Deep Focus
by joeanne

Part 2:  Secret Agent Kevin

I couldn't believe how long it took me to set those cameras up.  Luckily, I got some good advice from Stan the Radio Shack Man.  That sounds like a song title.  I'll need to think about that.  Anyway, I set up the digital camera by the bed and a couple of smaller, high resolution "web-cams" in strategic places throughout the room.  The only place I couldn't really put one was the bathroom.  I hope they don't go in there, then I'd only be able to hear them and I went through way too much trouble not to see some hot sex!

I stationed myself in the room that Jim and I shared which happened to be right next door.  Jim was out on a date so I had the whole room to myself.  Steve and Ed were out getting dinner, so I knew they were going to be back soon.  I pulled up a comfortable chair next to the table where Jim's "Super Laptop" sat next to a box of soft tissue.

As luck would have it, the door to Steve and Ed's room opened.  Steve walked in first, he was smiling about something.  Ed quickly followed behind, a contemplative look on his face.  They had apparently been in mid-conversation since Steve started talking right away.

"Wasn't that chicken awful?  The Teriyaki sauce sucked and it was dry and stringy.  It had those little gristle bits that you're really not sure what it is--" Steve said.  Ed closed the door, nodding the whole time.  Steve turned to face Ed.  "It even had those little weird bones popping out of it.  Speaking of popping out, what is it about chicken that turns you on so much?"

"Excuse me?" Ed asked, face blanching.

"You're tenting, Ed.  Did you think I wouldn't notice?  I always wondered why you got so excited after 'One Week'," Steve teased.  That was when Steve did something that totally surprised me and Ed, he knelt down right in front of Ed's crotch!

"Soup, casserole, chicken cordon bleu," Steve breathed.  Ed that lucky bastard!  I bet he could feel Steve's breath right through his pants.  Steve kept whispering names of foods and was rewarded with a huge tent in Ed's pants.  Steve laughed and stood up.  That was when Ed made his move.

The guitarist rushed forward and pinned Steve to the wall.  Steve stopped laughing and Ed seized the moment.  He leaned forward and hungrily claimed Steve's lips.  Ed's eyes were wide open, probably watching for a reaction from Steve.  Steve slowly closed his eyes and let himself be drawn into the kiss.

Ed pulled himself away, much to Steve's and my disappointment.  "Do you know what you are, Steve?  A cock tease.  If I could make my own dictionary, there would be this huge ass picture of you under the word 'cock tease.'"

"I didn't think that was in the dictionary," Steve retorted before Ed silenced him with another toe curling kiss.  I don't blame Ed at all.  Watching that sexy mouth night after night and only being able to kiss it lightly in jest has got to suck.  They played tonsil hockey for a while, much to the delight of "little Kevin."

Every time their lips would momentarily part,  I could hear Ed say something through the tiny microphone on the cameras.  Judging from the slight smile on Steve's face, Ed was probably saying, "Cock tease."

Ed moved one of his hands to the back of Steve's neck and the other slid down to cup his delectable ass.  Steve moaned and ground his hips into Ed's.  Ed let out a soft gasp as Steve cupped his crotch.  Steve had that maddening grin on his face the whole time.  The vocalist quickly unzipped Ed and took out his straining erection.

I had seen Ed naked before, but never this hard and yearning.  I think Steve was surprised too.  He slowly wrapped his hand around Ed's erection and begin to gently stroke it.  As much fun as it was watching Steve jack off Ed, I really wanted to see his lips wrapped around that monster.

Ed's hands strayed to Steve's ass and he began to massage the still clothed globes.  His fingers were squeezing and burrowing themselves in between Steve's cheeks.  There was no doubt what was on Ed's mind.  I felt an evil grin cross my face.  Steve's gonna get it, Steve's gonna get it . . .

As Steve's stroking became more forceful, Ed hurried to slip off Steve's pants to give him a taste of his own medicine.  Lips latched onto lips as the two friends squeezed each other.  I figured that this would be a good opportunity to start some doot bapping on my own.  They started moving more quickly and I reached for the kleenex.

There was no way they were going to make it to the bed.  Ed reached over to the nightstand and opened the drawer.  KY Jelly?  Damn, he was prepared.  I didn't even think about looking for that kind of stuff.  Ed managed to twist the top off with one hand while keeping the other wrapped around Steve's erection.  He warmed the lube between his fingers before slowly thrusting one of them into Steve's ass.

