by Ariel Thalia

I'd heard the stories about Ed, and how he was quite, ahem, "blessed", in certain areas.  Never would've guessed that I'd be discovering the reality until one night...

Normally, I am a very straight-laced, almost restrained sort of person.  But, get me liquored up, or take me to a Barenaked Ladies concert, and I'm an entirely different person.  Tonight, it was all about the energy.  The only thing I was drunk on was euphoria and adrenaline, although, considering what I ended up doing, I may as well have been drunk on my fair share of Mailbu and Cokes.

Near the end of what was a truly amazing show, my best friend Nina whispered a dare to me.  She dared me to take off my bra, stand on my seat, and then flash my breasts at the stage.  Just to see what would happen.  Well, I'm not one to turn down a dare - especially a really good one - so I did it.

I wasn't paying any mind to what their reaction was, if any, I was too focused on fulfilling the dare, then getting dressed again - without being yelled at, or caught by Security.  Nina laughed, then told me that Ed's eyes were HUGE, and that Steve looked like he was interested in what he'd just seen as well.  My initial reaction was to blush, turning redder than the pants Tyler was wearing onstage that night.

After the show, Nina and I waited with several other people in the hopes of meeting the Ladies.  I know that they're married or otherwise involved, and one-night stands were something I could never get into.  We were last on the queue, so I was worried that by the time we met them, they'd be hurried by Fin or someone else, wanting to get them onto the bus - and onto the next town.

Ed was the first one I'd met.  Unsure of what to do (or say), I stuck my hand out and said, "Hi Ed!  I'm Alison, and this is my best friend, Nina."  He smiled, then winked as he asked about what we thought of the show.  Suddenly, I felt myself turning into Instant Idiot as I looked into Ed's gorgeous blue eyes, so Nina spoke on my behalf.

 "Oh yeah, the show rocked!  It seems like you all get better every time we see you!"  Nina grinned, and I just stood there.

"Well, thanks, Nina!  I'm glad you liked the show so much."

For some reason, I could feel Ed's gaze upon me.  I didn't know whether to feel flattered, or feel awkward.  Then Steve approached and whispered something to Ed.
"Ed, aren't you going to introduce me to these gals you've been talking to?"  Steve asked.

"Oh yeah.  The blonde is Nina, and the tall brunette is Alison."

Steve just grinned foolishly at me.  I put my hand out to him, and blurted out, "It's nice to meet you, Steve."  I almost wanted to flash my breasts at him and say, "recognise me now, Mr. Page?", but decency - as well as the fact that there were some younger people around - kept me from doing it.

Before they'd left, Ed pulled me aside and whispered to me, "Were you the woman that flashed us tonight?"  I nodded as I felt my face turning red again.  "Don't be embarrassed,"  he continued.  "You've got really nice breasts, Alison."

My mind raced as I tried to think of an excuse to keep myself from being turned into a quick fuck on the bus before they left town.  "Ummmm, thanks, Ed."  I stammered.

Then he surprised the hell out of me by kissing me.  This wasn't an innocent kiss on the cheek, or that quick kiss he'd share with Steve onstage.  This was an Honest-To-God Kiss, with a capital K, the likes of which you'd bestow on a lover.  My resolve was being melted down to practically nothing as his hands moved from my waist to my ass, and his lips drifted towards my ear, gently nibbling on my earlobe.

I sighed, loudly.  This all felt so good, it was getting me turned on, and I'd swear that Ed was getting turned on as well.  When he took my hand and led me to the bus, I think I was ready for whatever would be happening next.  He got onto the bus first, to make sure we'd have some privacy.  As soon as he returned, he beckoned me onto the bus with him.

We sat on his bunk, talking for a bit.  Then, I took off my shirt, and undid my bra.  He looked at my breasts and flashed this huge smile at me.  Before he could do anything else, I pushed him onto the bed and kissed him, hard.  His hands were on my breasts, stroking and kneading the flesh gently.  Since I'd straddled him, I could feel his hard cock between my legs, pressing right against me.

