That's What Friends Are For
Chapter 5
by kie
I folded my laundry and mulled over my discovery. I was in love with him. Now that it was out, I had to figure what to do about it. Should I tell him? If I did, I was afraid he would think I was a case of mistaking lust for love, letting what had happened between us three days ago change our relationship. And, now that I was aware just how deeply I felt about him, could I still act as though he was nothing more than a friend? I pulled his Avs jersey from the dryer and folded it, deciding to keep quiet for the time being. If it felt like things were changing, I would say something, but if I could hide it, why ruin the best thing in my life? I think I was afraid of being rejected. I never wanted to hear Steve say ‘I don’t think of you that way’. That would hurt too much.

I took my clothes and put them away, and set the pile of Steve’s clothes on the corner of the couch, then went back to my bedroom and finished cleaning up in there. I decided to put my journal in there, since it was almost full. I put it on the bottom of the stack, decided to re-read some, and randomly grabbed one. It was from the fall semester of my freshman year of college. I read about classes, the crappy dorm room, my horrid roommate, my first party, my first drunken evening. I came across Halloween of that year and smiled as I read.

<<<Some guy from one of Steve’s classes had a masquerade party tonight. It was quite interesting. I dressed up like a cat…a very sexy cat, thanks to Steve and his shopping skills {I swear, he is such a diva sometimes!}, using the mask that Aunt Vicki brought back from Venice. Steve and I were a bit tipsy, and I mentioned that this one guy who was dressed like a Musketeer had a really nice ass. Steve dared me to give him a blow job. So I followed him to the bathroom and gave him a hummer. It was so funny. As I was leaving, he thanked me. I replied with ‘My pleasure’, and he said, ‘No, I’m pretty sure it was all mine.’ About 45 minutes later, I was out on the porch, getting some air, when I feel someone behind me, and this voice say ‘Just the I was looking for’ as a hand trailed across my stomach. I could tell it was the guy from the bathroom from his voice. He leaned in and nibbled on the back of my neck. I could not believe this was happening! He pressed against me, and I could feel that he was hard. He moved his mouth to my to my ear and whispered “I know someplace secluded” I wish I could say I responded with some suave, sexy reply, but I think I gave a meek ‘uh-huh’. I turned to face his, and he kissed me, his tongue forcing it way authoritively into my mouth. The kiss was very strange, since we both were wearing masks that covered most of our faces. But that also made it that much more erotic. Who was this man? It was like something out of those cheesy, steamy pron-romances that Mom always reads! ‘The dashing masked stranger’…….So anyway, he took my hand and lead me back inside and down to the basement. Once we reached the bottom of the stairs, he started kissing me again, and he pushed me backwards. I bumped into something and felt it, realizing it was a pool table. He lifted me up to sit on it, and his hands went directly to my thighs, pushing them apart. He kissed down my neck to my cleavage and to my stomach while his hands worked up under my skirt to my panties and pulled them off. ‘Lay back,” he told me. I did, and I felt his head between my legs. When his tongue flicked out and touched me…it was weird! I mean, it felt really good and all, but still it was strange. I guess cause it had never happened before. To me, I mean. I know it’s happened to other women……oh, anyway! Gosh, I’m still giddy over it! So he was licking my pussy, and it felt really, really nice. I liked it a lot, obviously, cause I got off on it. When I came, my legs, for some reason, tightened around his head. I don’t know if that’s normal or not. I’ll have to ask Steve if that’s happened to him before. Where was I? Oh, yeah, right….Once I managed to stop crushing his head between my thighs, he stood up straight and grabbed my hips, pulling me to the edge of the pool table. At this point, I thought maybe I should say something to him, ask his name, give him mine, perhaps mention that I wasn’t 18…..but he drove into me. And it hurt! I made this strange choked ‘ouch’ sound, so he stopped where he was and said ‘Fuck! You’re a virgin!’ To which I replied ‘We are, and I’m not now.’ ‘I’m sorry,’ he said. ‘If I had known, I wouldn’t have done this.’ I took a moment to catch my breath, and then asked why. ‘Because,’ he said after a moment of thought. ‘Your virginity is something special. Something that should not be taken by a stranger on a maroon pool table.’ ‘Like this?’ I asked, propping myself up on my arms. The movement caused a little pain, but it also caused a bit of pleasure. He smiled behind his mask, a sweet, slightly crooked smile that lit up his blue eyes. ‘Yeah, like this,’ he said. ‘So how’d you lose your virginity?’ I asked him. ‘On a maroon pool table with a stranger,’ he replied with a laugh. ‘This table must get quite a workout,’ I said, trying to make my voice sound more mature. ‘Hope I’m not sitting in anything.’ ‘If you don’t want to go on…’ ‘No,’ I said. ‘I do. I’m just not sure what to do.’ ‘Just relax,’ he whispered. ‘Tell me if you don’t like what I’m doing, or if it hurts.’ He kissed me under my jaw and said ‘And definitely tell me if what I do feels good.’ I sat up fully and wrapped my arms around his neck, and he slowly started moving in and out of me. At first, it hurt, not too awfully bad, but it was still painful. His movements were very smooth and gentle, and soon, the sensation became more and more pleasurable. I let my head roll back as the pain went completely away. His thrusts grew a bit faster, but they were still gentle. Some carnal instinct kicked, I swear, because I laid back, wrapped my legs around his hips, and started thrusting against him. I guess this excited him, because his thrusts grew fast, and real jerky. His breathing sped up, too. I felt him shudder, and he gave one last, hard thrust, and I gasped in pain. ‘Oh, God, I’m sorry!’ he said. He didn’t pull out, for which I was thankful…I don’t think my extremely sensitive nerves could have handled such a sudden change. I could feel him throbbing inside of me, a slow rhythmic twitch that lasted for a brief moment, slowly losing strength and frequency. He started moving slowly again, his hands moving to the inside of my thighs and up. While he continued his steady thrusts, his thumbs began moving in varying patterns of my love pearl (Oh, my god. Did I just write that? I’ve got to stop reading Mom’s smut! :)) It was the most amazing feeling when I climaxed!!!!!!!! I don’t know how to describe it….sort of a ringing tingly feeling. ‘Thank you,’ I said as I fumbled through my purse for tissues. ‘My pleasure,’ he said. He pulled out slowly {a delicious feeling in itself…} and I handed him some tissue. ‘Mine, too.’ I said. We both cleaned up and re-dressed. Good thing too! The guy whose pool table we were on came down stairs. The Musketeer moved away from me and started talking about some little nothing. I laughed, trying to look engrossed in conversation. I guess it’s a good thing we still had our masks on. I know I was flushed. What’s really weird is that……………>>>>>>

