The Blizzard pt 5
by Kie

Jim sat in Kevin's living room, wondering what his friend and the young woman had planned for him. J.C. was in the kitchen working on dinner, humming 'Lady Marmalade' and Kevin was sitting on the couch, a sadistic little grin on his face, chuckling.

"I hope pizza is all right," J.C. said as she came into the living room with three bottles of beer. She handed one to Jim, then sat down on the couch next to Kevin. "There was nothing else in the fridge to work with." J.C.handed Kevin a beer, the placed her hand on his thigh.

"She's a gourmet chef," Kevin explained. Jim just nodded, he was to busy watching J.C. lick a drop of beer from her lip.

"Hey, Creeggan!" Kevin said, flipping his bottle cap at Jim to get his attention. Jim blinked then turned to his friend.

"huh? Sorry...I uh...was noticing the storm was getting worse."

"Right," Kevin said, although he did look out the window. Snow was falling much faster than it had that afternoon, and the wind was slightly audible. "Anyway, up for a bit of hockey?"

"Sure," Jim said, glad for the distraction. maybe if he concentrated on the video game, he could keep his mind off of....whatever. He came over to the couch while Kevin hooked his PS2 up and turned the game on. When TWOML came on, J.C. laughed.

"What, you think we'd play anything else?" Jim asked, relaxing a bit.

"Want to give it a shot?" Kevin asked offering her a controller.

"No, thanks. I'll just watch. I'm not very good at video games, and honestly don't have the first clue as to the concept of hockey."

Kevin and Jim looked at her as if she had just said she honestly believed the world was flat.

"What?" she asked. "So I don't know hockey. Sorry!"

The guys settled into the game, and J.C. went to check on the pizza. It had a few minutes more to cook, so she went back to the living room and sat down on the arm of the couch next to Jim, who had been doing fairly well in the game up until that point, but lost all concentration as soon as she sat down.

"Uh, Jim, you do realize you just pulled your goalie and left me wide open for a clear shot right?"

"I uh, meant to do's part of a greater strategy."

Kevin laughed, and J.C. went back into the kitchen, coming back a minute later with the pizza and some plates. They guys paused the game and they dug in. It didn't take them long to polish off the pizza. J.C. cleaned up, then announced she was going to shower. Jim felt a sudden tightening. Kevin, who couldn't resist, said "You can borrow my bathrobe." J.C. laughed and went down the hall to raid his closet for something to wear, then showered.

Jim could hear the water running, and that was enough to completely distract him.

"I'm sorry, Kev," he said. "I'm just not into the game right now."

"Gee, Jim, the score is only 12-1....don't know why you'd say that."

Jim stood up and paced while Kevin turned the game off.

"Relax, Jim," Kevin said, knowing that it was easier said than done. Jim sat down in the chair and took a deep breath and started to run through his mediation techniques, but the sound of the bathroom door opening broke what little concentration he had.

J.C walked into the living room wearing, not Kevin's bathrobe, but the black and blue shirt that Kevin had worn in the video for 'One Week'. It ended at the top of her thighs, moving teasingly with each step. She walked to were Jim sat, stopping in front of him, and began unbuttoning the shirt. It took her only a minute to have it undone, and she let it slid off of her shoulders, standing in front of Jim completely naked. Jim looked over to Kevin, sitting on the couch, and Kevin just tilted his beer bottle to him before taking a long swallow.

J.C. put her knees on each side of Jim's thighs, straddling his lap, and began lightly kissing his cheeks. Jim brought his hands to her waist, but she slapped them away, admonishing him with 'Don't touch.'

Jim put his hands back on the arms of the chair, and J.C. began gently biting his earlobe. She moved down the side of his neck, nipping slightly, down to his collarbone. She leaned back and tugged at his shirt, lifting it over his head, then began nipping at his erect nipple. She wound her fingers in his chest hair and tugged slightly, causing him to gasp. Jim could feel the warmth of her pussy through his pants, and his cock was straining against the fabric towards it. He brought his hands to her shoulders and ran them down her back. She bit down on the bit of skin she had been sucking and repeated 'Don't touch.' Jim looked over at Kevin, who just sat on the couch sipping his beer like a man watching a hockey game, then closed his eyes and leaned his head back as J.C. slid of his lap, taking his pants with her. He breathed a small sigh as his erection was freed, then gasped as he felt her teeth raking gently across his balls. she alternated between teeth and tongue, then moved her attention to the very base of his shaft, where she sucked and nibbled her way around. She then moved up a fraction, repeating the process until she had made her way to the tip. Her teeth lightly scraped across the head, sending delightful shivers down Jim's long, lean body. She licked a small drop of pre-cum from the tip, and then lightly sucked there. To Jim's delight, while still sucking, she pushed her mouth down around the head, then pulled it back off. She knew he enjoyed this, and continued until she sensed he was about to cum, then pulled away abruptly, causing him to gasp and whimper. She waited a minutes, then started the entire process over, starting at his sac and working her way up. When she got to the top, she took a little more of his manhood into her mouth, raking hr teeth along the length on occasion.

Kevin sat on the couch, watching Jim's reaction. If you didn't know what was happening to him, you would be able to tell whether he was in the most extreme pain or about to weep with sheer ecstasy. When Kevin and J.C. had decided what Jim would get, she defined the ground rules, Jim could not touch her at all. Kevin thought this was fair. He wasn't sure he wanted to share her at all....but if Jim didn't touch her, that was o.k. Kevin let his gaze drift to her as, and pussy, which was visible since she was on all fours. He noticed that her pussy was moist, the lips swollen, and he felt a stab of jealousy, mixed with overwhelming desire. Turned on by Jim, was she? he thought....Well, we'll deal with that in a bit. He didn't think it fair to stop the would be very mean to give Jim blueballs.

