Spy in the House of Love
by Ariel Thalia

This was inspired by Joeanne's story "Deep Focus". Basically it's "what happened to Kevin's videotape of Ed & Steve's hotel tryst". Rated R for sexual content.

It all started with a phone call while I was at work.

"Come As You Are, This is Darcy."

"Hi Darcy! It's Kevin. Do you have a minute?" his voice sounds a bit anxious.

"Yeah, I guess so." I look around the store quickly, making sure that I can even duck away for a minute.

"Okay, quick question. Are you doing anything tonight?" he asked me.

I give it some thought. "Well, I'm supposed to be third-wheeling it at Tim Horton's tonight. But, I can probably get out of it."

"Well, do you want to come by my place?" Kevin asks me. "I've got something you might want to see, Dar."

"Alright Kev. I'll come by at 9 - does that work?"

"That's fine. See you tonight, Darcy!" With that, he hung up the phone.

"Oh man. What have I gotten myself into now?" is all I can think after getting that call from Kevin. Sometimes his "something you might want to see" ends up being something I'd like to pretend I didn't see. Hell, at this point, whatever it was had to be far better than sitting in Tim Horton's on a Saturday evening watching two of my friends starting to grope at each other over coffee. I have no idea why the even invite me along in the first place. Maybe it's fulfilling some twisted voyeur/exhibitionist fantasy for them. Or maybe they've taken pity on me for being six months without a partner - and they want me to at least be able to remember what sex was like by practically doing it in front of me. Damned if I know.

Besides, Kevin is an old friend from our temp slave days in the early '90s. He was a struggling musician, and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Ultimately he became a Barenaked Ladie, and I went to work as an office manager (and part-time salesgirl) for Come As You Are - a company with its own ties to barenaked ladies (and men). It seemed like we were inextricably linked to each other, like it or not. Thankfully, we were good friends, so the psychic bond between us was pretty strong at times.

After proffering up assorted goodies to liven up others' sexlives, I went home and had dinner, still wondering what Kevin had to show me that was so earth-shattering important. Also, I had to cancel out on Kristy and Michael (oh, the poor things). That ended up being easier than I'd expected, as Kristy explained that she was about to call me to cancel - Michael had to finish typing a research paper and an essay for his classes. After listening to Kristy's going on about her disappointment with canceling out on me, I looked at the clock. 8:30. I said a quick good-bye, left my cordless phone on the table, grabbed up my jacket and car keys, and ran out the door.

I managed to get to Kevin's place just a few minutes shy of 9 o'clock. Then, as dumb luck would have it, I was stuck at his front door, unable to get in because there was no answer when I rang up to his apartment. While I was pacing and frustrated, it occured to me to call him on my cell phone, and ask him to buzz me in that way. Provided that he hadn't forgotten that I was coming over in the first place...

I dialed the number as quickly as I could. My worry was that the longer I stood out here, the more of a spectacle I'd be making of myself, and I didn't want to end up with someone accusing me of loitering, or worse, stalking. No answer. Dammit, Kevin! I muttered under my breath. Let's hit Redial and try again. Success! Kevin picked up his phone on the fourth ring, and buzzed me in shortly afterwards.

Climbing up the three flights of stairs to his apartment, the anticipation was building, along with the added element of apprehension. By the time I reached his door, he was standing in the doorway, his blue eyes as big as saucers.

"Darcy! You're gonna like this!" Kevin almost shouted.
I looked at him, skeptically.
"No, really, Dar. I mean it this time!"
His excitement over whatever this was seemed to be building, and all I could do was smile and nod. You know, placate him for the time being.

He took my jacket, and told me to have a seat on the couch. He put a cassette into his digital camcorder, turned on the TV, then sat on the couch next to me. My only thought was: "Oh God ... Kevin's got films from the road. More video of a bunch of giddy, naked men dancing about on their tour bus..."

Kevin must've been reading my mind, because the first thing out of his mouth is, "Don't worry, Dar. You're not gonna be scarred for life after seeing this. I promise. It's really good."

