Teaching Page part 2
by Ashleigh

The following afternoon after school was done, I went home to get something to eat and then proceeded to Professor Page’s house. Lila never asked me for a ride home, which I thought was kind of odd. But I wasn’t too worried.

 I pulled up in Page’s driveway around 4:00pm. We weren’t supposed to be there until at least 4:30pm, but I decided to go in anyway. I grabbed my books and started up his walkway. I could swear I saw him peek out his window there for a second but I was probably hallucinating. Maybe there wasn’t a meeting today and he was just saying there was so he could get down my pants. Or up my dress for this matter. When I got to the doorstep, I unzipped my dress just a little so he would be able to get a good glimpse at my cleavage. I then proceeded to ring the doorbell. He answered within probably a good ten seconds or so. Which I thought was pretty fast! Oh my god, he looked so hot. He was wearing his glasses and that awesome argyle sweater that I told him I liked. Maybe he was trying to impress me!

 “Hi Jane! Ohhh…I love your dress!” he said with a grin.

 “Hi Professor! You wore the sweater!” I said with a laugh.

 “Call me Steve tonight!” he replied.

 “Okay Steve!”
We went inside and sat at the kitchen table for a bit and sipped coffee. At about 4:25pm, I asked “So, where is everyone? They are usually here by now!”
 He looked at me with his infamous mind boggling grin that made me just want to go at him right then and there. He put his hand on mine.

 “Jane, there is no poetry meeting tonight…”

 “Oh?” I asked, sounding confused.
He nodded his head and leaned in to kiss me. I was in heaven! Oh God! His lips felt so wonderful on mine. I never imagined this before. He backed away. I still had my eyes closed, longing for another amazing kiss from Steve. I was so happy he set this up, even if it was a trick. A quite erotic one that I know was going to enjoy! I was really hoping things would go further. A lot further.

 “Did you like that?” Steve asked.

 “Oh yeah!” I moaned slightly.
He leaned in again to kiss me, this time slowly unzipping my dress. I pulled him in closer to me, unzipping his pants as he was kissing every inch of my now exposed chest.

 “No bra?” he asked slyly. “You are a kinky girl aren’t you?”
chuckled. “That was done on purpose!” I said as he was stepping out of his pants.
As he was kissing my neck and playing with my tits, he whispered something in my ear that almost had me in tears from laughing so hard. Intentionally funny or not, I had no idea.

 “So Jane,” he started. “Do you want me to fuck you with the sweater on or off?”

 I was getting really really horny. The anticipation was great. I asked him where his room was. He picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. It wasn’t the nicest setting in the world, but that was to be expected from a 31 year old single guy. He lied my down on the bed and unzipped my dress all the way so it looked like I was wearing a coat of some sort. He then took the dress off all the way and threw it across the room. He was still on top of me though, wearing on the argyle sweater and his boxer briefs. I could see his erection right through then and that turned me on even more. It was still very surreal that I was about to have sex with my English Professor.

 So here I am on his bed, wearing nothing but my pink lace panties. Steve said they were cute. Amazing. My teacher likes my panties.
As soon as Steve started kissing my legs and working his way up, I thought I was going to lose it. I was so horny and I couldn’t wait for the panties to come off and to get some tongue action down in my sex.
I sat up and pulled off Steve’s sweater. All I had to do was get off the boxer briefs. His cock looked so delicious through them. I wanted to suck on it so badly. He kept massaging my breasts and licking them all over. It felt wonderful. I never wanted any of this to end. I was on the verge of just screaming out, “FUCK ME!” but then, the phone rang. Oh no!