You Were Lonely, I Was Bored part 6
by Ashleigh

Steve unpacked his bags as he hurried to get Benjamin and Isaac off to school. It was so nice to finally be home. After that erotic encounter he had with Ed in his hotel room in Boston, and being caught by Jim and Fin, he was feeling a bit uneasy. Of course he was happy to be home, to be able to see his boys but he still had some problems he had to work out with Carolyn. She was upset with him for sleeping with Ed, and he was upset with her for sleeping with Natalie.
Steve went outside and walked Ben and Isaac down the driveway and put them on the bus. He gave them their lunchboxes and kissed them goodbye.
As Steve started walking back towards the house, he got this sudden urge. He wanted to see Ed. Bad. Just thinking about his blue eyed best friend drove him crazy! He whipped out his cell phone, which he always carried with him, and dialed Ed’s phone number. He stood outside in his front yard, dancing around, being very impatient, listening to the rings hoping someone at the Robertson household would answer soon. After several rings, Hannah finally answered.

“Hello?” she squeaked.

“Hannah! Hi honey, its Steve. Can I talk to your daddy?”

Steve could hear Ed in the background frantically asking Hannah who was on the phone. I guess he had a feeling that it was Steve. He grabbed the phone from Hannah who was trying to work up a conversation with Steve. She really liked him.

“Steve?” Ed said in a shy voice. “I miss you!”

Steve took a deep breath. “Oh Ed, I miss you so much too!”

There was a long pause.

“As soon as I drop Hannah off at school, I want to see you.” Said Ed.

Steve could feel an erection coming on. “Ed, just you saying that you want to see me drives me crazy. I don’t know what it is about you!”

Ed moaned slightly, trying not to get aroused because his sex year old daughter was right at his side. “All I can do is think about you!” he whispered. “I even find myself listening to our albums just so I can hear your voice!”

“Oh Ed!” Steve replied. “Drop Hannah off at school and come right over! I’m sure we can think of something to do! Wink wink!”

“I’ll come pick you up,” Ed replied. “I don’t want to be at your place while Carolyn and Jonah are there, so we can come back to my place. Natalie and Lyle are leaving soon. So we should be safe here.”

Steve let out a big sigh. “Do you know what I’m doing right now, Ed?”

“Mmm what?”

Steve paused. “I’m stroking my big hard cock for you.”

Ed moaned again, trying to be quiet so Hannah wouldn’t hear. “Oh Steve! Save it for when I get to you. When I do, I’ll even stroke it for you!”

Steve started breathing heavily. “Oh Ed…hurry!”

“Oh I will, Steve. And I won’t forget the KY jelly!” he snickered.

“You’re suck a cock tease, Ed!” replied Steve. “I love you!”

“I love you, too Steve.” Ed returned. “I’ll see you in about twenty minutes!”

Steve turned off his phone and returned it into his pant pocket. He was so horny and couldn’t wait for Ed to come get him. He quickly shoved his erect penis back in his pants when he realized that he was stroking himself in his front yard. His face must have been so red. He laughed nervously, looking around hoping no one saw him, as he headed back into the house.

He headed straight into the kitchen, where he found Carolyn breast feeding Jonah. He looked over at her, nipples exposed as the baby gently sucked.

“Ed and I are going out,” he started. “He’s coming to pick me up on the way back from Hannah’s school.”

Carolyn gave Steve a look that could kill. “What is it with you and Ed? You are never away from him! You’ve spent practically your whole life with that man! Take a fucking break, Steven!” she shouted, trying not to disturb the baby.

Steve put his hands on his hips and pursed his lips. “He’s my best friend, and you know that Car! I’m thirty one years old and I can go out for awhile if I want to!”

Carolyn looked at Steve and shook her head. She put her shirt back on and took Jonah upstairs without saying anything to Steve.

Steve stood there blankly for a few minutes, staring out the window hoping that Ed would pull up at that exact minute. In the midst of standing there, a million things were running through his head. He soon realized though, that he doesn’t care what Carolyn thinks about his relationship with Ed. He loved Ed, and Ed loved him. Ed certainly cared more about Steve than Carolyn ever could. He grabbed his favorite bottle of wine from his newly built wine cellar, and waited outside on the doorstep. A few minutes later, a black Lexus pulled up front. Steve ran over to the car with his wine in hand. He just right in and closed the door behind him. He couldn’t believe how gorgeous Ed looked. They exchanged sly smiles. Steve leaned over and put his hands on Ed’s thigh and gave him a long awaited, soft kiss with his tongue. Ed backed away and looked into Steve’s eyes.

“I really missed that,” he told Steve as he leaned in for another kiss.

“Are we going back to your place?” asked Steve next.

“Actually,” Ed started. “To be on the safe side, I booked us a room at that new hotel downtown Toronto.”