Steve let out a gasp of surprise and I could tell, even in the camera, that his eyes were flashing with lust.  Ed must have seen it too, because he immediately added a second finger. Steve bucked his hips, obviously enjoying himself.  He threw his head back, giving Ed the opportunity to latch onto that sexy neck.

"Please," Steve pleaded softly.

"Please what?" Ed asked, removing his lips from Steve's neck momentarily.

"I . . . I need . . . "

"What do you need?" Ed teased.  Steve jerked his neck away and glared at the guitarist.

"You know damn well what," Steve hissed, punctuating his point with a thrust of his hips.

"I want you to say it," Ed said, removing his fingers.  He was playing hardball now.  I don't think Steve appreciated it.

"What?" Steve asked.

"I want you to say it.  I've waited six years, I think I can wait for five more minutes until you say it," Ed demanded.  Kinky, Ed.  Didn't realize he had this dominant streak.  The two of them stared at each other for a few moments before Steve finally caved in.

"I want you to fuck me," he whispered.

"What was that?" Ed asked.

Steve growled, "I want you to fuck me!"  Ed grinned and flipped Steve around so his front leaned against the wall.  Then Ed delicately parted those wonderful cheeks and slipped in.  Watching the sheer delight on Ed's face was nearly enough to make me lose it.  He moved at an insanely slow pace so he could give Steve time to adjust.

Apparently, Steve was too impatient and violently thrust his hips back, driving Ed in all the way up to his balls.  "Oh my God!" Ed gasped.  He pulled out achingly slow, "You are so tight.  What do you do?  Ass clenching exercises?"

"I swear, I haven't done anything," Steve joked.  Ed quickly thrust back in.  He must have hit something good, because Steve jumped and let out a small scream.  "Do that again," he whispered.  Ed obliged him, angling his thrusts slightly so they always hit Steve in just the right place.

As two people do when they are supposed to be together, they quickly found a suitable rhythm to drive them slowly to the brink.  I started stroking myself harder as soft whispers of endearment became tangled up in the grunts and growls of hard lust.  That's when I heard something really surprising.  "Mine, you're all mine now.  No one else's.  Not Tyler's, not Jim's, not Kev's, not Stephen Duffy's," Ed whispered.

Steve abruptly stopped moving.  "What the fuck does Stephen Duffy have to do with anything?" he snapped.  Ed was in deep shit.

"Ah . . . ."  Ed failed to explain.

"Ed, do you mean to tell me the reason you were so upset with me for writing with Stephen was because you thought he was getting a piece of my ass?!" Steve nearly shouted.

"Um . . . I love you, pookie," Ed tried.  Steve crossed his arms like a petulant child.  He looked utterly ridiculous with his arms crossed since he was leaning face forward against a wall with a cock up his ass.  Ed sighed.  "I'm sorry, Steve.  I just get really jealous sometimes."

"Is that why you yelled at Tyler?" Steve asked quietly.  Ed pressed his body along Steve's back and rested his head on Steve's shoulder.

"Yeah," Ed admitted.

Steve's face softened, although Ed couldn't see it.  "You need to apologize to him," Steve said.  Ed nodded against his shoulder.

"I've been a dick," Ed said.

"I won't argue with that.  Although it's a very nice dick," Steve teased, as he rolled his hips in a tantalizing way.

"Really?"  Ed grinned, pulling out and quickly thrusting back in.

"Oh, yes," Steve breathed as they found their rhythm again.  It was even better the second time around.  Flesh slid against flesh with an erotic squelching sound.  I squeezed myself back up to full arousal as they drew themselves back up to climax.  I don't know which one of them came first, but watching Ed's roar of triumph drove me over the edge.  I quickly "caught myself" in a kleenex before I made a mess.  I was exhausted.

Ed slipped out of Steve with an audible pop.  The two of them supported each other until they both crashed onto the bed.  After a couple of minutes, Ed dragged himself next to Steve.  He wrapped his arms around his lover and held him.  Steve hooked his arms around Ed's neck and gave him a gentle, loving kiss on the cheek.  It was a quiet moment where two people were joined both body and soul.  That's when I realized I really wanted to be in Ed's place.