That's What Friends Are For
Chapter 12
by kie

Steve was in the kitchen again when I woke up. I stretched, and discovered that Steve had tied my arms to the head board.

"Steve!" I yelled, laughing and trying to un-knot the neckties he had used as binding. He came and stood in the door way for a moment, watching me struggle. Finally, he came over, put his hands on either side of my rib cage, and kissed his way from my navel up to my chin.

"Breakfast is almost ready," he said as he nuzzled under my jaw with his lips.

"Will you untie me?" I asked, half-laughing, half-moaning.

"No," he said as he planted one last kiss on my chin and stood up. "I don't trust you to stay put. Like I said before, it's a bit difficult to make you breakfast in bed if you won't stay in bed." He ran his fingers lightly over my clit then left the room, leaving me to try and free myself. All I really managed to do was makes the bonds tighter, cutting circulation to my hands off. I muttered under my breath and gave up. When Steve came back a few minutes later with a tray full of food, I said "I give up. I promise, I'll stay put."

"Nah," he said, sitting down on the edge of the bed and setting the tray on the night stand. "I sort of like you that way. I can do what ever I want to you, and there's not a thing you can do about it." He cut something on the tray and offered me a forkful of pancake, dripping with honey. I opened my mouth and savored the sweet fluffy goodness melting in my mouth. Steve had a small bite, then offered me another. Soon, then entire stack was gone, but Steve said he was still hungry. He lowered his eyelids and grinned almost evilly, making me shudder in anticipation for what he was about to do to me.  He went and rummaged through a drawer, coming back with a blindfold which he slipped over my eyes. I had never been blindfolded before, but soon found myself enjoying the sensation of not quite being sure what he was about to do. I would sense his hands hear my waist, but actually feel them on the side of my neck...I never anticipated the warm thick fluid that I felt trickling across my chest. It didn't take me long to figure out that he was drizzling honey all over me. I sighed as he poured it over my erect nipples, then moaned when he started licking the sticky goo off.

"Now this is what I call a nice Sunday breakfast," he said as he poured honey on my stomach, letting it pool in my navel. The sensation of him licking the sweet syrup from my belly button was maddeningly erotic, and the way he was rubbing his hands on my thighs and sex made it more so. I turned my head from side to side on the pillow, straining against the ties, the overwhelming need to move driving my actions. I bent my knees, brining my legs up so I could move my hips more. I needed him. Now. I bucked my hips against his chest, and he chuckled, pulling away from my navel.

"Jeg vil ha De."

"Mmm.Norwegian. You must want something..." He spread me open with his fingers and blew softly on my clit.

"Knulle meg behage," I panted. "Behage kjære." I stopped in mid thought as I felt honey slowly trickle over my swollen clit and slowly creep down, the sensation so light and teasing that I probably wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't been so aroused.

"Maybe if I knew what you were saying.."

"God, Steve, fuck me, please." I lifted my hips as far off the bed as I could, hoping that might entice him to take me. The honey was still slowly crawling down, driving me insane. "I want you.." His tongue lashed out, slowly licking the honey off my clit. A whimpered as he lazily ran his tongue over me, acting almost as if he were eating an ice cream cone. He'd use long slow licks, then short, quick ones. When he slid his tongue inside me, I cried out 'Jeg begjære di kuk nå!' I'm pretty sure he knew I was asking for his cock, because he let his tongue delve deeper inside me. But he was having too much fun teasing me. He returned his attention back to my clit as he slid two fingers inside of me. It wasn't long before I was thrusting my hips, smearing my juices all over his face as I cried out for him to fuck me. He worked me to the very edge, then pulled his face away from me. Before I could even whimper in protest, he pulled my legs around his hips and kneeling, drove into me.

"Is this what you were asking for?" he asked as he thrust.

"Oh, God, yes..." I bit down on my lower lip to keep from screaming too loudly as I came, the orgasm all the more intense for having my hips above the level of my head

"Good, because I would hate to do this to you when you were really asking for water."

I wanted to run my hands all over his body, to pull his close to me as he worked in and out of me, but I was still tied, so I used my legs to pull him as deep into me as he could go, enjoying the feel of his throbbing climax pulsing against my already sensitive nerves. He collapsed over me, lifting the blindfold from my eyes and untying my hands.

"See what you get when you stay in bed?"

I planted a kiss in his nose. "I might learn to stay put," I said as I brought my hands to his back and gently ran my fingers over his shoulders, "if you do that every time you make me breakfast in bed."

"How about lunch in bed?" he asked, kissing my cheek.

"Mmm.sounds delightful." Our lips met, and our kiss quickly grew heated. I could feel Steve becoming aroused again, and this time, I decided to take matters into my own hand, so to speak. I pushed against him to get him to roll over, then laid my body over his as we kissed. Before we could get to deeply involved, there was a knock on the door. Steve and I sighed as I rolled off of him.

"I'll go see who it is and try to get rid of them," he said as he reached around for some clothing.

"I'm going to shower," I said. I wanted to rinse the last of the honey off. I showered quickly and went into the living room, where I was greeted by Tyler and his wife, Jill.

"It's raining!" Tyler said. "You know what that means!"

"Mudbowl!" I cried. Tyler nodded enthusiastically. I looked over at Steve, who was also quite excited.

"I'll need to stop by my place to get into my ''uniform'. Meet you at the field in half an hour?"

"Sounds good," Tyler said as he stood up. "Can you swing by Kevin's?"

"Sure," I said. "Have you gotten a hold of Ed and Natalie?"

"We're on our way there, now," Jill said. The Stewarts left, Steve changed into his 'uniform', an old Pepsi t-shirt that was so stained with mud that it was barely identifiable as such, and an old pair of jean shorts. We drove to my place and I changed into a similar outfit, my t-shirt an old Rainbow Brite shirt that I'd had for years.

When we stopped by Kevin's we were shocked to see a car in the driveway.  After a bit of thinking, I realized it was Katie's car. Steve and I looked at each other and shrugged, then went and knocked on the door. Kevin answered it a moment later, saw how we were dressed, and grinned.

"Mudbowl?" he asked. Steve and I nodded. Kevin invited us in. We found Katie in the living room, and I knew Steve was trying to remember what she had worn the night before.

"Katie, how would you like to partake in Mudbowl?" Kevin asked as he made his way to the bedroom to change. Katie looked at us nervously and asked what Mudbowl was.

"It's a football/soccer/rugby type game," Steve explained.

"It's really fun," I added. "Good excuse to get nice and dirty." She glanced down at her sweater and slacks.

"If you want, I can lend you some clothes," I offered. She thought for a minute, then smiled.

"It sounds like fun," she replied.

"Great! Why don't we run down the street to my place, and we can meet everyone at the park."

Katie and I left, and as we drove up to my place, she said "Nothing happened between Kevin and me."

"Um, I didn't say anything did."

"I know, but. know."

"Oh! You wanted something to happen!" She nodded shyly as she pulled into my driveway. "OK, Katie, there's something you need to know. Kevin will never make the first move. He's to shy. You could put up a billboard declaring your love, and he would still be too nervous to do anything."

"So, do I.go about.?"

"We'll talk to Jill and Nat," I said as I rummaged for some clothes for her.  "We'll come up with a good plan for you."

Katie smiled at me and took the clothes to go change. I set my mind to plotting getting Kevin laid. Today was certainly going to be interesting, I thought as Katie and I headed towards the park. Very interesting.