The Blizzard pt 9
by Kie

Kevin laid in bed, wide awake, J.C. in his arms as she used his chest as a pillow. Much to his surprise and chagrin, everyone was working quickly to get Toronto back to normal. The phone lines were back up...J.C. had gotten ahold of her friend who was relieved to hear that J.C. was safe. Kevin remembered to e-mail Steve and let him know the phone lines were up.....

The streets were mostly cleared, and the city had worked out a deal with tow truck drivers to where, if your car was buried under a pile of snow, a tow truck would come get you out, then bill the city.

Kevin knew that, had he been alone during this blizzard, none of this would have been accomplished. Hell, it would probably still be snowing.

J.C. would leave in the morning. She had to get back to New York. Kevin wanted the night to go on forever.

He felt a cool wetness on his chest and realized J.C. was silently crying. He hugged her to him and whispered softly to her. Her face turned up and sought his lips in a desperate kiss. "I don't want to leave," she said as she pressed her body against him. "I'm going to miss you so much..."

Kevin kissed her passionately, knowing it would be a long time before he held her in his arms again. They exchanged no more words, but Kevin rolled onto her and slid into her, their bodies melding together naturally instinctively. It was sweet, pure love making. There was no rush for gratification....that was the furthest thing on their minds. They moved together slowly, Kevin kissing the tears from her cheeks. She wrapped her arms tightly around him, perhaps hoping the their bodies would fuse together in a more permanent fashion.

"I love you, Janessa," he whispered in her ear. "No matter what, I always will."

"I love you, Kevin," she whispered back, trailing light kisses on his face. They held each other tightly as they moved, for a long time it was just the soft sound of their lips meeting, and their gentle breathing. When they both finally peaked, it was a quiet, tender moment. J.C. held Kevin on top of her, finding comfort in his weight on her, and like that, they fell asleep in each others arms for the last time.


"Be careful," Kevin told her.

"I'll be fine," she said as she finished brushing off her car. A tow truck had pulled it out of the deep pile of snow that had formed around it, and stuck around to make sure it would start. IT started without a problem, so now it was just her and Kevin.

"Call me when you get home. I want to know that you're safe."

"Yes, mother," she said, kissing his lips lightly. He hugged her against him tightly, fighting the urge to pick her up and carry her back to his house.

"I'm going to miss you," she said, fighting a lump in her throat.

"We'll be in New York in a few months. I'm sure the guys would love to meet you."

J.C. laughed at that. "I'm sure they would, too."

It dawned on Kevin what she meant, and he smiled. "Well, you'd better get going....." he said, trying to control himself.

"Yeah, I guess I should....I'll call, don't worry."

Kevin kissed her one last time, trying to imprint the feel of her lips on his mind, then he let her go.

She got into the car and shut the door, waving as she pulled off. Kevin watched until she turned the corner and disappeared, then he headed back to his house. There was a lot he should have done, but he sat on the couch and held a shirt that she had worn. It might have seemed juvenile, but he curled up with it in his arms, her scent drifting to his nose, and took a nap.


8 Months Later

"Holy crap! Holy Crap!"

One of the waitresses came rushing into the kitchen. J.C. looked up from her cutting board and asked what was wrong.

"Nothing's wrong! But Kevin Hearn just walked into the restaurant. I am so totally in love with him!"
the girl said, fanning her self with her hands. "The cool thing is...Michel seated him in MY section!!! Is my hair all right?"

"Cassie, calm down," J.C. said. "Don't freak out over him. He's a normal human being just like the rest of us....."

"Oh no he's not," Cassie said. "He's Kevin Hearn."

J.C. rolled her eyes. "Come with me," she said, walking out into the dinning room. She was glad to see that Michel had put Kevin and his party near the windows, those were the best tables in the house. Kevin and his party were looking at the menus, so didn't notice her walk up to the table until she spoke.

"Mr, Hearn, welcome to J.C.'s...." Kevin looked up and smiled broadly.

"You are a sight for sore eyes!" He stood up and hugged her, kissing her cheek lightly. He then introduced her to the people at the table with him, his parent.

"Oh, you're J.C.," his mother said, looking her over. "You look much different with clothing on."

J.C. looked at Kevin, her eyes wide. Kevin just nodded....yes, his mother had seen too.

"Glad to see you have other hobbies than corrupting my son," his mother said. J.C. crouched down so that she was at the same eye level with the matriarch of the Hearn family.

