The Blizzard pt 4
by Kie

J.C. woke up, bathed in sweat. She was under a thick pile of blankets, and Kevin had his body thrown halfway across her, his head just under her chin. She lightly kissed the top of his head then tried to shimmy out from under him, but he wrapped his arm tighter around her waist.
"Kevin, honey, I need to get up," she whispered into his hair.
Kevin moved his head slightly, his breathing slow and even. She tried moving again, but Kevin clung tighter.
"Kev, sweetie," she said, trying to unwrap his arm, "let me up please." The embrace just tightened. J.C. was all about cuddling, but she really needed to go to the bathroom, and Kevin squeezing her waist didn't help at all. She didn't want to, but she had to play dirty, she she started tickling his arm pit. Kevin squirmed, then rolled over, tucking his arms close to his side, laughing.
"Sorry, but you wouldn't move."
"I was comfy," he said, pouting. His hair was mussed and he looked absolutely adorable with his lower lip stuck out.
"Well, I'm sorry, but you were on my bladder....hey, the heat's still on."
"Oh, good," Kevin said. J.C. went to the bathroom and Kevin got out of bed, threw on the pajama bottoms, then went into the living room to check the weather.
The storm had died down quite a bit, to the point where it was just big, fat flakes slowly falling. However, the meteorologist warned, the storm was likely to pick back up by early evening.
"What's the story?" J.C. asked when she came into the living room. Kevin explained, then said he was defiantly going out for firewood now that the storm was in a lull. J.C. didn't look thrilled, but she didn't protest. She did insist on going with him.
"I'm just going to the back off the house," Kevin said. "I'll be right back."
"I'm going with you," she said. "You can't stop me."
"Are you always so stubborn?"
"I tend to be," she said as she searched the living room floor for her pants. She found them shoved under the couch.
Kevin just rolled his eyes and went into the bedroom to get dressed. There was a story there, he was sure, but he didn't want to push her. When she was ready, she'd explain.

When he came out of the bedroom, J.C. was already bundled up, looking much as she did when he first opened the door. He smiled, glad that it was her and
not Tyler like he first thought it would be. He grabbed his coat and hat, and J.C.. wrapped a scarf around his neck and lower face while he pulled on his gloves. They went to the back door and tried to open it, but there was to much snow drifted against it.
"Mmmpph mmmmhh mmmm..." Kevin lowered his scarf so he could be understood. "It's stuck....I think we'll have to go out the window."
So he opened the window and the crawled out. The snow was level with the sill, higher in some spots. There was easily 4 1/2 feet of snow, some of the drifts were
about 6 feet. Kevin walked to where he thought the wood pile was and started digging. J.C. came over and joined him. They had dug a fairly deep hole and still
no wood pile, so they moved over a few feet. They went on like this until they had dug a trench three feet long.
"It should be in this area," Kevin said. "It should be right under this window!"
"You're sure?" J.C. said.
"Yes I'm sure. I made sure to put it directly under the window so that I would know exactly where it was in the event something like this" he waved his arm around, "happened."
J.C. trudged through the snow to stand next to him. The snow was fairly wet, so she didn't sink much past her knees, but it was still somewhat tiring.  
Kevin looked past her to his neighbor's roof, a strange look in his eyes. It took J.C. a moment to realize it was anger.
"That son of a bitch!" Kevin said. "I don't believe it!"
"What?" J.C. asked. She looked at the roof, not noticing anything odd.
"My neighbor," Kevin said. "I bet you dollars to donuts that he stole my fire wood!"
"Would that be Canadian dollars, or American?"
Kevin looked at her blankly.
"You know, exchange rate and all," she said. "OK, so it was a bad joke...I was trying to calm you down." Kevin thought about it for a moment, then laughed.
"Yeah, it was a bad joke. I'm still pissed though."
"Well, love, I hate to break it to you, but there isn't much you can do. If you go over there, and he does answer the door, which he didn't yesterday, he'll ask you what proof you have that he stole the wood."
"He always steals my newspaper," Kevin said.
"OK, still not solid proof. And for all you know, he probably already burned it all."
"You're right," Kevin said with a sigh.
"It happens a lot," J.C. said without a trace of modesty.
"If the power goes out again, it's going to be mighty cold without a fire," Kevin pointed out
"It was mighty cold last night," J.C. said, "and we survived. And anyway, why don't you keep some firewood in the house. It would help keep it dry and in your possession."
"Because I'm an idiot?"
"Well," J.C. started. She was going to add 'That wasn't what I was going to say', but Kevin threw a snowball at her.
