The story that follows is a slash fic. It is homo-erotic in nature between Steve and Ed. (In simpler terms - Steve and Ed are about to get it on!) If you don't want to read that sort of story, then don't read this!


OK guys. I'm going to post this and then the next one. They are not necessarily "chapters" per se, but the second one does make reference to the first one. Also, this is the first time that I've "gone public" with them en masse - before I've just emailed them to people that asked. I'm still a little iffy on how the guys would feel if they read this about themselves, so please do not distribute this off of this board without asking me first. I just don't want it to end up in bad hands. Oh, and as you'll see in this and the next story, I have a thing for water


A "Wet and Wild" Day
by Kellie

Steve heard the key in the door before he was fully awake.

It was a luxury to have a day off while on the road, and even more of a luxury to stay in a hotel. Even if they had to share rooms, it was so nice to have a bed that didn't feel like a coffin on a roller coaster.

They didn't have far to travel between the previous town and the next one, so they had arrived at the hotel in the middle of the night. The sleepy bandmates had quickly decided who was staying with who, and went off to continue their slumber. As was the norm lately, Ed and Steve were sharing a room.

"Hey Steve, wake up man! I've got something to show you!" Ed said in an excited voice. Steve hated that Ed was a "morning person".

"What time is it?" Steve grumbled in a low, morning voice.

"It's 9:00 AM. Look at what I found!"

"Ed, why the hell are you waking me up at 9:00 AM on our day off? We don't have any interviews, soundchecks or shows today. It's our first day off in over a month. I want to sleep!" Steve turned over and slammed his head back onto the pillow.

However, he immediately regretted being so snippy to his friend, and knowing he wasn't going to get back to sleep, Steve sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. Rubbing his eyes, he mumbled "Sorry. So, show me what ya got!"

Steve didn't know what he was expecting, but he certainly wasn't expecting what he saw. Ed reached into a shopping bag and pulled out a small, sparkly blue Speedo.

"What, are you planning to throw that at yourself during the show tomorrow night?" Steve cracked.

Ed laughed, stood up and attempted the feat that Steve had suggested. After they had both been laughing for a few minutes, Ed finally fessed up an explanation.

"No, I pulled a Tyler last week and lost the bag that had my swim shorts in it. When I got up this morning, Fin told me that there was a water park just up the road if we wanted to go up there. I thought that would be fun, but needed new swim trunks, so I caught a cab to the nearest store. Well, it's hard to find decent swim shorts in Wal Mart, at 8 in the morning, in a small town, in the middle of summer. It was either this or the red thong!" Ed held the sparkling bit of material up to his body to complete the effect.

"Oh gee… and you didn't get the red thong for me?" Steve snickered. "You know that you're going to have to… um… clean up your area in order to wear that, don't you?"

"Clean up my area? You sound like my high school shop teacher. Just spit out whatever you're trying to say and quit pussyfooting around it."

"Well… you don't want any stray pubes sticking out. I don't think anyone wants to see a grown man's pubic hair peeking out of a small swim suit." Steve raised his eyebrow and continued, "And even if they did… would you want to meet that person?"

"Point taken. I guess I have to shave. I mean, I know most girls get that area waxed, but I don't have time to go back to the store and I've heard that it hurts like hell. Besides, the thought of ripping hair out with hot wax that close to my wang just gives me the heebie-jeebies" Ed shuddered and fished his shaving cream and razor out of his bag.

"Just don't let your hand slip!" Steve snickered as he flopped on the bed and turned on the TV. He heard the water begin to run in the tub as he flipped through the channels.

Steve was just getting into Iron Chef when he heard a loud bang, followed by several thumps coming from the closed bathroom. Before he could ask, he heard a slightly muffled "I'm alright!" and the water shut off.

About a half hour later, Iron Chef Morimoto had won the battle, but it seemed Ed was still fighting the great pubic war. Needing to shave and get ready for the day, and also wanting to check that Ed hadn't accidentally sliced off his wang, he got his bag of toiletries and walked into the bathroom.

It wasn't unusual at all for one bandmate to walk in on the other in the bathroom. As a matter of fact… it was unusual NOT to. Just one of the "perks" of being on the road together for years and years. So, Ed didn't know why he had jumped slightly when he heard the door open and saw Steve. Maybe it was because he had been in intense concentration, or because he was in such a vulnerable position.

Steve opened the door and burst out laughing. Ed was lying down in the tub, with one leg propped up against the shower wall, and one leg hanging out of the tub. His groin was covered in what looked like an entire can of shaving cream. He held his penis in one hand, and the razor in the other. As funny as the scene was, seeing his friend sprawled in the tub like that was also highly erotic. Steve's laughter trailed off when he realized his arousal, and he quietly set his bag down on the sink and looked at himself in the mirror.