Steve smiled as he stared into his best friends piercing blue eyes. “You’re so smart!” he said with a grin.

After one last kiss, Ed started up the car and backed into the road, heading for the hotel. It was only about a fifteen minute ride, but it felt like fifteen hours.

“So,” Ed started. “Were you really stroking yourself earlier over me?”

Steve shook his head. “Uh huh!”

Ed sighed. “That is so hot, Steve.”

Ed took his right hands and slowly placed it on Steve’s crotch, keeping his eyes on the road. Steve moaned.

“Ohh Ed, wait until we get to the hotel!”

Ed chuckled, removed his hand, and placed it back on the steering wheel.

“What do you want to do when we get to the hotel?” asked Ed.

“If I told you now, you’d have to pull over and let me show you physically!” Steve snickered.

Ed sighed. “I’m so hard right now Steve. I want you bad.”

Steve smirked as he rubbed his erection inside his pants. “Are we gonna be able to make it to the hotel?” he asked.

As soon as Steve spoke, Ed turned into the hotel parking lot. He quickly parked the car, as Steve scurried up to the front desk.

“Page and Robertson.” He said to the lady at the desk. She handed him the key to the room. He and Ed rushed upstairs and lunged themselves at the bed not wasting any time at all. Steve was on top of Ed, sliding off his shirt, as well as Ed’s. He started rubbing Ed’s chest and kissing his neck repeatedly. Ed arched his back and moaned as he let his best friend proceed downward. Steve then unbuttoned Ed’s pants and quickly pulled them off, throwing them across the room. He could see Ed’s erection right through his maroon boxer briefs. Steve licked his lips, as Ed laid back and relaxed his tense muscles. Steve got off the bed for a moment, only to remove his clothing, then quickly jumped back into the bed with his best friend.

“I get aroused whenever you’re around!” Ed chuckled.

“Oh! Here’s another good lyric we’ve written…A is arousal, you are giving me an erection…”

Ed smiled and leaned in to kiss Steve on his full voluptuous lips. “What do you mean I’m giving you an erection?” Ed snickered as he looked down at Steve’s enormous cock. “Looks like you’ve already got one, mister!”

Ed leaned over and took Steve’s hard dick into his hands. Steve moaned as he felt Ed’s warm touch on the tip of it. Just as Ed was about to take Steve’s big cock and place it into his mouth, he decided he wanted to take the action into the shower. Both naked, erect men got off the bed and entered the bathroom, they shut the door. Ed opened the shower curtain and turned on the hot, steamy shower. Both men entered hand in hand. The feeling of the hot water on their naked bodies was enough to put them over the free fall of orgasm. But not just yet. The bathroom was beginning to get very steamy and foggy. Ed and Steve stood in the shower and kissed each other repeatedly all over each others lips and chests. The two best friends were extremely turned on by each other, but were still new at this and didn’t know who should make the first move.

Steve’s eyes fluttered as he stood in front of Ed, the water was running down his forehead and into his big brown eyes. Ed watched as the drops of hot water rolled over Steve’s fill lips and down his chin. Placing his hands on Ed’s hips, Steve whispered, “I want you to fuck me, Ed.”

Ed moaned in delight and smiled. “Ohhhh Steve. I LOVE hearing you say that!”

Steve’s eyes rolled back in his head as he turned around and faced the shower wall, feeling the hot water pelting his back, running all the way down his ass and behind his legs. Ed wrapped his arms around Steve and started kissing and sucking on his neck. He ran his fingers through Steve’s wet but spiky hair. Ed then took his hands and rubbed Steve’s shoulders and then slid them down his sides, lightly squeezing his ass.

“Ready Steve?” Ed whispered in a sexy voice.

“Oh yeah!” Steve moaned.

Ed took his pulsating cock and placed it right in front of Steve’s hot, tight ass. He slowly entered being gentle so Steve could adjust. Steve started moaning loudly. He felt so good, taking it in all the way little by little. He moaned Ed’s name as Ed started to thrust in harder and faster.

“Ohhh…I love it when you say my name Steve!” Ed shouted.

So Steve continued to shout his name as he was being fucked.

“Ohhh Ed! Fuck me harder! C’mon baby! Make me cum all over for you!”

At the same time, Ed was fucking Steve in the ass, Steve was jerking his cock. He and Ed finally came at the same time. Ed slowly pulled out of Steve as Steve turned around. They passionately kissed once again. Steve looked into Ed’s eyes.

“I love you so much, Ed. I never thought my feelings for you could get this stong!”

Ed smiled and gave Steve a quick peck on the cheek.

“C’mon,” replied Ed. “Lets go get a bite to eat. We can go down the street to that place where hungry people like to eat!”

They both chuckled as the exited the shower and got dressed, heading out the door to get some eats!