The Blizzard pt 7
by Kie

J.C.. woke with a start, jolting herself off of the couch.

'Couch?' she thought as she picked herself up and looked around Kevin's living room. 'What the f...'

"You OK in there?" Kevin called from the kitchen

"Um...yeah. Where's Jim?"

Kevin's head peaked over the counter. "Jim Creeggan?"

"Yeah. Where is he?"

"At home would be my best guess," Kevin said. He stood up with a griddle in his hands and set it on the counter. "Why?"

J.C. was confused. "When did he leave?"

"He was never here," Kevin said, becoming equally confused. "Are you sure you're all right? You look flushed."

J.C.. put her hands over her eyes and rubbed.

"I must have been dreaming then," she replied, feeling quite relieved.

"You dreamt that Jim was here?"

" was weird."

"care to share?"

"Um, no. Not really. It know..."

"An erotic sex dream?" Kevin asked with a smart ass smile on his face.

"Basically yes. It was just too weird. Kind of creepy too."

"I can see a sex dream with Jim as being creepy. But that's just cause I'm a guy."

"It wasn't just Jim. You were in it too."

Kevin began heating the skillet and asked her to explain. So against her better judgement, she did, in full detail.

"OK," Kevin said. "First off, I would never share my girl with anyone, even one of my bandmates, brothers to me that they are." J.C.. felt her heart flutter at being referred to as 'his girl' "Second, I don't think I would let Jim get that close to me when we were both naked, even if you were between us like a Chinese finger trap...."

"Gee, how romantic a description," J.C.. said, rolling her eyes, although she had to admit she could see the similarity.

"Sorry," Kevin said. "I don't know what you've read on the internet, but we don't do those things. Well, Ed and Steve might. They tend to look like they really enjoy that kiss....."

"God, who wouldn't?" J.C.. asked.

"Oh I see," Kevin said, putting on a sad hound dog face. "Next you'll be having fantasies about them."

"And I'll still imagine it was you."

Kevin couldn't help but laugh.

"Do you like pancakes?" he asked.

"I love pancakes."

"Good. I wasn't sure what else to make. I certainly couldn't top last night's dinner."

Kevin went about making the pancakes, and when they were done, the two lovers went into his living room and sat on the couch to watch tv. He stumbled across 'Iron Chef'.

"Are these real dishes they make?" he asked as Iron Chef Italian Kobe and his challenger, a young man from a New York restaurant, began to battle.

"Oh, yeah," J.C.. said as she sopped a bit of syrup up with a bite of pancake. "I can tell you right now, the challenger, Mitsaa, is going to blow it. He's only a three star chef, but he has the ego of a five star."

Kevin soon discovered that watching Iron Chef with her was like watching hockey with Tyler, highly amusing, but perhaps a bit dangerous.

"What are you doing?" she yelled at the challenger. "You don't let gorgonzola scald like that! My god it's a wonder people don't get food poisoning from him!"

Kevin tried hard not to laugh. He did everything in his power to not laugh. He bit his tongue, sucked in on his lips, and even thought about how he felt when he had first been diagnosed with cancer. But watching J.C.. yell at the tv was too much for him and he cracked up, tears spilling down his eyes.

"Laugh it up, accordion boy," she said, a wicked gleam in her eyes as she ran her finger up the inside of his thigh and cupping his balls. "I'll just have to punish you."

Kevin took her plate and set it on the coffee table next to his, the leaned in and kissed her, licking a bit of syrup off her upper lip. She pushed him away, then stood and offered her hand, leading him to the bathroom, where she worked on stripping him down, kissing every inch of skin. When she had him naked, she turned on the shower and adjusted the water, telling him to get in. He climbed into the shower, enjoying the feel of warm water running down his skin. After a moment, she stepped in behind him and pressed her body against his back. She grabbed the soap and poured a generous amount into her cupped hand, then worked it up to a lather. She stepped back and pulled him with her so that he was out of the direct spray of water, then starting with his face, began washing him. It started out as gentle and sweet, but soon turned very erotic as she paid special attention to his nipples, teasing them as he had done to her before. As her hands slid down his chest and stomach, he gave out a content sigh. Soon her hands found his growing erection, and she began teasing him with slick, soapy hands. They glided up and down the shaft slowly and gently, then faster and with more meaning. Then just as his toes were curling, she would slip her hands down and give his balls a good 'cleaning'. Her fingers even found his anus and toyed there briefly, teasingly, before moving back to his cock.

