The Blizzard
Part 1
by kie

Kevin sighed and turned of the TV. The weatherman said that the cold front had pretty much taken up residence over a good portion of Ontario, smack dab over
Toronto, thus the blizzard that had been raging for a day and a half would continue indefinitely. What's funny, Kevin thought as he sat down at his piano and started working on a melody that had been in his head for a while, was that this 30+ inches of snow currently on the ground was supposed to have been a light dusting. Ah well, at least I don't have to go out, he thought.
He was deep into his work when his doorbell rang. He looked outside to the near whiteout conditions and wondered who was fool enough to be out in this. His first thought was Tyler. So he opened the door expecting to see his friend on the porch, hockey stick in hand, but instead he found himself looking at a well wrapped person, only a pair of grey eyes visible.
"Mpphm mmmhhph mmmhhhhtththh...." the bundle started.
"I can't understand you," Kevin said. "You're scarf..."
The eyes widened, and Kevin saw a smile form in them as the person lowered the scarf with heavily gloved hands. Once the scarf was down, Kevin was faced with a beautiful young woman with a bright smile.
"Sorry," she said. "I hate to disturb you, but my car got stuck in the snow back there, and I was wondering if I might be able to use your phone to call a tow truck?"
"Come in," Kevin said, stepping back. "You're more than welcome to use my phone, but I don't think you'll be getting towed anytime soon."
The woman stepped inside and pulled her hat of, letting thick, mahogany curls tumble down her back.
"Why were you out in this anyway? It's practically a white out!"
"This? Oh, this is nothing," she said. "I was following a snow plow, but he got stuck in a snow drift. After that, I couldn't get very far."
"Nothing?" Kevin looked outside and shivered, even though his house was nice and warm. "What are you, an Inuit?"
She laughed. "No, I grew up in Minnesota, though." He took of her glove and held out her hand. "My name's J.C.," she said.
"Kevin," he relied, taking her hand in his. "You're freezing! Here, let me get you some hot chocolate...."
"I don't want to be any trouble....If I could just use your phone...."
"It's no trouble," Kevin said. "And there's no way that you'll be going anywhere for a while, I'm sorry to say." He wasn't really sorry, he was actually a bit lonely, and having company, especially during the storm, seemed like a nice idea. He went into the kitchen and started the cocoa, and J.C. took of her coat and shoes, walking into the living room to stand in front of the fire. Kevin came in a minute later with two large mugs of cocoa, a candy cane sticking out of each.
"Thank you," J.C. said, taking the candy cane out and licking the chocolate off, then sipping the cocoa. "This is delicious. And warm."
"Have a seat," Kevin said. He watched as she sat down in a chair and curled her legs up under her. He guessed her to be in her mid to late twenties, although he had never been good guessing ages. She was just about his height, with a slight build that made him wonder if she was a dancer.
I'm really glad you answered your door," J.C. said, stirring her cocoa with the candy cane. "None of your neighbors did, and I was getting mighty cold."
"How long were you out there?"
"About an hour and a half. But most of that was spent just trying to walk."
"Why were you out in this? It seems dangerous."
"I was trying to get to a friends house. I'm here for her wedding."
"Would you like to call her? Let her know you're safe?"
"If you don't mind," J.C. said. Kevin showed her were the phone was and gave her some privacy. She came back a moment later.
"Phone lines are down," she said.
"I'm surprised they stayed up this long. Oh well, so long as we still have electricity, we'll be fine. Would you like some more cocoa? There's plenty out there."
"Yes, please," J.C. said. Kevin took her mug and went into the kitchen. She followed him, nibbling on her candy cane.
"You know, of all the houses on this street, I can't believe I ended up in yours," she said.
Kevin looked up at her, distracted momentarily by the way she was sucking on the candy cane, then said "Meaning?"
"Oh, you could take that a lot of ways, but I mean it as you, Kevin Hearn, part of Barenaked Ladies." She smiled shyly, and Kevin noticed a slight dimple in her
right cheek.
"So you're a fan?" he asked, stirring the cocoa as it heated.
"Have been since the band first started. My friend used to drag me to smoky little bars to see different local bands, and one of the bands we saw in the early 90s was Barenaked Ladies. We saw a bunch of others, too, like the Rheostatics, Tragically Hip....but BNL really struck a chord with me.....Listen to be, babbling like a brook!"
Kevin smiled and poured the coca. "I don't mind," he said. "I like talking to fans. Love it, really."
"But usually you can run from them, if they get too weird..." Kevin watched her dip the candy cane in the frothy cocoa, then lick it clean, feeling the familiar stirrings in his groin. He was glad there was a counter between them, he didn't want to give her the wrong ideas.
"So you're from Minnesota...." he said, trying to think cold thoughts to will away the problem.
"That's were I grew up, near International Falls. But I live in New York now."
"Really?" Snow....cold shower....Tyler in a Speedo....."Do you go to school or...."
"I work at a restaurant," she said, smiling. She was mesmerized by his eyes. She had seen countless pictures of them, and spent many hours on the internet gushing about them, but in real life, this close.....she had never seen anything so beautiful.
They retreated to the living room and talked. He told her about some of the places he had been on tour, telling funny stories about life on the road with the other Ladies. She told him about growing up in Minnesota (Which she summed up by saying 'it was really cold') and moving to New York to go to a culinary institute.
