The Blizzard pt 6
by Kie

Plot advancemnt? Now why would I want to do something silly like that?

J.C. woke up, crushed between Jim and Kevin, who were both kissing her. She wondered if Jim found her hair to be tasty, because all he was getting was the back of her head. She realized that neither he nor Kevin were fully awake, and she got an idea that was just to funny not to act on. She slid down under the blankets, rubbing against both men as she went, and emerged from the foot of the bed. Jim moved towards Kevin and rubbed against the keyboardist. Kevin moaned and found Jim's mouth. J.C. tried to stifle her laughter, but a snort sneaked out, which cause both Kevin and Jim to open their eyes. It was a second of pure shock, blue eyes gazing into brown, the two lean men pressed against each other. Then, it was almost as if someone pulled them apart using invisible threads attached to their back, they literally flew apart, sputtering and wiping their mouths. Jim rolled of the bed to the floor, Kevin sat as close to the edge as he could without falling off, and J.C. sat on the edge of the bed, laughing so hard tears streamed down her face. She tried to apologize, but each time she looked at Jim or Kevin, laughter over took her. She went to the bathroom, still laughing, trying to get there before she wet herself. When she got back to the bedroom, she saw Kevin, but not Jim.

"Where's Jim?" she asked, finally under control. Kevin didn't say anything, just looked at her.

"Oh, hon, I'm sorry," she said, taking a step to towards the bed. "I just couldn't...."

Strong arms wrapped around her from behind.

"Thought it was funny, eh?" Jim asked in her ear.
Kevin got up from the bed and stood in front of her.

"Oh, she got a big kick out of it," Kevin said, running his hand along her jaw. "Wonder if she'll enjoy this?" He placed his hands on her breasts and squeezed hard. "Is that funny?"

J.C. could only moan.

"Hmm, she must not like it," Jim said. He picked her up and threw her down on the bed. "Sorry," he said. " I forgot I wasn't supposed to touch....." with that, he ran his long fingers up the inside of her thigh and over her pussy, feeling the damp spot on her pajamas.
Kevin sat down next to her head and started to lift her shirt up while Jim lowered her pants.

"That was a very, very cruel trick," Kevin said as his fingers skimmed her breasts. "We're going to have to punish you for laughing....." He pulled the shirt completely off, and her nipples stiffened in the cold air. She shuddered in delight as Kevin and Jim each started sucking on a nipple. They each ran a hand down her body and gripped one of her thighs, pulling her legs apart and exposing the warmest part of her body to the cold air. Jim pulled off her breast and kissed his way down her body, working himself between her legs. He blew across her open pussy, warm breath contrasting with the cold air. Kevin teased her breasts, squeezing them together and taking both nipples into his mouth. Jim slid a long thin finger inside of her and began moving it in and out with excruciating slowness. Once she had become quite wet, he added a second finger, then flicked his tongue across her clit. Kevin watched her face, the way she turned her head from side to side, exposing her lovely neck, the way her tongue snuck out occasionally to wet her lips.....he gave her breasts a squeeze and she moaned, grinding her hips against Jim's face.

Jim realized she was about to come, so he stopped everything he was doing.

"Please....." she whispered, nudging her hips...."one of you, please....."

"Oh, no," Kevin said as he sucked lightly on her ear, You laughed at us. This is your punishment."

Jim was still between her legs,just not touching her, and the cold air was the cruelest torture she could imagine. She tried bucking her hips, but Jim wrapped his fingers around them and held her on the bed. He leaned his head on her thigh, just close enough that his breathing caressed her lips, teasing her deliciously.

Kevin sucked on her neck, her ears, her chest, moving down her body. He took Jim's place between her legs, and Jim slowly kissed his way up her body, his wide mouth clamping around her left breast while he wrapped the long fingers of his left hand around her right breast. Kevin absentmindedly rubbed a finger across her clit, watching her juices flow. He would occasionally take a lazy lick with his tongue, then go back to non-chalantly rubbing.

Jim moved his mouth to her other breast, sucking on her nipple with cruel, erotic roughness while his hand tightly squeezed the left. J.C. thought she was going to explode if she didn't gain some kind of release soon. She thought she would achieve that release when Kevin slid his tongue inside of her, rubbing his cute, pointy nose against her throbbing clit. She tried to push against Kevin's face, but the weight of Jim's body kept her in place. As she neared climax, she became more vocal, which let the men know she was close. Jim took her arms and held them above her head, and Kevin kept her hips motionless with his body, staying far enough away that she couldn't rub against him.

"Damn you.....bastards..." she panted. The small amount of contact that she was getting from their fully clothed bodies was enough to keep her right on the edge.

"Aren't you sorry you laughed?" Jim asked.

"Yes, I'm sorry." J.C. was willing to do or say anything if only they would stop this torture.

Jim put one of his long legs across her hips, pinning her to the bed, and Kevin stood and took his clothes off. Then Kevin laid down next to her, holding her down in the same manner that Jim had while Jim stood and disrobed. Jim laid down on the other side of her, wrapping his right leg around her right leg, while Kevin did the same on the other side, so that her legs were wide open, held between their legs, her warm moist sex open, begging for contact and release.

The guys started kissing her neck and face, running their hands over her body, down, down.....she whimpered when Jim skimmed his hands over her outer lips, then slid his long fingers into her. Then Kevin's fingers found her clit, rubbing while Jim's fingers thrust. Soon, she was reaching peak, and she was afraid that they would stop again, but they didn't...they worked her furiously, following her hips as they rose high off the bed. At the very height of her orgasm, she hear Jim whisper in her ear "I want to watch you fuck Kevin..."

"Yes...." J.C. said breathlessly as she came down. Jim pulled his fingers from inside of her and she rolled over, pushing Kevin to his back and straddling him. She kissed him deeply as she lowered herself onto him, moving slowly at first, then speeding up just a bit. Kevin soon started matching her rhythm, moaning softly as he slid in and out of her. Very few women had ridden him like this, and none this well. She had a very natural sense of rhythm, so it was very smooth and even. He had been close to coming many times while he and Jim had teased her, especially when he was pinning her took all of his will power not to start humping her hip.

Jim watched the couple fuck and slowly began stroking himself. This was all he wanted last night. Just to watch. Although he wouldn't deny that the blow job she gave him was the best he had ever had, and he'd gotten plenty. One of the perks to being a rock star was that women wanted to do things like that. Although he hadn't taken too many up on it. Just a few.....He realized that he was growing soft and turned is attention to the show in front of him. J.C. had bent to support weight on her arms, and Kevin was now doing most of the work, moving in and out at a medium pace.

J.C. looked over at Jim and saw he was doing a bit of self service. She lowered her face down to Kevin's ear and whispered something, then moved off of his cock and crawled across the bed to Jim.

"Kneel," she whispered. He did, and she took him into her mouth, moving her head back and forth. Kevin entered her from behind, and soon, perhaps from years in the same band, he and Jim were thrusting with the same rhythm. J.C. was impressed that they both came at the same time, and was thankful that they laid of the money shots.

"So," Kevin said as he wiped his hair from his sweaty forehead, "have you been properly punished for laughing?"

"Well, maybe," she said, rubbing her ass against his groin and smiling up at Jim, who had what was perhaps the dopiest grin known to man plastered on his face.

"Punish her more later," Jim said. "Right now, I need a nap."

So they all crawled under the covers and snuggled up, J.C. once again in the middle, went through the ritual of trying to get limbs in comfortable spots, then dozed off.

None of them noticed that the storm had passed, and the sun was shining............