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The Doot Bap Page
Established November 2001
Revived November 2010

This page is now under new management!
And I plan on bringing back boatloads of new stories, so


Welcome to The Doot Bap Page, the home for all of your one handed BNL fanfiction needs. 
If you read the warning page you know damn well what this page is about,
so I don't want to hear anyone complaining about how they were scarred for life. 

This is an archive for stories about the Barenaked Ladies getting barenaked.  Often.
With each other.  Or other people. 

The site is divided into two main categories:  Adult and Slash.
Adult stories are those involving members of the fairer sex and
Slash stories are those involving Two (or more) Big Guys Kissing.

Stories are sorted by Author for easy consumption.

Remember, no throwing KD at your computer screen!  Your
monitor doesn't appreciate the cheese.



Random Statistic:
 Times Steven Page is referred to as a cock tease: 5


Disclaimers:  Barenaked Ladies are owned by themselves under Raisin' Records.
No infringment of copyright or trademark is inferred or intended.
No money has changed hands in the making of this website or in the 
writing of these stories.

I swear.


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