The Blizzard pt 2
by Kie

J.C. rummaged through Kevin's fridge for dinner ingredients, while Kevin looked to see if he had a bottle of white wine, per her request. When he came back with a dusty bottle, she was busy chopping onions and garlic, tossing them into a heated skillet.
"Will this work?" he asked offering her the bottle
"Are you sure you want to use that?" she asked. "It's worth about $120."
"Gee, maybe you're right. I could easily get $300 for it on e-bay." They laughed, and Kevin said "It's OK, go on and use it. It'll just sit in my den gathering dust."
He watched her work, impressed with the speed with which she worked. She stood behind his counter, wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts and her panties, and whenever she bent down to get a pot or something, he caught a little peek of the lacy blue fabric between her legs. It was taking all of his will power to not sneak up behind her and take her then and there. Thankfully, someone buzzed him via yahoo messenger.
He went into the living room and saw that Steve was trying to get a hold of him.
'Turn on your webcam!' Steve typed once Kevin answered.
'We want to see how bad it is up there,' Steve replied.
Kevin enabled the webcam feature and carried the camera over to the window.
'I'm guessing you didn't get new white curtains,' Steve typed.
'No. By the way, how's Cancun?'
'Warm and sunny. Who's that behind you.'
'It's long story, but her name is J.C.'
'She's cute. Tell her to wave."
"J.C., can you wave to Steve?"
J.C. waved at the computer, watching herself do so in the little window in the top corner.
'Very nice,' Steve typed. 'Well, I just wanted to see how bad tings were. I tried calling my parents to see how the kids were, but I guess the phone lines are down. Thank goodness for your cable modem.'
'It has it's advantages. I'll send you an e-mail if I notice the phones are back up.'
'Thanks, Kev. Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find my wife.'
'Don't do anything I wouldn't,' Kevin typed, adding a little
'Right...I'll go grab the Monopoly board. Bye.'
Kevin went into the kitchen, where J.C. was rubbing pepper and basil over small pieces of chicken and adding them to the skillet.
"Mmmmm....smells delicious," Kevin said.
"Thanks," J.C. replied. "It'll be done in just a few minutes. Where are your plates?"
"In the cupboard right above you,"
J.C. stretched to pull down plates, the hem of the t-shirt rising to give Kevin a clear view of her panties. He felt the tightening in his crotch and took a deep breath.
"Are you all right?" J.C. asked as she lowered two plates. Her eyes roamed over Kevin, lingering on the obvious erection in his boxer shorts.
 "Oh, fine, thanks," he replied.
She smiled at him, a very seductive smile, no less, then turned to dishing up dinner.
"I hope you like it," she said. "It's sort of just tossed together."
"If I had known you would be here, I would have done better grocery shopping. But I'm used to shopping solely for myself."
"I'm just glad you don't do the normal bachelor, hot dogs and frozen pizza."
"Didn't look in the freezer, did you?" he asked as she handed him a plate. It looked delicious, spaghetti with chicken in a light white wine sauce with garlic and onion. They went into his dining room and sat down. Kevin took a bite and thought he had died and gone to heaven.
"This is spectacular," he said.
"I'm glad you like it. I'll have to keep this recipe in mind."
They ate, talking about little things, and when they were finished, cleaned up. J.C. went to the bathroom, and when she came out, Kevin was standing in the middle of the living room, watching the latest weather report.
"How does it look?" J.C. asked from behind him.
"Pretty much the same.. It might die down a ......mmm..." Her hands slid into his shorts, brushing over his cock and moving down to his balls. She gently touched him for bit, finger tips only gliding over and around, then she moved around to the front of him, tugging his shirt over his head.
Her nailed raked lightly over his chest and down his stomach, stopping just above his shorts. She kissed him lightly on the mouth, but didn't linger, moving her kissed down his chest and stomach until she was on her knees before him. She looked up at him as she pulled his shorts down and slid her tongue over the purple head of his manhood, then down the shaft. She teased his balls with the tip of her tongue, then her lips and teeth, finally taking them into her mouth in turn, sucking lightly and licking at the same time. Kevin thought he was going to die.
"Honey, you have got to come see this!"
Steve came out of the bathroom where he had been fussing with is hair.
"What, hon?"
"Look!" Carolyn said, pointing at the screen of his laptop. Steve leaned in and looked, but it took him a minute to realize what he was seeing.
"That isn't....." he said.
"It is!" Carolyn said. "I don't know who the girl with her face impaled on his cock is, but that is most defiantly Kevin."
Steve watched as Kevin got what appeared to be an incredible hummer.
"He doesn't realize it's on, does he?" Carolyn asked, her hand rubbing her husband through his khakis.
"Probably not," Steve moaned. "Just think, our little Kevin..."
