That's What Friends Are For
Chapter 2
by kie
We sat on the porch and watched the storm roll it. Steve had turned the TV on, and we listened to it through the open window. It seemed this storm was slow moving, and quite severe. I loved thunderstorms, the louder the better, and this one was obviously a doozy.

I was staying at Steve's tonight. It wasn't something we had discussed, just something that we took to be happening. I actually stayed there a lot, to the point that I always had a toothbrush and at least on pair of panties there. Steve even made it a point to keep 'girly-type' shampoos, as he called them, around. He kept stuff at my apartment, too. We were just that close.

We went inside just before one a.m. I put the glasses in the sink, and then told Steve I was taking a shower. I stopped in his room and grabbed a t-shirt from his drawer, then went down the hall to the bathroom. I stopped at his linen closet and grabbed a towel and my overnight bag, then went into his bathroom and shut the door. I looked to see what CDs he had in there, and popped in Rheostatics 'Melville' and hit random. The first song up was 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald', and I sang along as I turned on the shower. I could have stayed under the hot water for hours, but I thought Steve wouldn't appreciate having to take a cold shower, so I turned off the water and towelled off. I sang along with Lying's Wrong as I braided my straight black hair. I straightened the bathroom, and then went to find Steve. He was in his bedroom, turning down the bed. He noticed me in the doorway and said "How about a back rub? I think you could use one."

"I'd be your best friend forever," I said.

Steve smiled at me and said “You already are. Here, lie down, let me go get some stuff."

I lay down on the bed, pulling the covers up to my waist, and taking my shirt off. I positioned one of Steve's fluffy down pillows under my head and chest. He came back in and sat down on the side of the bed. I could here some relaxing music coming from the living room, and the thunder getting louder as the storm approached.

Steve poured some oil on my back and began rubbing it in, and I instantly felt the tension start to melt away. His hands kneaded my entire back, shoulders, and neck. When he was working on the edge of my back near my arms, his fingers brushed across the side of my breasts, and I felt a delightful tingle race through me. I ignored it, though. It was most likely an accident, anyways.

"Feel better?" Steve asked after about half an hour.

"Mmm-hmm," I said. "So relaxed I can't even move to put my shirt on."

"Good," Steve said. "I'm going to go hop in the shower."

I lay there with my eyes closed, feeling better than I had in a long time. I could hear Steve singing in the shower. He had a very beautiful powerful voice, one that, when he did certain songs on karaoke, made women swoon. I finally mustered enough energy to put my shirt on, and I sat looking at the window at the storm. It had started raining, a few fat drops here and there, but offering the promise of a good amount of rainfall. Steve came back and suggested a glass of wine before bed. Steve was a bit of a wine snob, which was kind of fun on the occasions we would all go out to a nice dinner. He chose a subtle red, telling me all about its bouquet and such as he poured. He explained the necessity for red wines to breathe, and so on. Guess he forgot he was talking to the girl who drank wine from a 5 gallon box. We drank our wine sitting on the couch, flipping through channels and finally deciding the best thing on was an extremely cheesy porn called 'April Fools' We spent the most of the time watching a fly buzz around and land in each scene. I was quite aroused, but I was a pro at ignoring it. Steve yawned.

"Ready for bed?" he asked.

I nodded and stood, following Steve to the bedroom. He sat down on the edge of the bed and rolled his shoulders. I crawled across the bed and knelt behind him, using my hands to rub his shoulders. He 'mmm'-ed and let his head fall forward. I massaged his shoulders until he said he felt better and thanked me.

"What are friends for?" I asked, wrapping my arms around his neck and putting my head on his shoulder. "Thanks for everything," I said. I turned my head, intending to kiss his cheek. But he turned to face me at that moment, and I ended up kissing his lips. We both pulled away, a bit startled. He turned so his body was facing me more, and gazed into my eyes, licking his lips. When he leaned in to kiss me again, I didn't pull away. In fact, as his lips toyed with mine, I leaned in further. My mind, not completely shut down by the alcohol, tried to speak up and say 'Hello! This is your best friend! Think this through!' However, the warm, moist spot between my legs was doing all of the thinking. Four years of being unappreciated had given my pussy precedence over my mind, whether I liked it or not. Steve put one hand on the back of my neck, and the other at the small of my back, pulling me against him. I quick sigh escaped me as he began kissing my throat. His lips were like fire as the slowly worked their way to the spot where my pulse was racing, his tongue frequently darting out against my skin, sending little tremors coursing though my limbs. He brought his lips back to mine, kissing me deeply and passionately. His tongue pried my lips apart and darted into my mouth. I could taste the last traces of wine in his mouth, along with a slight hint of toothpaste. I pressed my body against his, feeling light-headed from the desire coursing through my body. He pulled away and lifted the shirt over my head, leaving me kneeling on his bed wearing only a pair of 'Hello, Kitty' panties (that, ironically, Steve had gotten for me) Steve looked at me, and I could see desire in his eyes. He reached out with his right hand and brushed his fingers across the top of my breast and down the side, ending by cupping it. He did the same with his left hand to my other breast, gently kneading them as his tongue played across my stiff nipples. I arched my back as far as I could, and ended up throwing off my balance, tipping over to the side. Steve moved so he was leaning above me, a smug smile on his face

