by Ariel Thalia

When I received the invitation to a masquerade party, I was reluctant to attend. Halloween wasn't my favorite holiday - largely due to the fact that I was severely lacking in creativity when it came to a costume.

My sister, Nancy, wasn't going to have any of this.
"Abby, I don't care if you hate Halloween! That's not an excuse to miss a party!" she yelled at me over the phone.
"But... but... Nancy!" I managed to sputter out.
"Abby Lane Trillin, don't make me come all the way from London to kick your ass in Toronto! No excuses - you're going. End of story."
Before I could retort, I heard a loud "click" as the line went dead.

I spent the next several days trying to figure out what to wear. Nevermind whether I was going to have a date or not. Almost a week into my internal deliberations, my friend, Ed, asked me to meet him at the party. There was no way that I'd refuse the opportunity to spend the evening with him. Several of my co-workers were head over heels for him - probably because of those beautiful blue eyes, and his voice.

Ed was going as a Mountie, so I decided to be a damsel in distress. In order to find the ideal attire, I didn't have to travel too far; just seven kilometers to my parents' house, and the boxes in the attic. With five daughters, my parents managed to accumulate a fair collection of formal dresses, some of them almost 25 years old.

I rooted through the boxes, rejecting most of the dresses as being too dated for their own good. Then, I found a navy blue dress that my sister, Susan wore to her Prom back in 1986. It was floor-length, with a full skirt, short sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. Searching through a few more boxes, I found some petticoats to wear underneath. Together, I had what could be passed off as a big, floofy ballgown. After getting into the outfit, I went downstairs to show my mum what I'd come up with.

"Oh sweetie, you look so pretty in Susan's prom dress. Is this for the damsel costume?" my mum commented.
"It is. Ed, my "date", is going as a Mountie, so I'm going to be the lady he's rescued."

My mum got a good laugh from that one. Her feminist daughter being rescued? In her opinion, I should've been the one doing the rescuing!

The night of the party, I went alone, meeting Ed there. For all intents and purposes, I was planning to go home alone as well. It was easier than having lofty expectations shot down to nothing, especially with someone like Ed. Don't get me wrong - I do like him and all, but I considered being at the party with him to be out of courtesy, not because there was any interest on his part.

After getting in, I looked around to see if I could find a tall, handsome mountie. Not yet. There were quite a few people there, though, so anything was possible. Besides locating Ed, my biggest obstacle would be avoiding the Liquid Courage at all costs. I'd hate to get drunk - sloppy drunk - and then make an ass of myself.

I was approached by a Rabbi and a Nun - or, a couple dressed like a Rabbi and a Nun - and they told me that Ed was looking for me. Now, I was puzzled. I had no idea who they were, but they knew me? I raised an eyebrow, expressing my confusion. The Rabbi - Ed's friend, Steve, I'd soon find out - explained that Ed had told them to be on the lookout for a damsel in distress. I was the fourth woman they'd approached that night.

Ed came into the room, and everyone's attention turned to him. Subconsciously, my jaw was on the floor over how hot he looked in that red jacket and black pants. He seemed to have that dignified air about him, confident, but not full of himself.

Steve stood behind me, his arm overhead, pointing down at me.
"Hey Ed! Eddddd!!! Here she is!" Steve hollered across the room.
I stood there, turning redder than Ed's jacket over being made into an unwitting spectacle.
Ed glared at Steve as he walked over to us. "Could you be a little less subtle about it, Mr. Obvious? You've got the poor gal turning red."
Steve looked down at the ground. "Sorry Ed. Sorry Ed's friend."
"Hi Steve. I'm Ed's ... " I wasn't sure how to introduce myself, to be honest.
"This is Abby, and I'm her escort tonight." Ed said, picking up where I'd left off.

After going through the pleasantries, Ed and I found a couch to sit on. My palms were sweating through the opera-length gloves I was wearing, and I felt a bit awkward toddling about on heels. Sitting down and being able to relax was a very welcome respite this early in the night.

"Do you mind if I take these gloves off?" I asked.
"No, not at all. If it makes you feel more comfortable, then do it." Ed responded.

I took off the gloves, shoving them into my bag. We were sitting there, silent, while everyone else around us seemed to be having the time of their lives. I felt slack-jawed and stupid in Ed's presence, afraid to open my mouth and speak, because the only words that would come out would be "Quark! Quark!" or something foolish like that.

