Jim's Neck
by Driver

Jim stood in the meet and greet line, a large smile lighting up his bony face. He talked to some boppy teenage fans, and when he was done he began to walk up to me. I stood there, shivering slightly from the cold, wishing I had heeded the advice of everyone else and dressed warmly. The fact that I was cold seemed to work in my favor because when Jim came up to me, he placed a hand on my back.

“You look like you could use a warm hug,” Said Jim as he began wrapping his other arm around me, giving me a great big bear hug. My head was inadvertently placed next to where his heart was, and I listened intently. He was warm, warmer than one might think, and strong. His arms were muscled against my body, tightly holding me to death.

He broke the hug and looked at me, I smiled to him. This was the 7th time in 10 days that I had seen Jim in person.

“So, Carmelina, did you enjoy this show more than the one yesterday and the day before that... and so on?”

I smile and let a little laugh out. “Yes, I enjoyed it greatly. As usual I really enjoyed your bass playing. Those nimble fingers, the faces you make, the little dance moves, your kissable neck...” I trailed off. For most people that would have made Jim a bit nervous, but not from me. Lately I had begun to get to know Jim as more than just a rock star. I figured soon that we would tangle up in the bed sheets, I didn’t expect it to be tonight.

“You know... why don’t you come to the hotel with me? I’m rooming by myself this month. As well, I’m on the third floor and the other guys are on the second floor.”

“That sounds like a fine idea,” I smiled coyly at him, flashing a grin that could melt anyone, male or female.

I got out of line as I was done talking to him and went over to a railing to wait. Eventually the meet and greet cleared out and Jim looked over to me and nodded. I went up to him and together we walked around the corner to the hotel, which just happened to be across from the venue.

As we walked he draped his arm over my shoulder, keeping me warm. We touched, his back nicely fitting into the hollow of my outstretched arm. Reaching the hotel, we stepped into the elevator and were all alone. I could hold out no longer. I pushed his thin but muscled body against the elevator wall and began to softly kiss his neck. He let out a small guttural moan which only edged me on more. I let the tip of my tongue snake narrowly across his jawbone, tracing a delicate line. This was met with even more moaning, right then the elevator door opened up and we both looked to it and then back to each other.

He grabbed my hand and led me to his room, fumbling in his tented pants for the hotel swipe key, clumsily letting us in. Once in, I pushed him to the foyer wall and went right for his Adam’s apple. I always enjoyed looking at his Adam’s apple, the way it bopped
when he talked. I had often wanted to wrap my lips around it and suck till he skin was dry. This I did, savoring the slight salty taste of his masculine neck.

Finishing with this Adam’s apple, I moved my kisses up to his ear. I was at the spot right below his ear, nibbling and licking. This sent him into a frenzy, he was rubbing his body up against mine, his covered manhood poking into my thigh.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you?” I whispered in his ear. His only response was a low moan. His eyes were closed in concentration as I tentatively stuck my tongue out of my mouth and pushed it into his ear. He squirmed slightly at the wet sensation, then soon began to get lost in the interesting feeling. For a few seconds I tongue-fucked his ear before eagerly moving on to his earlobe. I took his precious lobe between my lips and nibbled on them. My teeth grazed his skin and it seemed to send shivers down his long

Jim somehow managed to start rubbing harder against me, as I was too busy to touch his crotch. He was beginning to moan louder, and I assumed that he would be cumming soon just from his rubbing and from the necking.

I continued with his earlobe, sucking on the soft flesh and enjoying the taste of his skin. I took it all in, his taste, his moaning, the feeling, and the scent.

“Oh, Carmelina,” he moaned, shivering against me in orgasm. I looked down to the front of his pants and saw a small wet spot begin to form. It was at that moment that a smile lit up my face and I snaked down his body, my face going “face-to-face” with his crotch. I placed my mouth over the wet spot and began to suck eagerly at it, this in turn made Jim start moaning more and more. Although he had just cum, he was still eager to feel this, and was beginning to get internally aroused. When I was satisfied that I’d sucked all the cum off his pants, I undid the zipper to display his boxer-briefs, which were also wet with
cum. I quite contentedly took them in my mouth and sucked away at the wet spot. As soon as I was content with that, I removed them. By this point, enough time had elapsed that Jim was hard again.

I was on my knees at this point, facing his dick. Grabbing the base of his member with my right hand, I put my tongue out and licked up from the bottom all the way to the sensitive head. Then, I blew air across where I had licked. I could almost feel Jim’s knees weaken. I twirled my tongue around the head of his engorged endowment, then worked my jaw over the whole thing, moving up and down the shaft. Slowly I went up and down, occasionally licking. Now, Jim was begging for a finish. He was very close to his orgasm, and I could tell by the way he frantically was grabbing at the wall with his finger. If he had not had shoes on, I would have to say his toes would have been curled.

For the finale` of his blow-job I opted to suck on the head of his member. I sucked at it as if it were a womans nipple, or more importantly, his earlobe. Occasionally I would buzz my tongue against the underside of the head, the most sensitive area on any mans penis. Jim was no different, in that soon he was moaning out my name and throbbing with orgasm. As he came, he shot into my mouth, I swallowed it happily.

I was finished now, and I came up to face him.

“I hope that was up to par, Jim”

The sated look on his face explained it all, and I left it and him at that, leaving as quickly as he had came.