Deep Focus
by joeanne

Part 5:  Is That Your Final Answer?

I am not a happy man.  Last week, Steve spent all of his free time with Kevin.  They would go walking together, shopping together, Steve would hold open doors, it was very cute and very disconcerting.  The only thing keeping me from demanding an explanation was Steve's insistence on spending most of our "group time" near me.  Group time is where the five of us just hang out as friends, not as a band and nine times out of ten, Steve will sit next to me.  If we're at a table, sometimes he will rest his hand on my thigh.  The big tease.

This week, though, Steve alternated between rooming with me and rooming with Kevin.  The infuriating thing is that even though we room occasionally, Steve still won't have sex with me.  I haven't gotten any in two weeks and I'm really horny!  At least I know that Kevin hasn't been getting any either.  I haven't missed the looks of unfulfilled need he throws at Steve's back and I haven't had the heart to tell Kevin to back off.  Yet.

Despite my jealousy, I know that Steve is mine.  He always has been.  Maybe I should clarify that, Steve and I have always been friends and I don't think anything could change that.  Even if he did leave me as a lover, he would never leave me as a friend.  That's what keeps me going most days.

Steve sat on the edge of his bed, writing something down on a legal pad.  I stood next to him and looked over his shoulder.  Song lyrics, I should have known.  "How's it going?" I asked.

Steve looked up at me, his soft brown eyes boring into mine from behind his glasses.  "It's okay.  Nothing brilliant," he stated simply.  He gave me that grin that always gets me hard.  "Not yet anyway."

I placed a hand on each of his shoulders and slowly began to massage them.  My fingers dug into the knots he had made in the muscle and relaxed them.  I sat down behind him and nuzzled his neck.  "Maybe you need to take a break," I suggested, breathing lightly into his ear.

Steve turned to face me.  His eyes trailed down my body.  "What did you have in mind?" he asked, his gaze driven to my obvious need.

I waited until his eyes met mine.  "I think you know," I answered and captured his lips in a true kiss for the first time in weeks.  Steve dropped the legal pad and wrapped me in his arms.  He pulled slightly away from the kiss and ran his tongue over his teeth in that sexy way of his.  I grinned and seized his mouth again.  I had missed this.

Although I kiss Steve almost every night, it's not the same thing as feeling those soft fleshy lips part to let me ravish the warm cavern of his mouth.  Steve's tongue quested for mine in the recesses of my mouth while his fingers trailed ticklish tracks down my upper back.  He released my mouth and planted kisses along my
jawline and throat.  I felt his hot breath wash against my ear and I shuddered.

"Do you find me pleasing?" Steve asked in a teasing whisper.  Oh, yes I found this very pleasing.  I nodded and I could tell that Steve was grinning.  His hands ran up to my shoulders and he gently pushed me backwards onto the soft bed.

I reached up to help him unbutton my shirt.  Steve grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head.  He grinned.  "Don't move, Ed.  This is your time," Steve told me.  "I'm going to be doing all of the work so don't move a muscle."  I shrugged indifferently.  Steve frowned at me.  "I mean it, Ed.  If you don't behave I'll have to restrain you."

I rolled my eyes at him and he released my wrists.  Satisfied that I wasn't moving for the moment, Steve proceeded to unbutton my shirt, one by one.  He lowered his head so that he could bless each revealed inch of flesh with a soft kiss.  "So beautiful.  So beautiful," I heard Steve whisper.  He looked up and I felt my heart flutter.  His eyes. . .god, they were so moist and insistent.  There was a depth and life to them I had never noticed before; they were just a simple brown but with so many other colors besides.  I couldn't fathom what they were trying to tell me.  I raised myself up to kiss him and still those probing eyes but he pressed a hand against my chest.  He shook his head.  What is it you want Steve?  Please tell me.

His hands continued their work, tossing my cumbersome shirt to the floor.  Steve began to work a little more quickly now, a quick tug making short work of my pants zipper.  He gave me a mischievous grin and started to work my underwear down with his teeth.  This was something I was definitely more used to.  My rather considerable manhood (if I do say so myself) sprung free from its confines and stood up straight and proud.  Steve jerked back a little in surprise.

