Mardi Gras
by Ariel Thalia

They say that you should try something at least once in your lifetime. I'd suppose that traveling from the obscenely cold winter of Toronto in late February to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans was one of those things.

I'd gone with my husband, Steven, and a couple of friends from Toronto, with plans to meet a few of my old University friends in New Orleans. The first couple of days, my friends were acting like they were eighteen and back in University, running about flashing random people and acting foolish.

After those two days, I was starting to think it was a mistake to bring my husband with me. Steven was ogling all the women, even flirting with a few. I know that he doesn't mean anything by it, but I guess it still made me a bit uncomfortable.

On the third night, I'd gone to dinner with my friends Petra and Janet, while the hubby did his own thing. We'd had an incredible, almost indulgent meal, and I admit, I did get a bit tipsy at dinnertime.

By the time we'd gotten back to our hotel on Bourbon Street, Janet and Petra decided to go out again - most likely to drink even more, and then come back to pass out. I grabbed up the bag of plastic beads that Petra had brought with her from St. Paul, and went out onto the balcony, to start throwing beads at random flashers.

Feeling rather brave (or maybe it was the wine kicking in), I started to unbutton the front of my dress, then undo my bra. I turned my back on the carousers to get my bra off completely, then turned around to show New Orleans what Canada had to offer.

For about an hour or so, I'd gone between flashing and throwing beads, until I heard Janet and Petra coming back into the hotel room. There was a third, male, voice in the background, so I assumed it was Janet's boyfriend, Mark. I quickly buttoned up my dress, but before I could turn around, I heard a voice with a familiar Ontarian dialect, telling me to stay.

My blood turned cold. It wasn't Mark. Mark was from California. Who the hell was this?

"Don't worry. You'll be alright." the stranger whispered into my ear.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Someone." he replied.

I felt this stranger give me a gentle kiss on the back of my neck. Part of me wanted to smack him, but another part of me enjoyed the kiss. His lips moved up the side of my neck, drawing my earlobe between his teeth and nibbling. Only Steven knew that I got quite turned on from being kissed like that.

My fear started to dissapate as I let myself get caught up in the moment. After he'd released my earlobe, he blew gently against my skin, and I shuddered. The stranger seemed to laugh under his breath, and I recognised the laughter. Or, so I thought.

His hands reached around and started to undo the top of my dress, exposing me to the crowd.

"You look delectable tonight, my dear. I saw you with your friends, and you were the prettiest one." he whispered into my ear.

My head was buzzing with the noise on the street, and the alcohol that seemed to be slightly clouding my thinking. The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it exactly.

Gradually, he'd moved away from me, only to hike up my dress in the back.

"Black lace? Is this for me, my dear?"  I said nothing, if only because I wasn't sure how to respond.

In one swift motion, I felt my panties being yanked down to my ankles. Then, the stranger was making his way up the backs of my legs with the same gentle kisses he'd put on my neck. Just like the way Steven would kiss me, I thought.

I felt his hands cupping my ass, then his fingers snaking their way between my legs, feeling that I was starting to get aroused from the experience. I sighed loudly, into the balmy night air. He moved back up to my neck, and kissed me again. While he kissed my neck, his hands moved up to my breasts, holding them in his hands, feeling their weight.

"So beautiful, isn't it?" he cooed into my ear. "It's gorgeous out here, and you know that we could make love on the balcony ... and no one would suspect anything, Caro..." his voice trailed off.

It was Steven. He'd incriminated himself with that. But, I was enjoying the fantasy of anonymity too much to call him on it.

"Shut up and kiss me. Now." I growled.

I covered my eyes with one hand, then turned around to face the stranger on the balcony. When our lips met, there was an intensity and urgency that I hadn't felt in a while. It was like we were craving each other's kiss. I drew his lower lip into my mouth and sucked gently while he moaned.

Apparently I wasn't the only one getting aroused, because I could feel him pressing against my stomach as we kissed. I pulled away and gave him a slight smile before turning my back to him again.

"Tease" he muttered under his breath.  I shook my head, almost violently, then reached a hand behind me, rubbing against the bulge in his dress pants.  "Ohhhh, I get it."

Quickly, he unzipped his pants, then pulled my dress up again. Then, I was leaned over the balcony, ever so slightly, and the next thing I knew, I was penetrated by his thick cock.

As we found our rhythm, his hands moved from my hips back to my breasts, holding onto me as though I would slip away. Looking out into the sky, I saw the full moon hanging high overhead. It was a perfect night for making love.

Somehow, I managed to forget about the crowds in the streets, my friends asleep in the room, or the fact that we could be spied upon by voyeurs in other hotels. None of that mattered.

We were like this for a long while, taking our time, enjoying the change in scenery and that risk of being caught.

Feeling his warm breath on my skin, the way he'd lick and playfully nip at my neck, and just feeling him inside me, it was almost too much for me.  "Oh my God yes..." I called out in the late night.  He moaned into the space between my neck and shoulder, thrusting into me one last time as he came soon afterwards.

"I love you, Carolyn." he whispered into my ear.

I turned around, smiled then whispered, "I love you, too, Steven."

"Same time, tomorrow night, dear?" he winked at me.

"We'll see ..." I said, blowing him a kiss as I went into the hotel room.