The Blizzard pt 3
by Kie


"I'm going out for some firewood," Kevin said.

J.C. got a panicked look in her eyes. "You can't go out in this! It's a blizzard!"

"Excuse me, but who was the one driving in it?" Kevin asked framing her face in his hands and smiling.

"But it was daylight then! And It's been snowing a lot harder since then, too!"

Kevin could feel her trembling, so he pulled her to him and hugged her. "All right, I won't go out tonight. I guess, if we pile all the blankets on the bed and snuggled together, we'll stay warm."

J.C relaxed in his arms. "I'm sorry," she said. "I just worry about people going out in weather like this. And besides, doesn't cuddling sound nicer than going out in search of wood?"

"Much nicer," Kevin said as she kissed the tip of his nose. "how about this? I'll dig out all of my blankets, and then we can water heater is gas...I don't know about you, but I can't sleep unless I've showered before bed."

"I'm the same way," J.C. replied smiling, showing off the cute dimple again. Any signs of her fear had completely disappeared. So they set about searching for blankets, Kevin was surprised at just how many he actually owned, well possessed.

"Oh, Jim was looking for this," he said as he unburied a black and green flannel blanket from the bottom of the bedroom closet.

"OK, how long ago was Jim looking for it?" J.C. asked, having read Kevin's old website.

"Um, back in '96 I think...I wonder if he still missed it?"

J.C. laughed and put another blanket on the bed.

"Oh, here's the blanket Steve brought over for the picnic...."

"Don't clean out the closets much, do you?"

"No, not really. Never really saw the need to. Although there's a lot of interesting stuff in here.  Oh, well, ready for the shower?"

Kevin grabbed some pajamas and a couple of thick towels, and they went into the bathroom to shower. It was a very intimate experience for them both as they soaped one another up and rinsed off. Kevin took delight in in toweling her off, and enjoyed when she did the same to him. They got dressed and headed into the bedroom, crawling under the thick pile of blankets. J.C curled up on her side, and Kevin spooned against her, wrapping his arms around her. Soon, warm and sated from the earlier events, they drifted off to sleep.

Kevin woke up some hours later, laying on his back with J.C.'s leg tossed across his legs, her arm across his chest, and her nose inches from his ear, her warm breath gently teasing the hair above his ear. He turned his face to her, smiling at how young she looked. He brushed a small lock of hair off of her forehead, and gently kissed where it had been laying. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled dreamily at him. Kevin leaned in and gently brushed his lips against hers. It was a soft, sweet kiss, tender, un-urgent......J.C. responded, lightly kissing back.
Kevin leaned up on one arm and looked down at her before kissing her again, this time a little longer and deeper.

"Kevin," J.C. whispered between kisses.

"Shh," he whispered back. "I just wanted to kiss you goodnight." He gave her one more lingering kiss, then laid back down and took her in his arms again. He knew what was happening to him. He just didn't know what to do about it. He didn't know if he wanted to do anything about it. He had never felt quite this way....but there was no denying what was happening to him.

J.C. snuggled against him with a contented sigh. She was a romantic and believed in love at first sight. And she knew that she had fallen in love with Kevin the moment he opened the door. She also knew that, if he didn't feel the same, it was O.K....she would have the memories of their time together. Was it fate that put me on his porch? she wondered as she drifted off to sleep. It must have been.

When they awoke again, it was morning. The power still hadn't come back on, and neither of them wanted to get out of bed because they knew it was gong to be very cold outside of their little cocoon. But J.C. really needed to go to the bathroom, so she braced her self and ran for it.

"Couldn't invest in a carpet for the bathroom, eh?" she called across the hall. Kevin chuckled and made a note to buy a rug for the bathroom. He heard the toilet flush then heard her running across the hall. He lifted the blankets so she could slid in and warm up.

"Excuse my language," she said, shivering and nuzzling in to him for warmth, "but it's really fucking cold out there." One of her feet brushed against his, and he gasped at how cold they were.

"Sorry," she said moving her foot back. "But I told you."

Kevin wrapped his arms around her to share his heat, and he found himself inches from her face, looking into her eyes. He brought his lips to hers again, in a sweet intimate kiss, with no urgency or primal lust to it. There was desire behind it, but unlike their first encounter, they were able to take their time and enjoy one another. Kevin deepened the kiss, nibbling lightly on her bottom lip, then running his tongue lightly of her teeth. J.C. wrapped her arms around him, pulling his body on top of hers, opening her mouth to his gentle kiss. She could feel his heart beat resonating through her body, and it awakened a new arousal in her. Where before she had felt as if a bonfire burned in her, this was like the embers of a fire, just as hot, if not hotter than the actual flames, but burning slower.

