Our Problems
Chapters 16-17
by Sharon

Chapter sixteen:


I clenched my fist when I saw a newcomer board our vessel. Oh, I was going to hurt someone. It was Kevin, holding a fresh fifty-dollar bill in his hand. I had a strong feeling that Fin had something to do with this. If there was money involved, that meant Kevin wouldn’t let us fuck at all.

"The hell are you here?" I demanded of the keyboardist.

"Fin let me meet his friend Billy King here. I’ll meet another one of his friends if I can keep you two from fucking," he replied.

Then, I heard someone run up behind us.

"Is it true? Are you two fuck buddies? Can I see you kiss?" Tyler asked desperately.

"Why?" Ed demanded, looking at him.

"'Cause. Pretty please?" he begged.

"Okay, okay…" Ed planted his kissable lips on mine and we wrapped our arms around each other.
Then, I saw the flash of the camera. Damnit.

"TYLER!" we yelled at the same time.
Tyler took his Polaroid and ran for it. I never bothered giving chase, so neither did Ed. I climbed on the bus and decided I’d get more answers from the keyboardist.

"You said ‘fuck’, so does that mean we can ‘suck?’" I asked politely.

"Nope. I know what he said: ‘No fucking, sucking or touching,’" Kevin recited.

I narrowed my eyes, walked over to Ed, and cupped his cock in my hand.

"Oops, looks like I broke the rules," I growled.

Ed let out a pleasured moan and held my hand on. He was growing hard once more.

"Hehehe…" Ed leaned in and whispered to me. I grinned broadly.

"What? You guys, cut it out or I’m calling Fin!" he said, reaching for his phone. Suddenly, we ran after him and both looped an arm under his armpit.

"LET ME GO!" he shouted, but then Ed grabbed him and held him so he couldn’t move.

"Steve? Go get some rope," Ed ordered.

I nodded and Kevin became aware of his situation. "NO! Please, no!" he cried, struggling twice as hard.

"Nope," Ed hissed in his ear as I approached with the rope.

After about fifteen minutes of struggling, he was tied up to a chair and there was a gag in his mouth. While Ed turned the volume up on some music so the driver wouldn’t hear, I undressed. Kevin’s eyes went wide and he started screaming at us to stop. I shook my head, walked up to Ed, and massaged his thighs.

"Come with me, Eddie…" I said, slyly kissing his neck.

"Gladly…" he moaned, turning around and wrapping me up in his arms.

I began to undress him, taking my time in getting every piece of clothing off and pleasuring him in any way possible. I could hear Kevin moaning softly under his gag. I glanced over and noticed that Kevin was getting hard. I got on my knees, made Ed lean against the counter, and took his dick into my mouth.

"Ohh… Steven Jay Page, that feels wonderful!" he moaned.

I wasn’t done. Earlier, I had started. Now, I was going to finish it off. Soon, he came hard into my mouth. I gulped quickly and looked over at Kevin. He was furious, but obviously horny.

"I’ve been a bad boy. I broke the rules," I said slyly.

"Lemme spank you, then. You need proper punishment." And when I stood up, Ed spanked my ass. Not too hard, but hard enough to make me yelp in pain.

"Steven Page, I’m going to fuck you. Now, against the wall!" he ordered.

So he want’s to play, huh? ... It seems I’m going to be his bitch.

"When did I become your bitch?" I asked, turning and smiling.

"When I said I wouldn’t fuck you if you didn’t. Now, against the wall, Page!" I shook my head and obliged him. He came up behind me, put his hands on my hips, and he began to enter me slowly.

"Jesus Christ…" I whispered as he began to fuck me hard.

"Tell me how you want it, Page!" he giggled, still getting over the whole ‘commando (as I like to call it)’ thing. I call it 'commando' because… I’m not saying.

"Harder…" I moaned.

"Hmm… I’ll be right back…" and he pulled out of me and I whimpered in dismay. He returned a second later with a whip; probably Nat’s when they still fucked.

