Deep Focus
by joeanne

Part 3:  Sweet Dreams

I will not get mad, I swear I will not get mad.  I refuse to allow this to get to me.  I refuse . . . God damn it, I am going to kill Ed!  This is the third time this week that jealous bastard has accused me of thinking about somebody else.  I have done absolutely nothing to make him even start speculating on my being unfaithful.  All I did was goof-off with Tyler onstage and he goes ballistic.

Thank God he at least waited until we had gotten back to the bus.  I'm pretty sure we were quiet enough, although I did want to gag the jerk with some socks or maybe dirty underwear.  Dirty underwear.  Oh, I can't let my mind wander, I'm still too pissed at Ed.  Maybe if he was gagged with his own under-- no, I'm still mad at him.  Really I am.  I should really stop thinking with my dick, that's what got me into this in the first place.

Ed and I have always been close, there's absolutely no denying that.  We've also always had that weird sexual tension.  I always thought it was a joke, that we were supposed to feel and act that way.  I never realized that Ed had very different ideas about the matter, until that night.  The night that makes me associate Teriyaki chicken with getting fucked three ways 'til Sunday.  No.  I'm still mad at him.

We teased each other constantly:  kissing, touching, fondling, making suggestive comments.  Who knew that it would lead to something like this?  Ed probably knew, but I sure as hell didn't.  I never really knew or thought it possible until his lips were on mine and he started taking control-- damn it.  Guess I'm not mad at him anymore.

I wash my face in the tiny hotel sink and wipe my face off.  I look pretty normal.  Good.  I walk out of the bathroom and see Kevin drawing on his sketchpad.  I had decided to room with Kevin after getting pissed off at Ed.  Kevin's a total sweetheart who doesn't get in the way or pry too much.  He also doesn't snore.

I really wanted someone to talk to, but Ed and I had decided to keep our relationship a secret.  If  the guys did know they were doing a kick-ass job of hiding it.  I sat down on the bed.  Kevin looks up at me.  "Are you done?" he asked.  I nod and he sets his sketchpad aside before taking over the bathroom.

It was late so I decided to forego any attempts at conversation when Kevin got out and just go to sleep.  I pull back the covers and climb into the soft, clean hotel sheets.  Hmmmm.  Pleasant.

I find myself back in that first hotel room where Ed and I first had sex.  Ed is standing there wearing a fluffy blue robe and nothing else.  I know I'm dreaming.  He gives me that killer smile and he rushes towards me.  I scream in surprise as he picks me up in a fireman's carry.  He growls playfully as the hand holding me in place roams over my ass.  I feel helplessly aroused as his palm lightly slaps me, leaving a pleasant stinging sensation.  One of his fingers strays between my cheeks.  I am rather annoyed that my trousers are in the way.

Ed must feel the same way.  He throws me onto the bed and quickly rips my pants off.  I feel deliciously exposed in my boxer briefs and my. . . argyle sweater.  I'm wearing my argyle sweater during a sex dream?  I wonder if that has any Freudian implications?  I glance up at Ed and am spellbound by the strip of pale flesh the parted robe has exposed.

The blue robe matches his eyes.  I let my gaze travel away from those beautiful eyes down the sleek neck and the strong chest framed by blue fabric.  I can see just a hint of his right nipple.  I lick my lips and I notice Ed's eyes following my tongue.  This is fun.  I raise my eyebrow as my eyes journey further down those hard curves and valleys to the monster between his thighs.  I lick my lips slowly and am gratified by Ed's low moan.

He loosens the robe tie and lets the fabric expose more of his body.  My breathing stops.  My brain totally shuts down at the sight.  I don't even notice that Ed has taken off my underwear until he kneels down in front of me.  Oh my God.  I lean my head back, expecting that warm mouth to swallow me.  Instead, I feel a wet tongue slide across my tight center.  I arch my back and Ed quickly cups my ass to prevent me from moving too far.  His fingers gently grope my flesh while his tongue darts in and around my dusky center.  His abrasive tongue tortures me with a pale imitation of what a much bigger organ could do to me.

Jolts of pleasure shoot up and down my back, centering at my hole.  I bite my fist to prevent myself from crying out.  I thrust my hips, hoping that he'll get the hint of what I need.  The bastard stops and just grins at me.  I try to snarl at him, but it only comes out as a whimper.  His grin only grows wider.  I swear I'll kill him one of these days.  "Do you want me to continue?" he asks me.  I can only nod, I'm way too far gone to be coherent.

"Then you have to do something for me," Ed says.

"Anything, I'll do anything," I manage to pant out.

He stands up and the robe falls off his shoulders to puddle neatly on the ground.  I feel like a heroine in one of those crappy bodice rippers I sometimes catch Jim reading.  Ed fluidly crawls onto the bed and up the length of my body.  He gazes into my eyes and lowers his body just enough to capture my lips.  I love kissing Ed, I always have.  It doesn't matter whether it's a quick peck or the slow sensuous ballet of lips of tongue, I love every moment.  I submissively part my lips when his tongue seeks entrance into my mouth.  His tongue caresses the inside of my cheek and I shudder at the sensation.  In revenge I run my tongue along his to tickle him.  I can't help but notice that he tastes a little different today. . . .

Ed pulls himself away from my mouth, much to my disappointment.  He rolls off of me and sets up some pillows to prop himself up against the headboard.  I look at him in confusion.  He glances down at his hardness and looks up expectantly at me.  Oh.

I feel the heat rushing to my face.  As much as I joke about it, I have never given a man oral sex.  I've been the suckee before, but never the sucker.  Ed has been bugging me about it though, and I suppose that if I'm going to have to do it in real life sometime soon I might as well get dream practice.  I kneel in front of Ed's rather impressive hardness and just stare at it for a few moments.  I have no idea what I'm doing.

"What--" I start to ask.

"Just think about what you like," Ed says.  I meet his eyes and I can see that he really wants me to do this.  I sigh.  I'll try for Ed.

I experimentally lick around the head, gathering a tiny pearl of precum onto my tongue.  I see the blissful look on Ed's face and know I'm doing something right.  Feeling a little bolder, I run my tongue all around Ed's length and finish off with a quick suck at the head.  I watch Ed for his responses and I react according to what pleases him the most.  I never thought that I could get this much pleasure out of pleasing someone this way.  I pull my eyes away from Ed as I concentrate on swallowing as much as I can.  I hear him cry out and I raise my gaze to meet beautiful blue eyes. . . that aren't Ed's.  What the-- I start to choke as I realize that I'm suddenly looking at Kevin!  I let the cock slip out of my swollen lips as I start coughing.

As I let out a particularly devastating hack, I find myself back in the hotel room I'm sharing with Kevin.  I glance guiltily at the sleeping keyboardist.  The faint smile on his face makes him look very innocent and vulnerable.  I cough as quietly as I can into my cupped hands as hot shame flooded my face.  I couldn't believe that had happened.  Why did Kevin appear like that in my dream?  He would be so humiliated to know that one of his best friends was having wet dreams about him.  He would never be comfortable around me again.  I couldn't stand that.  And what about Ed?  Well, I'll just have to keep it from him.  What Ed doesn't know can't hurt him, right?