Ed was a real trooper, sitting with me while I avoided speaking. When he suggested going elsewhere, someplace where we could talk and actually hear each other, I almost jumped off the couch.

I think the biggest reason I felt so awkward is because there was a part of me that wanted to jump into Ed's lap and kiss his face, before dragging him off to a bedroom to screw his brains out. But, I could never tell him that - he'd never go for me.

We went into the study, and I immediately sat down and kicked off my shoes

"Abby, is something bothering you?"
I shook my head.
"Do you not feel well? I can get you home if you'd like."
I looked at the floor and contemplated my bare feet.
"How about a shoulder rub? Would that help?"
I perked up after hearing that. "Please."

Ed stood behind me, rubbing my shoulders. He apologized for Steve's being over-anxious, told me that I looked beautiful, and generally put my mind at ease. I felt myself relaxing under his hands kneading the tension out of my neck and shoulders.

His hands moved to my arms, and I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. His lips pressed gently, but it was enough to send a brief shiver through my spine. I turned to face him, and found myself staring at his chest. My gaze moved upwards, and I looked into his eyes. The second he put his hands on my face and kissed me on the lips, I sighed quietly.

He kissed me again, and I kissed back. Before it could go further, I pulled away, and told him to take off the hat, which he did. This time, I was the one kissing him. My fingers ran through his dark curly hair, while I slid my tongue into his mouth.

Our kisses got more passionate while our hands explored. The feel of Ed's hands caressing my back almost melted me. When I kissed along his jawline to his ear, I could hear him moaning under his breath. I barely flicked my tongue across his earlobe and he trembled slightly. As I kissed his neck, he started going on about something, I wasn't sure what exactly.

"All those layers... like a present. Oh, what I would do..." he muttered.

His hands on my back moved to the zipper on my dress. I started to unbutton the jacket of his uniform, to expose his body to my lips and hands. Now, he was feeling my breasts through my dress, but I had the feeling that he and I both wanted more than these furtive gropings.

I unwrapped my arms from his body, and stood in front of him. I proceeded to unzip my dress completely, then moved to slip the dress off my shoulders, before he stopped me and took over. He kissed me every place that I was exposed, then he stood before me, still in the uniform, while I stood in front of him, only in my bra and panties.

While Ed looked incredible in his uniform, he looked even better out of it as I undressed him. By the time I'd gotten him down to his boxers, I pushed him down onto a chair, and climbed into his lap.

"Well, Dudley Do-Me Right, you've rescued your damsel, now what?" I asked Ed with a wink.
"Is there anything in the story about making mad passionate love to the damsel?" he replied.
I thought for a moment. "Doubt it, but this damsel isn't gonna object."

We kissed again, and I started to grind against him. He groaned and worked to remove my bra as quickly as possible. Once my bra was off, I got up from him, and pulled his boxers off.

He returned the favor by sliding my panties down my legs, until they were off completely. I got back into his lap, rubbing against him, letting him know how much I wanted him. When neither one of us could take the teasing any longer, he slid into me, and I started to ride him.

I went up and down the length of his cock while he held onto me. I'd kiss his face or run my hands across his chest, and he'd moan, sometimes thrusting his hips up to meet me. My hands were on my breasts, playing with the nipples while he was beneath me, watching and grinning the entire time.

One of his hands moved from my hip, slowly moving towards my clit. Right as he started to stroke me, I threw my head back and cried out. It felt so good to be touched like that. He moved his finger across my clit faster, and I moaned louder. I started to move faster, getting closer and closer to coming.

With his other hand, he pulled me down, so that I was lying on top of him. Then, he somehow managed to flip me over, so that I was on my back, with my legs wrapped tightly around his body. I held onto him, running my nails down his back, moaning into his ear.

"Oh my God Abby" he called out, as he thrust into me one last time. "That was incredible!"
"Much more fun than that party, you think?"

We reluctantly got up from the chair, got dressed and went back to the party, acting as though nothing had happened. Before leaving for the night, we both raved to the hostess about what a wonderful party it was, winking at each other the entire time.

I may have driven home alone, but I wasn't going to sleep alone that night.