by Ariel Thalia

    Steven.  Beautiful, moody, unapproachable Steven.  Sometimes I felt as though in his eyes, I was merely a compatriot in the Prozac Nation.  When I was around him, I was usually met with a considerable degree of cool indifference.  So, early on, I'd learned to give up on any hopes of anything beyond his tolerating my presence.
     His best friend, Ed, on the other hand, was a different story altogether.  Ed was quite friendly, approachable, and had the most beautiful blue eyes - this amazing contrast to his dark hair.  He liked me (no, not *that* way) and was quick to include me in his plans every now and again.

     One evening, I got included in the plans in a very unexpected way...

     I was heading out of a Forensics class when I'd heard a familiar voice calling my name.
     "Kate!  Kaaaatttteeeee!  Wait a minute, please!"
     I turned around quickly.  "Ed!  Whatcha want?"
     "Well, are you doing anything tonight?  I'm trying to cheer up a friend of mine, and I needed some 'female help'."
     "Ed, if you're asking me to jump out of a cake in a bikini, forget it.  Not with my fat ass.  Never!"
     "No, Kate, it's not like that.  No, if you really wanted to get all slutty for this guy, you're better off doing a striptease to Leonard Cohen."

     I didn't know what to say.  I'd heard 'Leonard Cohen' and knew immediately that it was Steve.  Christ Almighty.  Before I could say "No way in Hell, Eddie!", I'd heard myself saying, "Sure.  I'll help."  Maybe I was crazy, or maybe it was the fact that Steve had gotten me out of a slump once before, doing the most pitiful imitation of a Backstreet Boy that I've ever seen ANYONE do.  It was only fair that I return the favor somehow.

     The slightly wicked glint in Ed's eye had me somewhat wary.  If he needed 'female help', and it didn't require me to get naked ... what the Hell was he going to do?

     "Kate, what I want to do is give my friend a surprise.  You'd go into the living room - at our place, of course - where he's been moping all day, and just sit with him.  I'd come in, oh about 2 minutes later, and sit on the other side of the couch."  Ed says, beginning to explain his plan.

     I just nod my head, indicating my understanding, and Ed continues.

     "When I sit down, kiss him on the cheek.  If you'd want to, kiss him elsewhere - like his neck or ear - but don't kiss his lips, and DO NOT BEGIN ANYTHING before I'm there."

     Momentarily, I feign stupidity when I ask Ed about the third person involved.  I *know* that he's talking about Steve, but I'm not going to let on that I know.

     Ed smiles at me.  "It's Steve.  He's been down for no real reason.  Well, he can't think of any reason to be gloomy.  So, I wanted to try and cheer him up."
     "Why ME, Ed?  There's probably several other girls you could've asked, I'm sure."  I was being serious now.
     "Well, Kate ... How can I put this?  I think Steve may have a crush on you.  So, I thought 'Why not get the girl he likes to help out?'"
     I sit there, dumbfounded.  Unsure of what to say or do, I pull my things together and mumble something about getting ready for later.

     That night, I go to Ed and Steve's place, entering by the back door.  Ed is standing in the kitchen, by the table, and he smiles when I come in.

     "You look very lovely tonight."  He says, kissing me on the cheek.
     "Thank you." I reply.  "And you look good as well, Ed."
     "Now, you remember what the plan was, don't you?  Go in the living room, and I'll be in after you are."

     I stand at the kitchen entrance, looking into the living room, staring at the back of Steve's head.  Less than 2 hours ago, I was more than ready for this.  Now, I'm more than ready to run.  Well, there's no welching out now, so I take a few deep breaths before walking towards the living room.

     My heels click out a rhythm onto the hardwood floor, and I admit that my walk did have a bit of a saunter to it.  Steve glanced at me quickly, then went back to contemplating his hands.  A few seconds later, his head picked up again as he took a second, longer glance at me.
     "Kate?  Oh wow ... you look absolutely gorgeous tonight!  I ... I mean, you're pretty every day, but tonight ... oh wow."  is all Steve can manage.

     I feel my cheeks starting to get hot as a blush rises up in my face.

     "Please ... sit down."  he says, patting a spot on the couch next to him.

     We say nothing to each other, enjoying the silence until Ed makes his grand entrance.  Now, I'd heard that Steve can be a notorious tease, but tonight, I think Ed is usurping his best friend's title.  I can't do anything to or with Steve, until Ed comes in and sits down.  God, it feels like almost forever, but Ed does eventually come into the room.  Steve grins when he sees Ed walking into the room.

     Ed takes his spot at Steve's left side, and now, the once-downtrodden Steve is starting to perk up.  I kiss him on the cheek, quickly.  Then Ed does the same thing.  Gradually, I work my way up to kissing Steve's ear, my tongue brushing along the surface of his skin.  When he turns towards me, Ed starts to kiss his neck.

Steve's response is to moan under his breath as he is being kissed.  I move from his ear to his neck, and feel a hand on my knee, gently caressing.  Steve smells so good, and I could just get lost in the feel of his warm skin as I continue kissing him.

     What ultimately snaps me out of my reverie is the sound of noisy, passionate kissing as Ed and Steve start to make out.  I'm feeling a bit crowded out, so I move away, letting Ed get closer to Steve.  Soon, Ed pulls away from Steve and turns to kiss me.  He lays a soft kiss on me, and I feel as though I could melt into the couch.

     Steve attempts to get in between the two of us, kissing us both on the sides of our mouths.  When we turn to include him in our brief embrace, I end up kissing Steve full on the lips as Ed moves to the back of my neck, pushing my hair out of the way and kissing me.