"Oh, want to play that way?" she asked, gathering a handful of snow, shaping it, and throwing it at him. He tossed another snowball at her, hitting her shoulder. J.C. threw one and hit him in the chest. Soon, it had escalated into a full out war. J.C. saw she was losing so she rushed him, tackling him into the soft cushion of snow.
"Hey no fair!" Kevin said through his laughter.
"All's fair in love and war," J.C. said. "And at least I'm not sticking my cold hands on your skin!"
"OK, for that I'm thankful." J.C. stood up and held out a hand to help Kevin up. She took a few steps backwards, trying to get some distance to throw the snowball she had in her hand, but Kevin rushed her and she found herself on her back in a deep pocket of snow, with him laying on top of her.
"You're, um.....hip? is digging into"
"That isn't my hip," Kevin said, bringing his face to hers. "And if it weren't so cold, I'd show you just what it feels like when it's digging into your 'um'."
"My it's getting warm out here....." J.C. said.
Kevin stood up and pulled her to her feet, directly into a hot frenzied kiss that J.C. was sure would melt a foot or two of snow. His tongue pried her lips apart and rammed into her mouth, flicking against the tip of her own tongue. She had to fight the urge to put her hands on his skin....that would truly be cruel unusual punishment, and would defiantly kill the mood.
Kevin became lightheaded from the kiss. It was most likely because every single drop of blood was in his cock. "Let's get inside," he said. J.C. tried not to laugh at the obvious discomfort with which he was walking. They crawled in through the window, and Kevin shut it tight while J.C. started removing her snow covered clothing, well aware of the effect it was having on him.
"I'll go start some hot cocoa," she said when she was down to only her panties and a shirt.
Kevin watched her hips sway as she walked away, almost double over with the discomfort of his erection being bent the wrong way under his jeans, 2 pairs of long
johns, and boxers. He undressed as quickly as he could, then practically ran into the kitchen.
J.C. stood at the stove, stirring the warming liquid. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and picked up a candy cane and started to seductively lick it. Kevin walked up behind her and ripped her panties off with one hand while he freed himself from his boxers through the little peek hole with the other. He bent his knees slightly as he stepped between her thighs and drove into her.
"Does that feel like my hip digging into you 'um'? Kevin asked as he ground his hips against her ass.
"Oh god...." J.C. moaned. She started to lean forward, but the heat from the stove stopped her. His thrusts were teasing the G-spot, not quite touching it fully, and she found herself begging for more contact, deeper contact.
"Please...." she panted and Kevin furiously drove into her.
"Please what?" he panted in her ear.
Kevin quickly pulled out, and J.C. whimpered. He turned her around and backed her against the wall, taking her right leg and wrapping about his waist before plunging into her again.
"Oh, god yes! That's it!" J.C. cried. He was truly hitting the right spots now, his thrusts quick and deep and frenzied. J.C. raked her nails down his back, perhaps to roughly, but Kevin cried out with pleasure at that moment as he reached release. He continued thrusting hard, pushing J.C. to the edge and over. The stood where they were for a moment, against the wall, her leg around his hip.
"You never did answer my question,' Kevin said, giving a small thrust that sent an aftershock of pleasure through J.C. 'Did that feel like my hip."
"No," J.C. replied. "But that does feel like your hip in my thigh. "
She lowered her wobbly leg to the floor. Kevin stepped back and tucked himself back in to his boxers.
"Since you're there," J.C. asked. "Would you mind doing something about the cocoa that is about to go up in flames?"
Kevin quickly moved the pot off of the burner.
"No harm," Kevin said. "We just need to make a new batch."
J.C. walked over to the shredded remains of her panties and picked them up.
"Uh, sorry," Kevin said, blushing. "They were in the way."
J.C. threw them away and went to find some pajama bottoms while Kevin made more hot chocolate. The sat down in the living room and watched tv. The news aid
that power was out to a good portion of the city, although the electric company was doing it's best to get it back on. If the storm kicked back up, the entire grid was likely to go down, the anchor grimly announced. Phone lines were down throughout the entire city, and the roads were a mess.....
"OK, this is a little grim," J.C. said, putting her arm over Kevin's shoulder. He was leaning against her, because, as she claimed, every time he got be hind her, he ravished her. He replied with "Well, you certainly didn't complain when it happened!"
They were quite cozy on the couch when there was a knock at the door.
"That'll probably be Tyler," Kevin said, as he stood up. It wasn't Tyler, it was Jim.
"Hey come on in!" Kevin said. "What are you doing out? And how did you get here?"