I sat up, untucked his shirt, and let my hands and mouth work their magic on Ed Robertson's chest.  He moaned his approval, stroking my back and arms while I kissed him.  Feeling more brave than I did earlier, my hands moved to his pants, where I undid his belt, and unzipped his pants.  In order to expose him further, I had to get off of Ed's legs first.  Well, after I'd gotten his pants down to his knees, I just stood there, staring at him in awe.  His cock was hard, and huge.  There was no way I could suck him off without possibly dislocating my jaw, that was for sure.  So, I just looked him in the eyes, and asked, "Got any lube, Ed?"

Quickly, he checked in between his mattress and the wall, pulling out a porno magazine, and then a half-empty bottle of lube.  I grabbed the lube from his hands, and while he was stashing the magazine again, I poured some of the lube onto my hands before rubbing it onto my breasts.  Then, I did the same thing to Ed's cock.  He closed his eyes and moaned as I stroked him.

I got back into the bunk, lying between Ed's legs, kissing my way down from his lips to his chest.  When I felt him between my breasts, I stopped kissing, and started to rub against him.  I pressed my breasts together, with Ed's cock in between.  He groaned, and looked down, watching me slide up and down the length of his cock.  I started to move a bit faster, and his hips rose off the bunk slightly.  He's really wanting this - a pair of soft, voluptuous tits would have to feel quite superior to his own calloused, masculine hands.  I wonder if he's ever done this - or just seen it being done in porn, and wondered about how it would feel.

I slow down, and he thrusts up into my cleavage again, almost like he's begging for it, but subtlely.  I grin wickedly at him, then he stops, moving away from me.  Now, I almost get nervous.  Is this too much for him to take?  Is he going to just rip my pants off and fuck me?

It's neither.  He just wanted to change position, and have me lying on my back, while he straddled my waist.  I push my breasts together again, then pour a bit more lube onto them.  He slides his cock in again, moaning and humping wildly at me.  His breathing gets heavier, and I look down to see that giant purplish head, aimed right at my face.  Silently, I repeat a mantra of "Please don't... not on my face... anywhere but."

He leans down, and asks me what he should do when he gets off.  I breathe a sigh of relief, then smile at him.  "Well, babe, I'd like to think *these* would make for good targets."  I wink, then smirk evilly as I push my breasts upwards slightly.

With that, he gets up from my body and the bunk, and tells me to sit up.  When I do, he stands in front of me, jerking himself off until he finally cums, covering my breasts.  Honestly, I wasn't paying attention to his technique - that never really was my thing - instead, I was watching the expression on his face and listening to his moans and final cry of ecstasy.

Then, I feel those rough, slightly calloused hands on my breasts as he starts to massage me, rubbing himself into my skin.  He finishes by kissing and licking my nipples.  I grab up my clothes and get dressed, as quickly as possible.  Before I leave, he kisses me one last time, and thanks me for what had just happened.

"You're welcome."  I smile at him, before I leave the bus.

Nina was waiting by a fence on the venue grounds, and gave me a "you've been a bad girl" look as I approached her.

"So, what happened, Als?"  she asked.

"Nothing really.  Let's just say that the rumors about Ed are true."  I smiled as I told Nina this.

"Oh my God, Als... you didn't!!  He's MARRIED!"

"No, we didn't, Nina.  I'm probably one of the few gals to get a pearl necklace from Ed Robertson, though."

Nina's face turned milk-white, then, when she realized what I was insinuating, she got redder than I was at the concert.

"C'mon, Nina... we've gotta go.  We have no business hanging around here.  Let's go home."  I pleaded with her.

Reluctantly, Nina moved away from the fence, and we walked to our car.  She was still in pure shock over what I'd just told her, and at the same time, she seemed to be proud of me, in a really perverse way.