The tape starts, and I hear Ed and Steve's voices, Steve bitching about the chicken they'd had at dinnertime. I roll my eyes. Kevin's got SpyCam material of Steven Page whining about food? And what's this about tents? I stifle a yawn, and Holy Mother of Mary ... what the Hell? Steve's ON HIS KNEES in front of Ed? And still talking chicken?!? The wierd thing is, I was getting horny - and hungry.

Watching the way Ed was kissing and teasing Steve, it stirred up this longing in me. Remembrances of a lover that was aggressive, yet loving at the same time. I felt myself craving her touch, the way that she'd get me started up, then back off, going back and forth like that for a while, until I was practically screaming for her to take me right there, right now.

I looked over at Kevin, and he just smiled at me. Absentmindedly, my hand moved onto his leg, and slowly inched its way up his thigh. He didn't do anything, and we just sat there, watching Ed and Steve going about their foreplay. The instant that Ed reached for the KY Jelly, I started squirming a bit, arousal starting to get the better of me. My hand was perilously close to his crotch, and I could feel that he was getting hard.

When Steve cried out as Ed worked on slipping a lubed finger up his ass, I got incredibly brave and moved my hand to Kevin's fly. After undoing the button and zipper, I slid into his boxers, the palm of my hand brushing against his erection. He gasped in delight, and I slowly began to stroke him. His hand went on top of mine, guiding me, building up the speed when Ed started fucking Steve against the wall of their hotel room.

Hearing Ed tell Steve that "your ass is mine ... ", my clit twitched that much more. At that moment, all I could think is that I must be either desperate or a first-class pervert, because I was getting really turned on watching this tape, and oh yeah, a lesbian giving a guy a handjob? It seemed incredibly low, but oh God, I was enjoying it too much to care.

Pretty soon, Kevin removed his hand from mine, letting me take over completely until he groaned and shuddered, catching himself in a paper towel. When he got up from the couch and zipped up his jeans, I assumed that he was going to call it a night right then. One can only imagine my surprise when he returned a short time later, sat back down on the couch and kissed me.

I hadn't kissed a guy since Senior Prom, and then it was so awkward and stilted - most likely because we both ended up coming out in University, but at the time, we didn't know. But tonight, when Kevin kissed me, it felt good. His mouth was soft against mine, and he was so gentle, almost like he was afraid that I'd shatter. What he didn't know is that I was afraid that HE'D be the one to break in half if I hugged him too hard or something. Rather than shy away from his advances, I found myself getting into our kiss.

He leaned against me, his slender hands moving up my sides, cupping my breasts. I sighed into his mouth, wanting to feel more. His kisses moved lower, capturing an earlobe between his teeth, running his tongue down the side of my neck. Unsure of what to do, I ran my fingers through his dark hair and occasionally sighed or moaned under my breath.

"Touch me, Kevin." I whispered into his ear, my hips rising up towards him. "Please."

I could feel him fumbling with my zipper, almost like he was back in high school, making out with a girlfriend behind the school building. Feeling his hand move underneath my panties, fingertips searching out hot spots, my breathing started getting heavier. When he stroked my clit, almost accidentally, I started to grind against his hand just ever-so-slightly. "Right there" I said to him.

We kissed again, and right when he went from sucking on my lower lip to sucking on my tongue, I felt myself shaking all over. My knees felt weak, and I was near-euphoric. I was coming, hard. It always felt so much more intense when someone else was involved, this time was no exception. He removed his hand from my clit, kissed me once more, then stood up, offering me his hand.

"Oh man ... that was ... whoa..." I was at a loss for words - which is rare for me.

Kevin smiled at me. "See, I told you, Dar. It wasn't bad at all. And I don't think you'll be scarred for life."

"Yeah, you're right, Kevin. That was quite hot. Never thought I'd get turned on like that, by something like that." I almost felt like blushing.

"Well, I'm glad I could give you something to think about." he winked.

I smiled at him, then gave him one last hug before heading out the door, and back into the cool Toronto night. For once, I was actually glad to see what Kevin had to show me. In many different ways.