"Well, Mrs. Hearn, corrupting him didn't take all that long. Only a few hours. Then, well, he showed me a thing or two. Your son is quite talented, ma'am. I can easily see why he makes a wonderful musician with hands like that. He certainly knows how to make my instrument sing. Oh, and I'd like to thank you and your husband for combining your genes in just the right way to give the world that wonderful nose."

Kevin wanted to die. He hid his face behind his menu. His mother was going to loose it, he just knew it. His dad was pretty sure the same thing was going to happen. But Mrs Hearn just smiled and put her hand on J.C.'s cheek. "If your cooking is half as good as your sense of humour, dear, then we are truly in for a treat."

J.C. smiled broadly, almost laughing at Kevin's audible sigh of relief. Cassie stood behind her and cleared her throat.

"Oh, right," J.C. said, standing back up. "This is Cassie. She'll be your server this evening. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to let her know."
J.C. smiled at the Hearns and headed back to her kitchen

"She seems like a lovely girl," his mom said once Cassie had left. "Great sense of humour."

"Um, mom, she...wasn't kidding," Kevin said.

"I know, dear," she said to her son. "But I'm glad to see she isn't a meek, mild little wilting thing who wouldn't' defend herself."

Cassie came into the kitchen a few minutes later with their order and said "What was that all about?"

"Long story, don't ask," J.C. said as she looked over the order. "Kevin and I know each other."

"So I gathered! But the way you were talking, it's like you had sex or something!"

"Cassie, this is a chef's uniform, not a, don't you have tables to check on?"


J.C. looked at the waitress and pointed to the dinning room. Cassie turned and went out to do her job.

J.C. had her assistants take over some of the other orders, and personally prepared the Hearns' herself. She smiled when she saw the Kevin had ordered the house specialty, Blizzard Chicken, the dish she had come up with at his house. It was the dish that her restaurant was know for.....the mayor was in at least every other week with some important person, and he always ordered it, recommending it to his guest.

Once the order was ready, Cassie came in and ran it out. J.C. went out a few minutes later, as was her custom with each table, and asked how everything was.

"Why my son let you go is beyond me," Kevin's dad said. "This tuna is delicious."

"I'm glad you like it, sir. And how is your's, Mrs. Hearn?"

"Wonderful. I've never had pork this tender. What did you do to it?"

"Now if I told you, how do I know you won't run up to Toronto and open your own restaurant, hmm?"

Everyone at the table laughed.

"And how is yours?" she asked Kevin

"I didn't think it could get better than the first time, but it certainly has."

J.C. felt herself blushing and yearning for him again. She excused herself and went back into the kitchen, where she buried herself in cooking.

After some time, Michel the Maitre d', came in with a note for her.

J.C. looked at it and smiled, tucking it in her pocket.

It seemed that the night would never end. She put most of the kitchen cleaning to her assistants, something she rarely did, and went about looking at the books, which she couldn't concentrate on. She waited impatiently for her staff to finish and leave, then locked up as quickly as she could, making haste to her apartment, where she quickly showered and changed into a skirt and a pair of heels, then hurried back out, hoping she would be on time.

Kevin stood by the railing watching the lights reflect on the water. The Stature of Liberty stood in the harbor, tall and proud, was quite a beautiful sight.


Kevin turned and saw J.C. looking more beautiful than ever.

"Hi," he said softly, taking her hands in his and kissing her gently.

They stood together for a minute, just looking at one another. They talked often, mostly by e-mail...but they hadn't seen each other since she left Toronto.

"My parents were thrilled to meet you," he said

"You could have mentioned that your mother saw us....."

"I didn't think she'd actually say something. But she was impressed with how you handled yourself."

"I'm sorry I reacted like that. I just..." she shrugged, not sure what to say.

"Don't worry. Did I mention how beautiful you look?"

"No, you didn't," she said smiling.

"You look beautiful...."

"And you, my dear, look handsome. " He was wearing a pair of dresspants, a gray turtleneck, and a long black raincoat. Something about the look turned her on.

"Thank you," Kevin said.

"So why did you want to meet here?" she asked, intrigued.

"I just like watching the water. Look at how beautiful the scene is." J.C. turned and looked, and Kevin pressed his body against hers from behind.

"I guess I'm just used to...." she inhaled sharply when she felt Kevin slid into her. Now she understood why the note asked her to wear a skirt with no panties and a pair of heels.