"What, may I ask, are you going to do with that?" I wondered aloud.

He grinned and cracked it on the ground. I jumped up and gulped. Perhaps this wasn’t a good idea.

"Okay, Page, turn back around and against the wall," he ordered.

I could hear Kevin desperately trying to get a hand free and touch himself, but I was too busy getting into Ed’s desired position. I guess I hesitated too long 'cause he cracked the whip on the ground. I immediately got in the position he wanted and he began to pound into me harder and harder.

"Ohhhh Ed… ohhhhhhh" I moaned, and this caused him to start going a little more rough. Kevin was still trying to let himself free so he could jack off, but still no avail. Soon, we both came hard and I turned around and kissed him. We made out for about thirty seconds before he pulled away.

"Give me a hand job," he ordered, reaching down and gripping my dick. I frowned; I like the romantic side of Ed a lot better. And I voiced my opinion.

"Well… you’re right. I wasn’t having as much fun as long and drawn out sessions of lovemaking, not quick and rough."

I smiled and kissed him softly. Soon, we untied Kevin (he swore loudly and ran for the bathroom so he could get it on with his wang) and we laid down together in the lounging area, falling asleep. If this was how my life was going to be, let it change. I was looking forward to it. Sure, there would be no Carolyn, but there would be life; a happy one, with my love, Ed.

The next morning I woke up a little sore. But I also woke up with a blanket over me which wasn’t supposed to be there. No, it wasn’t, Ed and I had only used pillows. Ed was still asleep so he obviously didn’t put it there. I kept one eye shut and waited for the culprit to show themselves. Then, I saw a large flash of white light and Tyler giggling, acting like Austin Powers. So, I pretended to be asleep and give Ty a show. I pressed up against Ed and I heard Ty turn on his video camera. Ed woke up and I whispered the situation to him quickly. He nodded slightly and let out a moan. I put my arm around him and rubbed his nipples and began moaning in my ‘sleep.’

"Mmmm… Ed…" I groaned. I began kissing his neck.

"Steve…" he moaned back, making sure not to smile, which I could tell he was having a hard time.

I kissed him and we started to make out. My hand reached down and I gripped his member. I could feel Ty peeling off the blanket. It was probably his first porno that he ever made, and something told me that he was having fun. I began to give him a slight hand job, since I did have to make it look like I was asleep. I began licking and sucking on his nipples. He groaned and ran his fingers through my hair. His strong arms wrapped around me and he started to get vocal to a bad degree… I was getting worried that he’d blow our cover.

"Steven… Oooooh God, Stevie that feels so good… Mmmm…" he moaned as I ran my finger over the head of his large cock.

"KEVIN NEAL HEARN AND TYLER JOSEPH STEWART!" yelled Fin from the doorway.

Ed and I jumped up in alarm and I heard Tyler whining about Fin ruining his porno video. I took off for the back and I heard Fin bitching at Ty and Kev. Ed followed and pressed me up against the wall.

"Don’t think that you’ll actually leave me with a boner the size of Toronto for a minute. Take it away, please, I need to get off," he whispered, punctuating the sentence with a kiss.

"Only if you’ll get me off, too," I whispered back. He nodded fervently and I entered the bathroom. Soon, I felt him enter the bathroom, lock the door, and place a little lube on the counter.

"I’m gonna make this quick and simple," he said, placing both hands on my hips.

"Should we be doing this when Fin and Ty are here?"

"What about Kev?"

"He already saw us fuck. Anyway, I don't care. Ram that thick cock into me so we can both come," I groaned. I got the lucky task of rubbing the lube all over his cock and he turned me back around. Soon, I felt him enter me with a sigh and he lay his head to rest on my shoulder. Quickly, we found our pace and I began to masturbate. We came at the same time and I washed my hands, walked out of the bathroom door, and got dressed.