"Hey… don't laugh man! This isn't as easy as it looks, you know." Ed was clearly frustrated with shaving at this point. "I could use some help, if you don't mind!"

Help? Shave? Ed? Mind? Steve felt a momentary surge of panic at revealing his arousal with the situation, but it was soon replaced with curiosity and longing. Stripping off his boxers, Steve said "Sure! What do you want me to do?"

With Ed's guidance, Steve began to shave Ed's pubic region. With each swipe of the razor, Steve was more turned on. It was obvious that Ed felt likewise, as Steve saw Ed lean back in the tub, close his eyes and felt his muscles relax. Well, except for Ed's growing erection.

Steve lovingly stroked each patch with the blade, rinsed it, and rinsed the new skin. The sound of soft splashes in the tub made the scene even more sensual, and Steve found that he couldn't stop himself from continuing. When there was nothing left to shave, Steve sadly rinsed the blade one more time and set it on the counter.

Ed was also disappointed that Steve had stopped, and was just about to ask him to continue when he felt Steve grab his hand and place it over his smooth groin area. Ed glanced up with a confused look and was met with a sly smile from Steve. Ed quickly realized that there was nowhere to continue to… Steve had shaved it all.

"Well… what do you think?" Steve said in a low, husky voice.

"It's beautiful. Smooth as a baby's butt!" Ed replied with a smile and began to drain the bathwater. He was definitely turned on by Steve, but didn't know where to go with it from here.

Steve felt a surge of need as he realized that the moment was over. Before he knew what he was doing, he put one hand on his friend's chest to hold him down in the tub, re-plugged the drain and turned the warm water back on. He looked at Ed with a sly smile and said "I'm not done with you yet, Mister Robertson!"

Ed watched in glee and curiosity as Steve grabbed the shower gel and loofah sponge that the hotel had provided for them. Steve drizzled the slick vanilla substance into his palm and rubbed his hands together.

Steve ran both of his soapy hands all over Ed's glistening flesh. Caressing and rubbing his shoulders, his arms, his hands. Steve used more pressure in his fingertips as he massaged Ed's chest in slow circles moving in toward his nipples. He stopped to tweak them slightly, rolling the nub between his thumb and finger. Ed slowly arched his back, parted his lips slightly and let out a soft moan of encouragement.

Steve re-lathered his hands, and moved on to Ed's stomach, and began teasing his newly shaved areas. Ed raised his pelvis, urging Steve on as he moaned again. Ed's penis was fully engorged, just begging for release.

Steve reached down, grabbed the loofah, and rubbed it across Ed's nipples. Ed's eyes flew open with a look of surprise and bliss as Steve continued teasing his sensitive areas with the sponge.

The texture difference between Steve's soapy hands and the rough loofah were enough to drive Ed to the edge. Wanting to be close to the person that had made him feel this good, Ed reached up and pulled Steve down on top of him into the tub. Ed reached up and kissed his best friend. The feel of Steve's full lips on his own put Ed in the free-fall of orgasm.

Steve felt the hot cum on his stomach as he slipped his tongue into Ed's mouth and caressed his neck. Once he sensed that Ed was finished, he sat up slightly to give him time to breathe.

This time, however, it was Ed that was just getting started. He smiled the same cryptic smile and maneuvered so that Steve was on the bottom. Ed followed much the same procedure that Steve had with him, only for some added effect, Ed reached up and turned the shower sprayer on, letting the warm water pound on Steve's chest. As Ed bathed Steve's body in warm soapy goodness, this time it was Steve doing the moaning.

The water was softly lapping on Steve's testicles as the two of them moved in rhythm with each other. Ed reached down to hold and caress the bobbing jewels, and he took Steve's swollen manhood into his mouth.

Ed gradually took the entire shaft into his mouth as he caressed the testicles. Steve began thrusting in and out of Ed's mouth, and Ed knew he was getting close. Slipping his hand under the water and between Steve's cheeks, he found the sensitive area between the testicles and the anus and began to lightly press and rub. He heard Steve inhale sharply and saw his head roll back as waves of ecstasy rolled through his body.

Ed eagerly swallowed the hot cum, and with a smile on his face moved up and placed his head on Steve's shoulder.

Steve smiled as he looked around the bathroom. There was water everywhere. Even the towels on the rack were wet.

"Well, we sure know how to trash a bathroom" Steve said with a smile. Ed smiled back and nodded in agreement.

"So, you want to go over to the water park and show off your stuff?" Steve asked with a giggle.

Ed chuckled and said, "Well, I knew it was close… but I didn't know we had 'Wet and Wild' in our own hotel bathroom!