There was a knock on my door, and I put my journal down and went to see who it was.

“Slacker,” Steve said as I let him in. “Just take the day off why don’t you?”

“Slacker my foot,” I said as I went into the kitchen to grab him a wine glass. “I’ve done all my laundry, cleaned under my bed, and have been going through my boxes.” We went to my bedroom, Steve laid down on my bed, and I sat on the floor, and started pulling out pictures that I thought he’d get a kick out of. He poured a glass of wine and sipped on it, every so often running his tongue over his lips in this undeniably sexy way.

“I thought you were going to burn that one!” he said, hitting me over the head with my teddy bear. I look at the offending picture and laughed.

“I still want to know just what it was you used to hold your hair like that!”

“No you don’t. And give me that damn thing.” He made a grab for the picture. I scooted away, and he came off the bed after me. He grabbed hold of my ankle and pulled me to him (Thank goodness for hardwood floors!), leaning over me to reach the picture. It took us both a moment to realize our position, it happened when his hand closed over my hand holding the picture, and he looked at me as if to say ‘HA!’. We were like that for a moment, and in that moment I saw a drop of wine on his upper lip, glowing a fiery ruby in the evening sun. I brought my head up, and licked the drop from his lip, savouring the sweet fruitiness of the wine mingled with a trace of salt from his skin. I waited a moment before running my tongue across his lips a second time, and then a third. I slowly nudged my lips against his, and then nudged with my tongue. His mouth opened to me, his tongue there to greet mine, dancing against one another in a sensuous tango. I let go of the picture as his hand intertwined with mine. I could feel my pulse begin to race as dampness formed between my legs. I also could feel Steve growing hard against my thigh. That sensation caused me to panic. I pushed Steve off and quickly got to my feet.

“I’m sorry, Steve. I have to go. I need to think……” I turned and ran, not realizing until after I was a block away that I just fled my own home……………………