Chapter seventeen:


The next few months were havoc. Pure havoc; it was awful. Two months to move and go back on tour. If that wasn’t tiring, nothing was. First, we sold my house instead of Steve’s. We didn’t feel like moving his wine cellar. Besides, together, we had close to five kids. It was best if we kept with Steve’s house. Hannah has her own room, Ben and Isaac share, and so do Lyle and Jonah. Sure, Jonah was younger than Lyle, was but Lyle was still almost two. Jonah was a year old; it would work out fine with only a year separating them. My house was claimed in less than a week. Natalie didn’t want it, though. She went to live in an apartment until she made enough money to live on her own. I was surprised she didn’t want it. I got half of the booty in the house and she got the rest. Plus, she got my Lexus… I’ll miss that car. Anyway, we managed to split up furniture and money and things. Then, Steve and I had the movers bring my stuff in; we had to set everything up. Kevin, Jim, Tyler and even Fin and Tiny came to help us out. I guess everyone’s cool with Steve and I being together now. After we had set everything up, we had Tiny (bless him) set up my drums and our instruments upstairs. After about three days of moving, we had a barbecue and Tiny made barbecue doughnuts and steak. I’m serious about the doughnuts. Well, after that we had the kids over for a few days. We had to go bed shopping for them… the list goes on. Well, if I think back to the first actual night Steve and I had alone, I can remember a few things, but mostly raw burning passion. That’s about it. Right now, I’m ‘innocently’ reading a book and watching Steve sleep on the couch on the tour bus. Hmmm… I wonder…

"Hehehehehe…" I giggled, and I set my book down and got beside Steve. Every once in awhile, a soft moan would escape his lips and I was sure he was having a hot, steamy sex dream. I did nothing but place my hand lightly over his crotch and he groaned. I pressed a little harder and began to stroke him.

"Oh God, yes…" he moaned, still sleeping. I was having fun with this.

"Steven…" I whispered, seeing if he’d wake up. I never heard Fin walk onto the bus. That is, until I heard him gag with disgust.

"OH MY GOD!" I jumped up in fright.

"You can go to the hotel now…" he said, throwing the key at me and then running for it.

I shook my head and saw that Steve was now awake. Great, Fin: always the moment spoiler. I kissed Steve passionately, then I jumped up, grabbed my bag, and ran for the hotel.

I was inside the lobby and I ran for the elevator, hoping Steve would figure out where our room was. When I finally got into the room, I threw down my bag on the only bed in the room. I quickly removed my clothes and began to count to ten. When I was done counting, there was a knock at the door.

"You merciless tease! Lemme in!" Steve cried.

"Then come in, sexy," I said seductively. I heard the door open a crack. Steve peeked in, careful not to show that I was naked to the rest of the world. I fingered the sheets and he slipped in quickly. As I watched him undress, I felt arousal beginning to kick in. Steve walked over to the bed and climbed on.

"There’s my baby…" I whispered kissing him.

"There’s my Edders…" and he kissed me back, easing his tongue into my mouth. His hands massaged my front and he rolled on top of me. I watched his skin flush with arousal as I kissed his neck and nibbled on the skin.

"On all fours…" he commanded quietly.

I did as I was told and I felt him enter me with a groan. He slowly began to move in and out of me. Soon, I felt one of his hands clamp around my cock and begin to stroke me. I dug my hands into the sheets as he began moving in and out of me faster and faster. I was trying hard not to scream out his name. Soon, I was so near my climax I couldn’t help but scream.

"OH GOD! YES! STEVEN!" I cried almost at the top of my lungs, I just barely managed to stop. Soon, we both came and I felt him fall weakly on top of me. I rolled him off of me and he grabbed a Kleenex. He wiped off the cum on his hand. Everytime we made love, we would pour a little more of our souls into each other and we loved each other more.

"I can kiss your eyes…" and I leaned in and kissed each of his eyelids, "your hair…" and I buried my face in his hair kissing him and breathing deeply, "your neck…" and I began to kiss his neck, nibbling and licking. "Until we forget…" and I pulled away, cupping his face in my hands.

"Our problems…" he whispered back, claiming my lips and opening up the rest of my life.