"Not nice to laugh at me, is it?" she asked as her left hand stroked him and her right hand moved back to the tight hole of his ass. She gently slid one thin finger inside of him and wiggled it.

"If you're going to continue doing that," he said between panting breaths, "then I refuse to apologize."

"Oh, you'll be apologizing soon, my love," she said as she kissed the back of his neck. "You're going to experience something men really only dream of. And you will be bragging about it to your friends."

She removed her finger from his hole, the cupped his balls with her free hand, massaging them gently as she slowly stroked him.

'If this is punishment,' he thought as he felt himself peaking, 'remind me to piss her off more often.'

He familiar tingling started to come over him, and he felt ready to explode....her right hand clamped tightly at the base of his cock just as he was about to come, squeezing tightly while the left hand stroked. He felt the orgasm, but it felt different somehow. After a long moment, she removed her right hand from the base, while her left hand slowly stroked his strangely still hard cock.


"Trust me," she said, pausing to add more soap to her hands. She massaged his ass, teasing his anus, occasionally slipping the tip of her finger in. She fondled his balls. then began stroking him again. He was puzzled, but soon forgot about it as another orgasm built up inside of him, more intense than the first. Again, at the crucial moment, her hand clamped around the base, and even though he felt the orgasm, he didn't cum.

"Dear God, what are you doing to me?" he gasped.

"Do you not like?" she asked, her fingers dancing over the exceptionally sensitive head.

"I didn't say that! But..." he groaned as she continued to tease him.

"I'll stop torturing you," she said and pulled her hands off of him. He turned to face her, rubbing his soapy body against her.

"My turn," he said. He soaped up and washed her down, teasing her as much as she had teased him.

"I should warn you," she said as he knelt and began washing her long legs, "if you don't um..complete things within the next few minutes, you're liable to be in a...ahh......" Kevin nudged her legs open and kissed her clit, then took it between his lips and sucked, which caused her knees to buckle.

"OK, maybe this isn't the best place for this," Kevin said. He pulled her under the water and they rinsed off. Once they were dried off, they ran across to the bedroom.

"Sit on the edge of the bed," Kevin told her. J.C.. complied, and Kevin knelt between her legs and continued what he had started in the shower. Like her dream he used his tongue inside of her and his cute nose on her sensitive clit. Just when she was about to come, he stopped and told her to kneel on the bed. She complied, gasping when his swollen cock slid into her from behind. He slowly moved in and out of her, enjoying the slight slapping sounds when they came together. He reached for her clit and rubbed his palm over it. She came fast and hard, screaming his name. Feeling what was without a doubt going to be the most intense orgasm of his life building, he wrapped his hands around her hips and slammed into her, cumming so heard he thought his head (both of them) were exploding.

She collapsed down on the bed, and he followed, his weight a comfort on her quivering body.

"OK, so what did you do to me?" he asked, wrapping his arms tightly around her

"That, my love," she said as he laid his head on her shoulder, "is the male multiple orgasm."

"I really liked it."

" I could tell."

Kevin kissed her temple, then rolled off of her. Sated and exhausted, they wrapped the blankets around themselves and drifted off to sleep....

Kevin woke in the middle of the night, J.C.. spooned against him, her hand lightly wrapped around his penis.
He wiggled out of her grip and went to the bathroom to relieve himself, then went to the kitchen to get something to drink. He was wide awake, so he turned on the tv, glad that the power was still on. He checked the weather first. It seemed that the storm had finally passed. Road crews were out all over the city clearing the streets and dumping salt, while phone and power technicians were out trying to deal with downed lines and restore service. Things would probably return to normal in a few days. Kevin felt a stab of pain when he heard that. In a few days, then, J.C.. would be leaving...........