You Were Lonely, I Was Bored part 2
by Ashleigh

Ed had the brightest smile on his face. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Steve, after all that yelling at me…”

“Shh…don’t speak, Ed. Come undress me.”

Ed sexily walked towards Steve and started kissing his neck. Then he finished unbuttoning Steve’s shirt. He slid it off and threw it across the room. Steve seemed a bit nervous at first but he never hesitated. Ed unbuttoned his shirt and threw it across the room with Steve’s. Right when Ed was about to lay Steve down on the bed, Steve quickly got up and ran into the bathroom.
“Steve!” Ed shouted. “Did I do something wrong?”
“No, of course not!” exclaimed Steve. “Come in here, I want to show you
So Ed proceeded into the bathroom where he found a naked Steve laying in a warm bubble bath.
“Oh Steve!” exclaimed Ed. “You’re wonderful. Do me a favor though. Keep your glasses on. You look amazingly sexy with them on.”
Steve reached over the side of the tub to get his glasses. He put them on. Ed took off his clothes.
“Do you want me to join you, Steve?”
“Well of course! As long as you’re all right with that.”
“Of course I am, Steve. I’ve been waiting for this moment for the past thirteen years.”
“One thing first, Eddy…” Steve started.
“What’s that Steevie Bear?”
“Does this make us gay?”
“Well,” started Ed. “I love Natalie and my kids more than life itself, and I know that you love Carolyn and your boys even more than that! We’re best friends, Steve. We’re experimenting, I don’t think this makes us gay. Now come on, we’ve been laying around this hotel room all day. I want some action!”
“Maybe I’m just scared, Ed. But there’s always a first time for everything!”
Ed undressed and got into the tub with Steve.
“I want some pancakes.” Said Steve.
“Room Service?” asked Ed.
“Not right now!” exclaimed Steve. “Imagine the usher coming in here right now and finding the two of us naked in the tub together. It would be the whole Elton John controversy all over again!”
Steve leaned in and gave Ed a long, soft kiss on his lips.
“Your eyes are so gorgeous, Ed.” Said Steve.
“Your lips feel so good on mine, Steevie Bear, they’re so voluptuous. Mmmm….”     Ed was getting really into it. He looked Steve in the eye. “Know what else I’d love to kiss, Steve?”
“What’s that, Ed?”
“You know, Steve. And I want you to say it. C’mon, Steve. Don’t hesitate. Say it for me…”
“Ok, Ed, I want you to suck…JIM!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”
Ed and Steve stared blatantly at Jim.
“Holy shit, Creeggan! What the fuck are you doing?”

“I think I should be asking you that! I’ve been standing outside the bathroom door for about an hour now. I didn’t honestly think you two were in the bathtub together!”
“Jim, calm down! I can explain!” said Ed.
“I don’t know what to say, man! You guys are both married! You have beautiful kids. I mean, masturbation is not a crime! Masturbate all you want! Just not with each other! Now get your asses out of the tub!”
Steve and Ed stood up. Their naked bodies were dripping soap and water. Ed still proceeded to look at Steve, stare him up and down, and lick his lips.
“Ed,” started Jim. “Cut the shit. I don’t know what is up with you lately!”
“Jim, I can’t help it!” Ed said, starting to raise his voice. “My feelings for Steve are so strong. And I know that he is starting to feel the same way about me!”
Ed looked over at Steve who was standing there with a very erect penis.
“See?” started Ed. “I turn you on, don’t I Steve?”
Steve hesitated. “I never said that, Ed…”
“Steve! You just made out with me! Your tongue was in my mouth! We would have gotten a lot further if it weren’t for stupid ass Creeggan over here!”
 Suddenly, the phone rang. Jim ran to answer it since Steve and Ed were both still dripping wet. He came running back with his hand cupped over the receiver. “It’s for you, Ed. It’s your wife.”
“Shit!” Ed said quietly.
Jim handed him the phone.
“Hey Natalie,” Ed started. “How are you baby?”
“Are you alone, Eddy?” she said in a sexy voice.
“Well, Steve and Jim are in here…”
“Ed, I really miss you…” Natalie proceeded. “If I call you later, will you be alone?”
Ed chuckled. “Ohhh Nat, I know what you want to do. Yeah baby, I’ll call you back later tonight.”
“Ok,” Natalie replied. “Hannah wants to talk to you.”