     My hands move to the top button of Steve's shirt, and I start undoing the buttons as our kissing picks up intensity.  The buttons are undone slowly, one at a time, and I start to kiss his neck again, my hands pushing the shirt off his body.  I pull away to get a look at this lovely man, his skin beginning to redden as he is getting aroused from all the attention.

     Ed moves away from me, and starts to dither with Steve's belt and the fly of his jeans.  I go back to busying myself with kissing Steve's neck as Ed yanks Steve's pants down, exposing his erection to our part of the world.

     Now, I can't help but watch, my head resting on Steve's shoulder, while Ed turns his attention to giving Steve head.  It's hard to describe what I was thinking as I watched, although I can definitely say that my getting turned on was a surprise.

     I rub my hands across Steve's chest in a rather languid manner, my fingertips brushing over his hard nipples.  My immediate thought is to see what happens if I substitute my mouth for my hands.  He's probably so high from this body worship that I could tap him on the shoulder and he'd moan in pleasure.

     A quick pinching raises up a moan.  Slowly, I kiss from his neck to his chest, my tongue lashing across a nipple.  He cries out, and I feel his left hand stroking my hair as he whispers "oh yes oh yes" into my ear while I do this.       He starts to arch his back, holding onto Ed and I by the backs of our heads, bracing us for the imminent wild orgasmic ride.

     "Ohhhhhh yes ... oh sweet Jesus ... Please .. DON'T .. STOP!!!"  Steve half-cries/half-screams as he cums, bucking against Ed and I before collapsing into the couch.

     Ed gets up from the floor, and starts to remove his shirt.  "God, it got really warm in here all of a sudden."   Taking that as my "alright Katerina, you've done your part, now go home" cue, I get up from the couch, put on my shoes and retreat to the back door.

     "Kate, where are you going?"  Ed asks.
     "Well, I thought I'd ... That you wanted to be alone."  I respond.
     "No.  Stay here.  It's your turn."
     "My turn?  For what?"  I raise an eyebrow.  "Ohhhhh ... you mean..."
     "Exactly."  Ed and Steve say in unison.

     I sit down on the couch, with Ed and Steve on either side of me.  The front of my dress gets pulled down as low as possible, exposing the red bra I was wearing.  I close my eyes and feel a tongue running along the edge of the bra, and a pair of hands cupping and fondling my breasts.

     My dress is pulled up, and over my head.  My shoes are removed, then my pantyhose.  I sit there, the red satin and lace providing a contrast to my pale skin.  Ed fumbles with my bra, but does manage to get it undone.  Almost immediately, Steve's mouth is on one of my exposed breasts, licking and sucking at me eagerly.  Ed's mouth is on my other breast, and I just sit there, passive and aroused.

     A hand moves to my knee and slowly moves up the inside of my thigh, feeling my wetness seeping through the fabric of my panties.  Fingertips press against me, rubbing me into a blissful oblivion.  I want this probing, curious hand (Ed's?  Steve's?)  to slide underneath the fabric and feel me - really feel me - the incredible heat and wetness, fingers penetrating me, a thumb rubbing against my clit, warm eager mouths sucking at my nipples until I almost explode.

     The only sound I'm capable of is a moan, my entire being seems to be engulfed in a sea of incredible bliss, I'm floating - getting closer to my Nirvana.

     Soon, Ed moves away, leaving Steve and I to press against each other as we kiss again.  I figure that Ed is going to play Voyeur, watching two of his friends getting it on together.

     Steve kisses me all over, his lips and tongue feel as though they are burning a trail over my body.  I respond with sighs and moans under my breath, stroking his hair, his face ... aching to feel his mouth finally make contact with my sex.
     I look down, and he's pulling my panties down with his teeth, using his hands to remove them completely.  I'd expect him to tease me mercilessly now, make me beg for his touch, ask for him to lick me - ask nicely...

     Instead, he's spreading me open with one hand, and he starts to blow warm air onto my swollen clit.  I steal a quick glance at Ed as he undresses completely.  My eyes grow huge at the sight of him, semi-erect.  Oh Goddess, he could almost split a girl in two with THAT.  No ... I have to turn my attention back to Steve and his lovely mouth.  Ahhhh yes ... that's it.

     Steve is almost insatiable, a libidinous lusty creature, he can't seem to get enough of me.  He buries his face between my thighs, licking and sucking me, probing at me with his fingers and tongue.  My responses seem to drive him on that much more.

     I cup my breasts in my own hands, rolling and pinching my nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, giving Ed something else to think about.  That gesture is met with a groan as Ed starts jerking off that much harder.

     Soon, I feel this incredible warmth - starting at my feet and radiating throughout my entire body.  My back arches and I can't help but wrap my legs around Steve's head.

     In the background, I hear "Awwww yeah ... that's it ... Ride him, baby."

     My hands hold onto the back of Steve's head as his arms wrap around my hips.  I just about scream out his name as I writhe against him, feeling him licking me, almost buzzing my clit.  He keeps at me, licking me while I pour onto his face, both of us loving every second of it.

     As Steve comes up to face me, looking like an absolutely naughty Cherub, the pornographic Greek Chorus chimes in with his final "Ohhhh yeahhhhhh ... Oh God, that's so fucking hot .. Oh my GOD YESSSSSS!!!"

     All we can do at that moment is grin at each other, biting our tongues in an attempt to not die laughing over Ed's theatrics...