That's What Friends Are For
Chapter 3
by kie
He kissed me for the briefest of moments, and then slowly slid into me. I inhaled sharply as his thick erection worked deeper and deeper into my eager pussy.

“Are you alright?” he asked, propping himself up on his arms and looking down at me. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. “Quite alright,” I said. “It’s just so…” I moaned softly as he nudged his hips a bit, the tip of his cock hitting ‘that’ spot, and pushing me very close to complete and utter gratification. Steve slowly moved back and forth, keeping his weight supported on his arms. I could tell he was watching me, tailoring his movements to my reactions, and the enormity of what we were doing hit me. At the same time, however, the most exquisite pleasure hit me as well. I arched my back slightly as I came, my nipples brushing against his chest. The sensation seemed to last forever, and I was positive that all of the blood in my body was in my groin, since every part of me, including my soft palette, was tingly numb. When I was finally able to open my eyes again, (no easy feat, my eyelids felt as if they weighed a ton) I saw Steve looking down at me, a smug grin on his face.

“Feel better?” he asked. I could only smile lazily and nod. “Good,” Steve said as he put his weight on me and moved his legs so that they were on the outside of mine, pressing mine together. There wasn’t much he could do by way of movement, we learned, because if he moved to far back, his dick popped out, and if he moved to fast, it was uncomfortable for me. But once he learned how he could move, he did it very, very well. The position made sure that every inch of the inner walls were in close contact with his cock, and as it did hinder movement, it was a delightful tease to my g-spot, which had finally been awakened and wanted much, much more. I worked my legs out and wrapped them around his hips, allowing him deep inside. It wasn’t long before another litany of Norwegian spilled from my mouth (this time, just because I knew Steve got a kick out of it). Steve chuckled, then let out a slight ‘Unngh’ of his own as he came.

We laid together, both numb and sated, while what would turn out to be the worst storm the area had seen in a century raged outside. Steve buried his face in my neck, and I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, saying “I am so totally your best friend for life.”


“I didn’t catch that, love.”

Steve lifted his head and looked at me. “You’d better be,” he said with a slight pout “that was hard work.”

I laughed and brushed his sweat dampened hair from his forehead.

“Thank you sooooooooooooooo much,” I said.

“Hey, what are friends for, eh?”

“So does that mean you sleep with Ed?” I asked, referring to Steve’s other best friend. Steve just gave me a strange look that, knowing Steve the way I do, led me to believe that maybe I was better of not knowing.

Steve rolled off of me and started rummaging through his nightstand drawer, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and offering one to me. We sat by his window, naked, smoking, just watching the storm whip leaves, rain, and tree limbs about. I looked over at Steve and it finally dawned on me what had happened.

“Steve?” I asked, cursing myself for sounding insecure and unsure of myself, but I had to know. “What we just did…is that going to affect us?”

Steve took a long puff of his cigarette and thought for a moment. “I don’t know,” he said honestly. “I don’t want it to.”

”Me either.”

We looked at each other, and I knew, in the end, it would change everything. I just didn’t know how much it would change things.

When I woke up later that morning, Steve had his arms wrapped tightly around me; I had my head on his chest and one leg thrown across him. This is how we usually slept. It was the fact that we were naked that had me started for a minute. But when I remembered what had happened, I smiled a bit. I slid out from Steve’s embrace and got dressed, heading towards the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. While it brewed, I called home to check my messages. There were quite a few….my doctor’s appointment had to be rescheduled, my mom, Jeff….another one from Jeff….Jeff, again…Jeff, once more, this time saying that ‘what I saw wasn’t what was happening’ Now there’s something that would give Lewis Black an aneurism! Jeff one more time, begging me to call him….Kevin, wondering if I could pick him up for work…and another message from Jeff, saying she meant nothing….I know that feeling! …another message from my mom, letting me know that my cousin Aaron’s wife had just given birth to a baby boy…..*yet* another message from Jeff. He never called me this much the entire time we were going out! I erased all the messages and hung up, heading back to the kitchen to retrieve some coffee. I poured a mug and added a large amount of sugar then went out onto the back porch and lit a cigarette. I felt better than I had in years, but at the same time, I felt worse. I was so afraid that Steve would wake up, regret what happened, and not be able to look me in the eye. Hell, would I be able to look him in the eye? My kiss had been accidental, his, while being a spur of the moment thing, was done on purpose. Sex had been the furthest thing on my mind last night... I hadn’t thought of Steve like that in years. Now I wondered why I hadn’t thought of him like that. Was it just because I was so used to him? To me, he was like a best girlfriend, only not so bitchy. I would call him and ask what outfit to wear somewhere, which shoes, make-up or not….shit like that. That doesn’t mean I thought he wasn’t manly. He was Steve. I hung out with him. We did…*things*. We did NOT sleep together.

That thought led my mind towards last night, and I began remembering the feel of his lips on mine, the way his hands slid across my skin, the sensation of initial penetration…


I jumped and spilled coffee all over the place.

“Sorry,” Steve said. I looked up at him and had no problem meeting his eyes.

“It’s alright,” I said, relieved that he was willing to meet my gaze. He reached inside the door and grabbed a towel, tossing it at me. I wiped myself and the porch rail off and threw the towel back to Steve.

“How’d you sleep?” I asked, like I did every morning after I spent the night.

“Quite well, actually. How about you?”

“Soundly. I didn’t even notice the storm.”

“You must have been exhausted, then.”

“Definitely worn out,” I said. “It was all that Norwegian.”

“I still don’t know where you pulled that from.”

“Oh, don’t mock me. I’ve heard you once went off in Hebrew.”

“Just that once…..” he said, trying to look innocent. I laughed and breathed a sigh of relief. For the time being, it seemed that everything was going to be OK.

I glanced at my watch. “I need to get going to work. I need to pick Kevin up on my way in.”

“Go ahead,” Steve said, knowing I was going to ask to raid his closet. I went into the bathroom, cleaned up, and then went to Steve’s room where I rummaged through his closet. I knew the shirt I was going to borrow before I even opened the doors.

“You know, you’re almost as bad as any girlfriend I’ve ever had,” Steve said as I pulled his Avs jersey from the closet.

“True, but I always bring the cloths back in due time, and clean.”

“That’s the only reason I let you in my pants….er, clothes….”

Since I had been sliding the jersey over my head, I pretended not to hear Steve’s Freudian slip; I just let it go like it never happened.

“Feel free to stop by tonight,” I said, searching around for my shoes.

“I probably will,” Steve said. “I don’t have anything better going on.”

I found my shoes and slid them on, then checked my pants pockets to make sure I had everything. Steve walked me to the end of his driveway, taking in all the downed branches.

“I guess I do have something better to do,” he said, nodding at his yard, where a large chunk of tree was now laying.

“Stop by anyway,” I said. “I’ll see you later.”…………….