Kevin lifted his body from hers and pulled her shirt over her head, continuing their kiss the moment the shirt was off. He gently fondled her breasts, swallowing her moans in his mouth. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes, feeling himself drowning in their silvery depths. He kissed each of her eyelids, then moved his kissed down her neck and to her chest. He worked slowly and gently....tailoring his actions to her reactions. He kissed every inch of her breasts, having learned that each area was bound to elicit a different reaction. He discovered that the underside of her breasts were especially sensitive, so he nibbled and kissed there until he noticed that her reaction wasn't getting stronger, so he moved on. He licked the spot between her breasts and then kissed his way down her stomach. Her belly button was ticklish, he discovered, so he avoided it, although he did delight in kissing around it and making her wonder if he was going to tickle her. He slipped his fingers under the waistband of the pajama bottoms and slowly inched the down her hips, pausing to kiss the bare skin just above her patch of pubic hair.

J.C. was practically panting with desire. He was doing things that she had only read about in smut books, and she was enjoying every minute of it. His warm breath on her sex was the most erotic thing she had ever felt, until he started kissing the closed lips. He spent only a moment there, then kissed down her legs as he slowly slid the p.j.s off. She throbbed as his kissed worked their way up on the inside of her legs, nibbling on her inner thighs, parting her legs to gain access. When his lips touched her clit, she instinctively moved her hips to get more contact. She gave a soft cry of pleasure as his tongue flicked across the most sensitive part of her body. He licked, sucked, lightly nibbled on her clit, then worked his tongue down to her opening and plunged it into her, rubbing his nose against her clit.

When her hips rose of the bed, Kevin went with her. He could tell she was reaching her peak when she bent her legs to enable more hip movement. He ran his tongue back to her clit, and after a few licks, her hips rose high from the bed and she moaned as the most intense orgasm she ever experienced rolled over her.

Kevin kissed his way back up her quivering body, finding her mouth again with a deep, passionate kiss. J.C slowly worked his shirt up and off, then used her feet to get his pants down. They laid together savoring the feel of skin on skin, kissing deeply and slowly. Kevin slowly slid into her moist crevice and wrapped his arms around her, hugging J.C.'s body to his. He moved gently, as if he had all the time in the world. J.C. moved her hips in time with his thrusts, her mouth seeking his, lightly sucking on his bottom lip. It was sweet lovemaking for both of them, J.C. still reveling in the afterglow of the orgasm. When Kevin came, it was the sweetest explosion he had ever experienced. It may have been the slow pace with which he had moved, or the fact that it was his third orgasm in less that 24 hours, but as he kissed J.C. and looked into her eyes, he knew it was because he was falling in love.

"Janessa," he whispered against her lips. "Oh, Janessa....."

She kissed him lightly and whispered his name.

"I'm falling in love with you," he said, looking into her eyes for a reaction. Instead of the shock he expected, he saw pleasure.

"I'm falling in love with you, too," she said softly. "I knew it when I first saw you, but I ...."

He silenced her with a kiss. When he pulled away, she smiled up at him. "Aren't you glad now that I was out driving in the storm?"

"Very." He was going to say more, something profound and romantic, but there was a lick and the electricity came back on.

"Darn," J.C. said. "I was hoping we would have to stay in bed all day."

Kevin kissed her lightly on the nose and grabbed his pajama bottoms.

"Well, we might just do that, but right now I need to go to the bathroom. He climbed out of bed and shivered, then ran across the hall. J.C. snuggled under the blankets and smiled when he yelled 'Shit! Cold!' as his bare feet touched the bathroom floor.

"I warned you!" she called.

Kevin came running into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed, climbing under the covers with her. He straddled her hips and began tickling her bellybutton.

She screamed with laughter and tried to fight his hands off. Her muscles were to relaxed to put up any serious resistance though, so she eventually gave up.

"That'll teach you to get lippy with me, young lady," Kevin said.

"oh, just you wait, I'll show you lippy!" J.C. replied. "But after a nap."

Kevin thought that a nap sounded like a good idea, so he slid out of his pajamas and laid down next to her. As they drifted off to sleep, they both thought that they could get very used to cuddling up with one another...........