 Steve proceeded to get out of the tub and head into the bedroom. Ed proceeded with his phone call.

 “Hi Daddy!” Hannah shrieked. “I really miss you!”

 “Hi baby, I miss you too!”

 “What are you doing?” she asked next.

 “Oh, just hanging out with Steve.”

 “I’m going to see Uncle Steve’s mommy and daddy tonight,” Hannah proceeded. “I get to see Isaac and Benjamin, and the baby too!”

 “Jonah?” Ed asked.

 Steve peeked his way in the bathroom door.

 “Why are you talking about my baby?”

 Ed waved his hand at Steve, giving him a sign to get out. So he did.

 “Well baby,” Ed continued. “Daddy has to get going now. I have some work to do. You give your mommy and Lyle a big hug and kiss for me! I love you!”

 “I love you too daddy!” Hannah replied.

 Ed sighed and hung up the phone. “What am I doing?” he asked himself. “I need to tell Steve the truth!”

 Ed dried off and got dressed as he headed out to the dining room where Steve was sitting eating some chips and dip. Steve looked over in Ed’s direction and sighed.

 “Steve,” Ed started. “Jim just left. Now I really need to talk to you!”

 “What did Natalie want?” Steve asked.

 Ed chuckled. “Phone sex.”

 Steve stared at him.

 “But Hannah was there and she wanted to say Hi to me. I’m calling Nat back tonight so we can have some privacy.” He winked. “If you know what I mean!”

 “Carolyn is going out with Nat tonight I thought!” Steve replied.

 “Well, all the kids are going to your parents house.”

 “I heard.” Said Steve.

 As Ed continues talking, Steve proceeded into the kitchen to get another beer.

 “Jim and I had sex, Steve.” Ed said out of nowhere.

 “WHAT?” Steve was on the verge of punching him in the face.


 Ed sighed. “Please calm down, Steve!”

 “Ed, how can I calm down at a time like this? What if I told you I had sex with Kevin?”

 Ed smiled. “Then I’d say, let have a three some!”

 “You’re sick, why did Jim act so surprised then if he’s gay when he saw us in the tub?”

 “Probably because he’s jealous, Steve! I mean, who wouldn’t want to sleep with me?”

 Steve smiled. “Do you want a beer?”

 “Yeah, I have to call Natalie back soon anyway.”

 “Phone sex?” asked Steve. “Do you do it often?”

 “Me and Nat? Oh yeah, all the time! We love it! How about you and Carolyn?”

 “Well,” started Steve. “I don’t think she likes it much.”

 “Really?” asked Ed. “It drives me and Nat crazy!”

 “This is kinda embarrassing. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but my sex life with Carolyn hasn’t been very good lately.”

 “Really? What’s wrong?”

 “This is kinda weirding me out, Ed.” Replied Steve. “We just like, made out in the bathtub, Jim walked in on us, you told me you had sex with Jim, and now we’re just sitting here with a beer have a normal conversation about our wives. What is wrong with us?”

 Ed laughed. “I didn’t really have sex with Jim. I just wanted to see your reaction!”

 Steve looked at Ed and rolled his eyes back in his head. “Why do you fuck with my mind, Ed? You scared the shit out of me!”

 Ed smiled. “Did you like that kiss though that we had in the bathtub? It was the first time our tongues have ever coincided. I really really enjoyed it!”

 “To tell you the truth, Ed” started Steve. “I did enjoy it. You’re a really great kisser. So soft and sensual…”

 Ed walked over towards Steve, licking his lips. “Want another one?” he asked.

 Steve backed away. “As much as I did enjoy it, Eddy, I should really go give Carolyn a call.”

 “Ok,” replied Ed. “I had fun tonight.” He stared at Steve, expecting him to say that same thing back.

 “I love ya, Ed,” said Steve. “You’re my best friend!”

 They gave each other a hug and Ed walked over towards the door. Steve watched him as he walked down the hall and called before he walked back into his room.

“Nice ass, homeboy!”
Ed turned around and smiled. “You too, sexy!”