"Little nothing!" Carolyn said as she watched Kevin's cock emerge from the girl's mouth. "He's no Ed, but....WOW!"
"I'll give you WOW," Steve said, pushing his wife down on the bed.
Kevin exploded into J.C.'s mouth. He felt guilty about this, he figured that cum was pretty nasty, but she apparently had no qualms about it. She just licked her lips and smiled.
"Oh my dear god...." Kevin said, panting for breath. "Thank you."
"You quite welcome," J.C. replied.
Kevin took a few steps and stumbled into his computer, knocking the camera off the top of the monitor.
"Are you alright?"
"Yes, just wobbly. Come here."
J.C. walked to Kevin ad stood before him.
"Turn around," he said.
She turned, and Kevin lifted the shirt over her head. He stood behind her and began massaging her breasts. Once her nipples had hardened, he tweaked them between his thumbs and forefingers, while he used the rest of his hand to squeeze. She leaned her head back on his shoulder and closed her eyes, reveling in the sensation of the rough calluses on his finger tips and the overall softness of his palms. He nudged her hair out of the way and gently nibbled and sucked on her earlobe. He felt her heart beat quicken under his palm and watched the pulse in her neck throb. He ran his left hand down her stomach to her panties, running his fingers under the waist band, slowly working the lacy fabric down to expose her moist sex. She worked her way out of the panties as he ran his fingers up and down the edge of her outer lips. He kept his touch light, gentle, teasing. She tried to shift her hips to make him touch her fully, but he kept teasing her. He moved his fingers in a little further in, brushing around her clit, but never actually touching it. He moved closer with each pass, enjoying the feel of her body squirming against his.  Just when J.C. thought he was finally going to touch her begging clit, he deftly slid his fingers inside of her. She moaned and started moving her hips against his hand. She could feel her juices flowing as he moved his fingers slowly in and out of her, pressing against that oh so elusive G-spot.
Ed sat glued to his computer, watching his friend finger fuck the beautiful stranger. Steve had sent him an e-mail saying he had to check out Kevin's webcam. And thankfully the phone lines on Ed's side of town were still up.
The image was upside down, but there was no mistaking what was happening.
"I can't believe that's Kevin," Natalie said as she rode her husband. "He seemed so innocent."
Ed tore his attention away from the screen and to his wife beautiful eyes, which were half closed in ecstasy. He griped her hips and moved her up and down his endowment, sending them both over the edge. Ed couldn't believe it either.....Kevin really was a sex animal.....
J.C. practically screamed with pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm rolled over her. She put her arm around Kevin's neck to help support her because she knew
there was no way her legs were up to the job on their own.
"Mmmm..." she said. It was the only word she could make her mouth form, although she was able to open her eyes and look at Kevin.
"Yeah, that's how I felt," he said smiling. His body was still tingling from the incredible blow job she gave him earlier. He was going to say something else, but his e-mail alert went off. He ignored it, but another alert came, followed closely by another.
"You're mighty popular," J.C. said. " I wonder if the phone lines are up?"
"Maybe," Kevin said. "Why don't you go check and I'll turn this stupid alert off."
He kissed her lightly on the neck and turned his attention to the computer screen.
"Oh, shit..."
J.C. looked at him, then at the screen, seeing the small window in the top corner, where she and Kevin were neatly displayed, barenaked as the day they were born. Her first reaction was to be pissed. She figured that Kevin had done that on purpose, but she quickly dismissed it. She was the one who initiated the event, and he was ten times as red as she was, anyway, as he tried to turn the webcam off.
"I am so incredibly sorry," he said later. "I completely forgot to turn it off after Steve asked me to turn it on so he could see the snow......"
"Don't worry about it," J.C. replied. "it was just a few of your friends. And Harland. So they saw us. Big deal."
"Easy for you to're not the one who has to deal with them!"
"Yeah...I don't..I'm sorry. I guess I didn't think of it that way."
Kevin hung his head and buried his fingers deep in his hair with a sigh. "There goes the sweet innocent angle."
"So your friends saw you in a sexual act. Haven't you even seen them in one?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, five guys living on a bus for months on end. I'm thinking that once in a while someone forgets to put the do-not -disturb flag out."
"Aren't you embarrassed?"
"Sort of. But we are two consenting adults. What we do with our time and bodies is our business. And hey, it's not like we were doing anything kinky. No dildos
or strap-ons or anything involving whips and chains."
Kevin looked up and saw that she really was mostly at ease with the whole thing.
Kevin was going to apologize again when there was a loud crack, then a thud, and then darkness except for the fire.
"OK, this isn't so bad," J.C. said.
"Um, yeah it heat is electric."
"OK, so this is bad............"