"I have been miserable with wanting you," he whispered in her ear. He didn't move, there were to many people around for that, so what they were doing was pure, exsquite torture for them both. "Every night at home, I'd roll over, hoping to feel you, but all I got was a cold sheet.....At every show, I'd see woman with hair your colour, or with a laugh like yours, and I'd look...but it was never you." He lifted the hair off the back of her neck and started kissing. It was one of her hot spots, and he knew it.

"I live five minutes from here by cab," she panted, trying to look as if nothing was wrong. A family walked by, and J.C. wondered if the could tell that Kevin had his cock inside of her.

"Shh....let's just watch the water for a bit," he said, shifting his weight and causing her to inhale sharply.

"Bastard," she said.

"I plan on leaving you with something *you'll* brag to your friends about."

J.C. watched the waves, trying to concentrate on those, not Kevin....sadly, it didn't work. She leaned against the railing and tried to move her hips, but Kevin stopped her.

"No," he said. "You don't want all these people to know, do you?"


"You've already said that." He contracted his stomach muscles, causing his groin to contract and move inside of her.

"I've been wanting you, too," she said. "Every time I see a video or interview, or hear a song of yours.......please......"

"Just a few more minutes...." he said. She didn't know how he could be so infuriatingly calm. He nodded at another couple as they walked by, and even had a conversation with one of the police patrolling the area.

"Beautiful night, officer," he said as he wrapped his arms around J.C.

"Yes, it is. Perfect night for young lovers like yourself to be ought."

J.C. almost lost it....lovers, indeed...if he only knew!

"We've not seen each other for a while," Kevin said, contracting his muscles again. J.C. had to bite her tongue.


"Well, I live in Toronto, and she lives in the city here. Plus my job keeps me on the road again."

Again contracting the muscles.....J.C. wrapped her hands tightly around the railing, her knuckles turning white.

"Well, I'm sure you'd like to be alone, then. Have a nice night."

"You too, sir!" Kevin said smiling. The cop walked of, leaving them alone.

J.C. opened her mouth to say something, but Kevin cut her off.

"Bastard, yes I've developed quite a potty mouth the past few months. And, to be absolutely correct, my parents were very happily married when I was born."

"Please, Kevin....oh, god, please....." Kevin looked up and down the path, saw they were completely alone, and pushed into her fully, then he pulled out and quickly put himself away with one hand and pulling down J.C.'s skirt with the other.

"Why don't you show me around the city?" he asked, still completely calm.

"The only place I'm going to show you is my apartment," she said, grabbing his arm and dragging him towards a taxi. Once they were in, she gave the driver a destination, and then tried to keep her self from jumping Kevin in the back of the cab. She swore the driver took the long route, even though the total fare said he didn't. She tossed some bills at him, not caring what they were, then dragged Kevin towards a building. She had to fumble with her keys to get into the building, and by the time they got to the elevator, her hands were shaking so badly that Kevin had to use the elevator key, and then her door key. She dragged him into her apartment, shut the door, then threw herself on him, going directly for his belt.

"No, not just yet," Kevin said, pushing her hands away.

"Now," she practicably growled. "You don't just stick you dick in me and let it sit there for ten minutes, teasing me occasionally, and then tell me no when we finally have the chance!"

Kevin turned her around and leaned her against the wall, freeing himself again and sliding in to her, once again holding completely still.

"What, like this?" he asked.

"Damn you Kevin Hearn!"

He chuckled and nuzzled her neck, moving his hips ever so slightly from side to side. J.C. couldn't move because her body was pinned between the wall and his body, but Kevin was able to reach him hands up between her and the wall and squeeze her breasts roughly

"Eight months I have been dreaming about you," he said as he started popping buttons from her shirt.

"Wanting you"
"Needing you"
"Almost tasting you"
"It has been.."

He took his weight off of her and pulled her shirt off, bringing his hand back to the front and grabbing her chest, the leaning in again and forcing her against the wall.

"Every letter you sent me, every time I heard your voice....all I wanted was to be with you, to be inside you......"


"Shh....." he gave her a small thrust, then went back to just moving his hips side to side, which did nothing more than tease her. She didn't think Kevin could be this way, he just seemed too sweet to be this sadistic...but she was more turned on than she ever had been before in her life.