"Just where I want you," he said. He worked one of his thighs between my legs...ok, saying he 'worked' it implies that I resisted, which I didn't. Steve leaned down and wrapped his luscious lips around a nipple, tugging slightly, finding just the spot between being exceptionally erotic and somewhat painful. I moaned and turned my head as he bit lightly with his teeth. He treated my left tit as if it were the most fascinating thing in the world. It had been so long since such attention had been lavished on me that I almost came right then and there, and when Steve pressed his thigh against my pussy, I did. It was a small one, but still, it was a delightful little thing. I shuddered through it, meaning to thank Steve, but he continued doing wonderful things to me. He had moved his thigh and now had his legs on the outside of mine, forcing my legs together. I opened my eyes to look up to him, unable to decipher the strange look on his face.

"Steve?" What's wrong?"

"Ask me later," he said, in a voice totally unlike his own. He began nibbling my earlobe and any thoughts or concerns I had quickly took a back seat to the rapidly rising need inside of me. As his lips worked down my chest, his hands worked up my thighs. When his fingers slid under the elastic leg at the top my thigh, a loud clap of thunder sounded, causing me to buck slightly.

"Storm seems to be building," he said as he ran his tongue along the ahnk tattoo I had right below my navel. "It's going to be...intense."

I think he was actually referring to the storm outside, but I was thinking of the storm inside me. And yes, it was going to be intense.

I could feel his breath though the thin fabric of my panties as he trailed kisses along the inside of my thigh. His lips played across my skin, which felt, to me at least, as if it were engulfed in flames. I bit down on my lower lip as he bit my inner thigh, not hard, but with enough force to hurt in the most erotic way. I squirmed, not to get away from him, but to get closer to him, well aware that every nerve in my body was on edge. He was doing his best to put his hands and mouth everywhere but where I really wanted them, and I soon heard myself begging.

"Please," I said, bringing my hands down to his hair, trying to manoeuvre him away from my knee (although I was surprised to find that the back of my knee could be quite a hot spot!) back up my thigh. He kissed his way up, and I quivered at the thought of his lips on my clit. He placed a kiss on my pussy through the cotton of my panties, and then continued kissing his way back up my body, until he was laying somewhat beside me, but slightly on me. He began kissing my neck, occasionally nipping and gently sucking as his right hand slid between my legs and began rubbing my sex through the cottony barrier. It seemed as if I were ultra aware of everything, from the scent of soap on his skin, to the rough taste buds on the tip of his tongue as he licked my lips, to the way the hairs on my arm stood up as thunder crashed outside the window. A cool breeze had picked up, and it brushed across my skin, which was covered in a thin film of sweat.

I moaned his name and moved my hand down to his groin, grabbing a hold of his erection. He inhaled sharply and moved his hips back a bit, and grabbed my wrist with his right hand. He pulled my arm up over my head and held it there with his left hand, then grabbed my other arm and did the same. He ran his right hand very lightly down my arm, chest and stomach, and then slid them under the waist of my panties. He slowly started inching them down, sliding his hand from one hip to the other as he pushed them down. Once he had them down near my knees, I was able to work them the rest of the way off myself, freeing his hands for other things.

His hands were not by any means idle. They ran down my sides to my hips, and he dug his fingers into the tender flesh there, all the while nipping his way down my body. I moved m legs so they were on either side of him, groaning as his teeth gently nibbled in my inner thigh.

When his tongue first touched my clit, it was a quick little flicker, followed by his lips wrapping around and gently sucking. As he alternated between sucking, nibbling, and licking, I wrapped my hands in the loose sheet, trying to keep myself from grabbing his head and holding it in place. That turned out to be a short lived battle. When he slid his tongue into me, I cried: “Å Kjær Gud!” Steve lifted his face up and asked “What?” That’s when I put my hands on the side of his head and pushed him back down.

“It’s Norwegian,” I panted. No further explanation was needed, it seemed, because Steve went back to paying full attention to my clit. It didn’t take long for him to work me to full blown ecstasy.

“Lag kjærlighet til meg!” I cried as the orgasm slammed over me. Steve crawled up so that he was over me.

“OK, two questions,” he said as he looked down at me. “Norwegian?”

“It was the first thing that popped to mind,” I said, working my hands down to the waist of his boxers. Both of my parents worked as translators, and I decided to follow in their footsteps. I had learned Norwegian on a challenge from my mother. I had never had a reason to use it until now.

“Mmm-hmm….” He closed his eyes as I wrapped my hand around his cock…it was thick! I used my free hand to work his shorts off. As he finished shaking them off his foot, he asked “So what was that last thing?”

“Make love to me,” I said, giving the literal translation.

He lowered his face to a bare inch from mine and whispered “Gladly”, right before he brought his lips to mine…………….