rubbed against Steve some more - well, maybe "humped" is more like it - before getting off the bed and standing across the room.  He looked over at Steve, still on all fours, hair disheveled, with an incredibly stiff cock.  Then, he had a rather warped idea cross his mind.

      "Steve, get off the bed.  That's right.  Get your submissive ass down before I smack it again."  Kevin growled.  "Now, I want you to crawl over here and suck my dick.  No use wasting that mouth, with those pretty girlie cock-sucking lips."

      Steve crawled over, feeling incredibly humiliated now, like Kevin was taking the game too far.  He was so close to screaming out "Gardenia", the one word that could end it all.  But he didn't.  Instead, he knelt before Kevin, staring right at his "Master's" erection, delaying going any further.

      "Well, what are you waiting for?  An engraved invitation?  My cock.  Your mouth.  What part of THAT do you NOT understand?"

      With that, Steve begins to suck Kevin's cock, teasing and dallying about.  When Kevin pushes on the back of Steve's head, almost forcing him to take in the entire length of Kevin's cock, the sucking becomes more involved.  Kevin groans in pleasure, and smiles as he looks down, seeing that lovely red mouth wrapped around him.  Oh God, the way it feels, he could probably cum right now.

      "Yeah, that's right.  Show me what you can do with that mouth, you tease.  Sucking me like you've been doing it all your life.  Ohhhhh God."  Kevin grabs onto Steve's hair, holding on as he feels his body tensing up.
      "Ohhhhhmygodfuckyes - I'm gonna cum - NOW!!!!"  Kevin screams, thrusting his hips almost involuntarily as the intensity of his orgasm takes over his body.

      When Steve pulls away from Kevin, he remains kneeling, submissive, even after the game has ended with Kevin's orgasm.

      Taking pity on his friend, Kevin extends his hand, helping Steve up from the floor.

      "Gardenia, Steve ... Gardenia"  Kevin whispers as he grabs Steve's cock in his hand and starts to bring him off.

      With a few strokes, Steve moans into Kevin's neck, the hard-earned ecstacy causing his knees to tremble uncontrollably.

      "Oh God, Kevin ... I feel like falling asleep now."
      "You and me both, Steve."

      As Kevin kisses Steve good-night, they exchange "I love yous" before retreating to their own beds for the remainder of the night.