"There was one night...this was about 3 months ago," he said as his hands squeezed tightly, "Harland stopped by. He asked how you were, only since he didn't know your name, he referred to you as 'the girl with the really nice tits.' And for a month after that, all I wanted was to hold your tits in my hands...squeeze them, run my thumbs over then nipples...." which he did. "My aren't they stiff? Almost as stiff as me..." he gave her a deep thrust this time, and she gave a little cry of ecstasy. Kevin puled out of her again and turned her around, pushing her back against the wall

"Well look at how stiff they are," he said as she started sucking her nipples through the satiny fabric of her bra. J.C. could feel her juices running down her thighs, and she felt like she was going to burst. His teeth captured the hard peak and bit down a bit, then his tongue flicked across it. He went from one to the other, never paying to much attention to one or the other. Never paying enough attention.

He straighten and push his body against hers, the heat of him making her ever hotter. He then kissed her with such maddening tenderness she wanted to scream. She brought her hands to his penis, which was hanging out of his fly, put her caught her arms and put them above her head. He held them their with one hand while the other undid her skirt, letting it slide down her legs. When he pulled his lips away from hers, he pulled his entire body away.

"Take of your bra," he said. She undid the clasp and slid the straps off her shoulders. Kevin looked her up and down. She hadn't changed a bit in 8 months. She might think he was cool, calm and collected about this, but he was really so horny he couldn't stand it. But he didn't want to rush things. Who knew how long it would be before they could be together again? There was something incredibly sexy about her standing there wearing nothing but high heels. He didn't get what got Ed and Tyler hot about looking at women in only heels until now. He stared at her trembling body, her cheeks flushed, small drops of dew clinging to her pubic hair.

"Come here," he beckoned. She crossed to him in two strides, pressing her body against him, crushing her lips with his while her hands pushed his coat from his shoulders. It landed in a crumpled heap on the floor. She next fought to strip him of his shirt. He pushed her a away and took it off, sliding out of his shoes and socks at the same time. J.C. wasted no time, as soon at the shirt was blocking his face, she was on her knees in front of him, taking his exposed cock into her warm mouth.

"God,, I'm going to....." she clamped her hand around the base.

"Oh, I forgot you had that little talent...." she looked up at him and undid his belt, lowering his pants and boxers. He stepped out of them, and she stood leading him to the bedroom. He pushed her down to the bed and went back to sucking on her chest, murmuring 'Nice tits' every time he switched sides. His body was laying on hers, and she could feel his heart beat right over her clit, teasing her with it's sweet rhythm. She couldn't take it anymore....she pushed him onto his back and rolled on top of him, sliding her wet pussy onto him. She rode him slowly at first, then faster when his thumbs found her clit and started rubbing.

"OH! Kevin! Oh god!" she screamed as she finally reached delicious release. Kevin's hands slid to her hips and guided her up and down, thrusting deeply into her as he came. She fell forward on him and straightened out her legs.

"Mmmm...thank you ," she said as she kissed his jaw right below his ear.

"No no, thank you...Going to brag to your friends about it?"

"Hell no! They'll be all over you then."

"you're the only one I want all over me," he said, kissing the tip of her nose.

"do your parents know where you are?" she asked.

"I'm a grown man who can go where I want, when I want."

"So yes, they know where you are?"

"No they think I went to bed early."

"You little sneak."

"Would you say this to your mom? 'Mom, I'm going out to have some mind blowing back soon..'"

"No. I'd say 'Mom, I'm going to go fuck Kevin's brains out now. Don't wait up, I'll stumble in later."

Kevin just laughed and kissed her. They snuggled together and dozed for a few hours. But they knew Kevin had to get back to his hotel. Not only would his parents be worried, the rest of the band would be, too.

"And Fin has a knack for finding me. The last thing you need is Fin interrogating you as to my where-abouts. Or, knowing you , maybe that's the last thing Fin needs to do....."

J.C. walked him to the front door of the building.

"I'll see you tonight," she said, kissing him.

"You bet you will. And I promise not to be so mean this time."

" And I'll try to learn a word other than 'bastard'."

He kissed her again and headed out to hail a cab, whistling. He got back to his hotel and let himself in. Jim, who he was rooming with, was awake and reading a book.

"Well, don't we look quite please with ourselves," Jim asked.

"I'd better," Kevin said, grinning.

"Yeah, you should. That's a lovely suckerbite, by the way."

Kevin looked in the mirror at the large purple mark on his neck. He couldn't help but smile as he thought 'She's gonna pay for that.'

The End