That little movement sent a rush of blood into my cock.  Steve was so close to it, if I reached up I could probably force him to. . . no, I couldn't do that to him.  As much as I wanted it I would never force Steve to suck me off.  We had talked about it a few times but he had been so afraid that I had dropped it.

Steve's eyes widened slightly and he leaned forward.  I sucked a breath in.  I knew that he would probably just move on, but the hope still remained.  Suddenly, he extended his tongue and licked the underside of my cock.  My hips jerked up in surprise.

A slight grin crossed Steve's face and he lightly gripped the base of my cock.  He began to leisurely stroke me up and down while licking the head.  His warm, moist breath on one of my most intimate parts felt like an electric shock.  He dragged his tongue down my length until he came to the base.  Steve then began to devote
his attention to the swollen sack between my legs.  His sweet yet abrasive tongue drew startled gasps of excitement from my lips.

Steve's hands were anything but idle while his tongue was occupied.  They roamed my hips and thighs, gently caressing and soothing to counteract the flame in my groin.  He turned his attention from my sack back to the main attraction, opened those sexy lips and took me in.

His mouth bobbed slowly up and down, taking in most of my length.  Every once and a while he would pull up to nibble at the tip or run his tongue around my head.  Then he would lower his mouth again and swallow.  The feeling of Steve's throat contracting around me nearly drove me over the edge.  That was when he pulled off of me.

I panted in heat and frustration.  "Why did you stop damnnit?!" I demanded.

Steve lunged over the bed and pinned me beneath him.  I struggled to push him off but he had the advantage.  I was too aroused and didn't have the leverage to fight properly.  His brown eyes bored into mine.  "There's something you have to understand, Ed.  I do not belong to you.  I am not a pet and I am not a possession.  Am
I making myself clear?" Steve asked.

I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.  I was too buzzed from the blowjob and the anticipation of what was to come to comprehend what he was saying.  I would have agreed to dress in drag for the rest of the tour if that would have made Steve continue to do those lovely things with his mouth.  "Am I making myself clear?" Steve repeated.

I steeled my face to look as serious as possible and nodded.  Steve pursed his lips together then lifted himself off me.  Any normal person would have taken off, but I wasn't normal, I was horny as hell.  He looked up at me from beneath his eyelashes.  My heart fluttered again.  The intensity of that gaze was so beautiful it hurt.  There was a need there that I had no idea how to address.  My mouth opened but no sound came out.  I swallowed, my tongue feeling much too thick and dry.  "Please," I whispered.

Steve lowered his eyes and took me in his mouth once more.  He gave me a few loving licks, then swallowed hard.  I lost control, my limbs losing all of their strength.  Steve tried valiantly to take it all in but the force of my orgasm was too much.  He drew back, hacking white fluid.  "Steve!  Oh my god!  Steve!" I cried out in concern and ecstasy.

He sat on the edge of the bed, fully clothed with cum running down his face and chin.  I managed, with much difficulty, to sit up and stroke his back.  "Steve, are you okay?  Steve!"

Steve held up a hand and continued to cough.  I ran into the bathroom and got a wet cloth.  Steve gratefully grabbed it and wiped his face off.  I sat down beside him as he continued to cough.  After a moment he quieted and leaned his sweaty forehead against my shoulder.  "Do you know why I did it?" he asked.

I blinked in surprise.  "What?" I asked.

Steve lifted his head.  "Do you know why I did it?"

Did what?  What was he talking about?  I figured that honesty was the best policy.  "No," I answered.

Steve sighed and looked at his hands.  He stood up.  "Where are you going?" I asked, standing up as well.

"On a walk.  I have some thinking to do," Steve said, grabbing his coat.

"But wait--" I called after him but he had already walked out the door.  I sat back down on the bed.  Somehow I had given the wrong answer and that just cost me everything.