"Snow shoes," Jim said, pointing. "These things are handy!"
"I'm not surprised you own snowshoes," Kevin said. "Jim, this is J.C....."
"Oh, *you're* J.C.," Jim said. "It's very nice to meet you."
"You saw, didn't you?" Kevin asked as he took Jim's coat and gloves and long knit cap.
"No, but I heard about it in full detail from Ed and Tyler. "
"Well, so glad we're a great source of entertainment," Kevin said. "God, the next tour's going to be hell."
"Unless one of us goes and does something even more stupid....uh, not that what you two did was stupid," Jim said, glancing at J.C. ,"but something more....uh...."
"I really think you all will have to go out of your way to top leaving the webcam on," J.C. replied. "I just hope I see it if it happens."
Jim and Kevin laughed. J.C. went into the kitchen and made more hot cocoa while Jim explained that he just wanted to see how his bandmates were doing.
"Ty is about to lose what little hair he has left," Jim said. "He just wants to get out of the house, but Jill had the flu, and is absolutely miserable, so Ty has to watch the kids."
"Tyler is a great dad," Kevin said as he took the steaming mug from J.C., "but sometimes I wonder who's really more mature, him, or the kids?"
"I think that's part of why he's a great...thank you....father. He's on their mental level." Jim sipped his cocoa and then said "I'm just shocked Millie's first word wasn't 'mothaf*cka'"
"Jill would have killed him," Kevin said. "She would have beat him to death with his hockey stick!"
"Most likely." Jim glanced at J.C. and smiled. "So how long have you know Kevin?"
"Um, about, oh what a day now?"
Jim almost spit out the cocoa he he just sipped.
"A day?" he repeated looking at Kevin.
"Well, a little over a day, really," Kevin corrected.
"And you two...."
"Fucked like maniacs?" J.C. said. "Oh, yes. It's a shame you didn't get to see it. You would have enjoyed it."
Kevin had to hide his grin behind his mug. J.C. was having fun with Jim, who was sitting in the chair with his eyes opened almost as wide as his mouth. Kevin didn't realize that she could be this cruel, but he was enjoying it.
"I would..ahem" Jim cleared his throat to get it down to it's proper octave. "Enjoyed it, would I?"
"Oh, yes," J.C. purred. "Harland did. What was it he said?"
"Well, he said you had nice tits," Kevin said, getting into the game. "and he really envied my fingers, but would type more when both hands were free."
Jim ran his fingers under the neck of his shirt, even though it wasn't exceptionally tight. Ed had told him that, although they were small, her tits were quite nice. Tyler made comments about other parts of her anatomy, and Jim felt his eyes drifting down before he could catch himself.
"So, um," Jim couldn't quite get a sentence strung together. Maybe there was whiskey in the cocoa....Sweet innocent Kevin...and this lovely young women with the nice tits and nicer....
"You OK Jim?" Kevin asked. "You look a little flushed."
"I...ah......excuse me...." Jim stood up and walked awkwardly to the bathroom. J.C. smothered her laughter with a pillow.
"That was so mean," Kevin said, trying hard not to laugh.
"Oh, you're little Harland comment wasn't exactly a kind thing, you know!"
"I think you turned him on though."
"Well, yeah, if he had to jerk off...."
"No, not.... well, yeah Harland....but I meant Jim. I've only seen him like that once, and that was when he was attracted to the lead singer of one of our opening acts. But once they finally stopped being stubborn and screwed, he was fine....."
"So are you saying....."
Kevin just shrugged.
"I couldn't!"
"Why not?" Kevin asked.
"I just couldn't! He's your friend, and besides...."
She broke off when Jim came back into the room.
"What? Were you talking about me?" Jim asked, jokingly
"Yes, actually," Kevin said.
J.C. just rolled her eyes at this. She knew Kevin was going to say something, and she was afraid things would snowball severely.
"Jim, are you turned on right now?"
"Well, yeah...I mean...she's...and you...and on the 'net....and...."
"See," Kevin said "I told you."
"I believed you," J.C. said.
"So, Jim...." Kevin said. Jim had to tear his eyes from between J.C.'s legs.
"Yes?" Please let him offer....please let him offer......Jim prayed. The only reason he walked all the way across town was to see this woman. If Kevin offered to let him watch them together, well....he would die a happy man.
Kevin first turned to J.C.. and whispered something in her ear. She looked at Jim for a moment and said, "Sure, if he's into that sort of thing."
"Yes, I am," Jim cried. "I don't care what it is, I'll do it....."