J.C. was sliding most of Jim's cock in and out of her mouth, imagining it was Kevin she was sucking off, even though the shaft in her mouth was completely unlike Kevin's. For one, Jim's had a slight crook to the left. Kevin's cock wasn't as long, and it was slightly thicker. She wondered if he was enjoying watching.....When discussing what would happen, Kevin said he just wanted to watch, to see his friend pleasured. Well, Jim was most definitely being pleasured.He was panting and whimpering as he did his best not to wrap his hands in J.C.'s hair, push her all the way down on him, and cum deep in her throat.
He had learned that when she said 'Don't Touch' she meant it. He just hoped that the teeth marks wouldn't scar his head.

J.C. moved faster, sensing that Jim was very, very close. It wasn't fair to tease him anymore, so she didn't stop like she had been.

Jim felt it coming and, rules be damn, out his hands on the side of her face and pulled J.C.'s mouth of of him, just as he exploded. The thick hot liquid shot all over her neck and chest, a few strands landing on his thighs.

"Sorry," he panted. "Had to go for the money shot."

J.C. just stared at him.

Kevin laughed his head off on the couch.

"A towel would be handy," J.C. said. She could feel Jim's spunk start to dry on her skin, and it was not a pleasant experience. Kevin grabbed a couple of towels, still laughing, and tossed them towards Jim and J.C. They wiped up and put on some clothing. Jim couldn't stand.

"Is it tacky to say thank you?" he asked as he slid his shirt on.

"Possibly," J.C. said as she slid back into Kevin's shirt. "But you're welcome anyway."

"I should probably start home," Jim said. "It'll take a few hours to get there."

"There's no way you're leaving," Kevin said. "While you were occupied, the storm kicked up again." He turned on the tv and check the temperature. "And it's way to cold to try and cross town on snow shoes."

Jim started to argue, then thought better of it. He wasn't an idiot.

"So, think you can handle a game of hockey now?" Kevin asked. Jim said he would probably be better now, J.C. said she was going to bed. She crawled under the blankets and dozed off.....

She wasn't sure how long she had been asleep, but she woke up, laying on her stomach, the feel of hot breath across the back of her neck. She almost panicked until she realized it was Kevin.

"Jim really enjoyed you sucking him off like that." His hands softly trailed down her back to her waist."And I really enjoyed watching it." He moved his right hand between her legs and cupped her pussy. "You were turned on while you did it, weren't you?"

"I was imagining it was you," J.C. said. Kevin squeezed his hand slightly.

"Oh were you?" he asked. "You got that wet imagining it was me you had you mouth around?"

"Yes," she replied, trying to rub against his hand. He laid his body across her, pinning her down, his hand still between them.

"Prove it," he whispered into her ear. "If you get that wet pretending it's me, then you'll gush if it really is me in your mouth." He lifted his body from hers and squeezed her sex on more time, then pulled away. J.C. got on her hands and knees and turned to face him. He knelt in front of her, a drop of pre-cum glistening on his head. She lightly licked it off, then began teasing his cock with her mouth. Her pussy felt neglected, teased as it had been by his hand, and then having what should be it's natural right give to her mouth. She wanted to touch herself, but she didn't...she wanted Kevin to see just how wet she got sucking him

Kevin stopped her before he was even close to coming. He got off the bed and walked around to stand behind her, running a finger lightly from her clit to her hole, then back again.

"My, you are very, very wet, aren't you?" He grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed, sliding into her as he did so. He smiled at her gasp, she wasn't expecting that, apparently. He didn't move just yet, but he brought one hand around and began rubbing her clit. When she started to move her hips against him, he stopped that and thrusted slowly and deeply for a few moments. Then, he stopped again and worked on her clit, alternating between the two sensations for a long time. J.C. was in heaven....she had to stuff a blanket in her mouth the keep from screaming in delight. Kevin would tease her clit, and then her G-spot. Finally, he worked on both in tandem, and she couldn't help but call his name loudly as she came. Kevin loved hearing her scream his name as he slid in and out of her, and before long, he knew he was about to explode, so he pulled out of her, grinning as she gasped at the feeling of his hot jism on her back.

"I know, I know," she said. "money shot."

"I couldn't resist," Kevin said breathlessly.

"Neither could I," J.C. said, sitting up and pressing her back into his chest and rubbing.

"All right, I deserved that." He planted a kiss on her cheek.

"Yes you did. You were mean to me."

"Oh, and you enjoyed every minute of it." He wrapped his arms around her and hugged.

"Yes...yes I did. Now, would you like to do something about this sticky goo between us?" Kevin found an old t-shirt and wiped off his chest and J.C.'s back. Then, they crawled under the blankets and cuddled up together, drifting off to sleep. They were awaken a few hours later by Jim knocking on the bedroom door.

"I'm sorry to disturb you guys, but the power's out again, and it's gotten mighty cold out there."

"Give us a minute," Kevin said as he looked about for some clothing. He handed J.C some clothes and they got dressed, then told Jim to come in.

"It'll be crowded, but crawl in," Kevin said. It took them a few minutes to arrange limbs, but finally got to something near comfortable, J.C. between the two men, and they drifted off to sleep....