"I want to open my own restaurant some day," she said, a slightly dreamy look in her grey eyes. "I've got a bit of money stashed away, and I'm developing a
reputation, so maybe soon....."
The storm intensified, to the point that Kevin couldn't see the trees in his front yard. The wind howled, and the lights flickered on and off, but didn't go completely out.
"So what does J.C. stand for?"
"Janessa Ceran," she replied. "It's a combination of my grandparents names, Jane and Vanessa, and Conrad and Darrin."
"'s pretty," Kevin said. He was becoming aroused again, watching her brush her thick hair off of her shoulders, exposing a long, shapely neck. He
was thankful that she was in the chair while he was on the couch..if he had been next to her, he would have been busy kissing her neck.....
He shook himself out of the fantasy of burying his hands in her hair.
"I'm sorry, woolgathering, I guess."
She smiled and titled her head to the side. "You know, you're much cuter in person." She stood and walked over to the couch sitting down next to him. Her knee
brushed against his, sending a jolt through his body. It hadn't been all that long since he'd been with a woman, but he was hard pressed to remember when he wanted someone so much.
J.C. wanted to make a move, but she wasn't sure if she was reading him right or not. She thought he might be attracted to her, but he was playing it kind of cool,
so maybe she was just wishing. But she had an unmistakable ache for him, an ache that wouldn't be eased any other way, so she had to try. If she was wrong, well...she'd deal with that when it came to it.
Kevin stared into her eyes, more silver than grey really, as she leaned in towards him. She feels it too, he thought, blood rushing straight to his groin as she neared. As her lips brushed lightly against his, all reasoning and restraint left him. He crushed his lips against hers, tasting the cocoa and peppermint as he pried her lips open with his tongue. She didn't resist, but gave in openly, wrapping her fingers into his hair, pulling him against her.
He grabbed her thick hair and tilted her head back, nuzzling into her neck, becoming aroused not only by the scent of her, but by the soft moan that escaped her lips as he kissed below her earlobe.
J.C. felt as if she were on fire...everywhere his lips touched, a small, delicious patch of heat remained. He kissed under her ear, her jaw, down the front of her
neck towards her collar bone. She felt herself become moist as his deft fingers began to unbuttoned her shirt, kissing each patch of newly exposed skin. He
pushed her back on the couch and kissed the spot between her breasts, just above her bra, his hands cupping from the sides.
Kevin had never tasted skin as sweet as hers. Her heart beat furiously under his hands as he sucked on her nipple through her bra. Small gasps and whimpers
escaped her as he teased her through the lace. It was as much torture for him, what he was doing. He wanted more than anything to rip her cloths off and plunge
into her...but at the same time, he wanted to savour every inch of her body. She arched her back, making her small firm breasts stand ever higher, and Kevin
slipped a hand under her to unclasp her bra. Once undone, he fold the cups up and began to fondle her with his hands and tongue. J.C. wasn't sure how much
more of this delicious torture she could handle. She ran her hands through is hair, at first to keep him form pulling off of her sensitive breast, then she tightened her hold and pulled him up to her face, kissing him passionately. He laid along the length of her body, his left leg between her thighs, He felt the warmth and nudged slightly.
"Please," she begged against his neck, her left hand sliding between there bodies down to his crotch. as she began rubbing him through the fabric, Kevin felt like he was going to explode. He sat up and began to take off his shirt, and she pounced, knocking him off the couch tot he floor in front of the fireplace, her hand fighting with the button of his pants. She pulled his pants down once they were undone, and began kissing his throbbing erection through the this cotton of his boxers. She took the head into her mouth, fabric and all, running her teeth gently over the swollen tip. She worked on this fir a few minutes. knowing full well what she was doing. Kevin was in such ecstasy that he couldn't even groan. When she had tortured him enough for the time being, she kissed her way up his stomach and chest, running her tongue over his nipples like he had done to her.
"I want you," he whispered, his voice so thick with desire that it didn't sound anything like him. "Oh god, how I want you..." Her breasts skimming across his chest and stomach sent shivers up his spine, and when she freed his cock and began to lightly lick the head, it was all he could do not to cum right then and there.
J.C. knew she was driving him to the edge, and when she sensed he was getting near, she would back off. He had teased her like this with out once touching her
sex, which was still warm and moist and screaming to be filled....
Kevin felt he had been toyed with long enough. He shimmied his hips so that his cock came out of her mouth, something he never thought he would actually ever do, and pushed J.C. onto her back. He knelt above her and undid her pants, sliding them and her panties down her long shapely legs. The sight of her neatly trimmed mound forced a small drop of precum out of him. He placed his hand between her legs, his thumb on her swollen clit, his index finger pressed lightly against her opening. He rotated his thumb in a counterclockwise motion and watched her squirm and buck her hips. After a moment,he stopped, and put a little more pressure with his finger, not actually entering her. Then back to the thumb, this time clockwise. He alternated in this fashion for about five minutes, never letting her reach climax, but getting her close. After five minutes, she was calling his name, begging him to enter her. After five minutes, he couldn't wait anymore, anyway. He was
about to explode. The sight of her, naked on his rug, sweaty and lit by the fire, was more than he could handle. He worked his way between her legs, which she
gladly opened to him. There lips met in a passionate kiss as he slowly entered her.
"Kevin" she moaned, "oh Kevin."
He waited a moment before he began moving. He didn't want it to end just yet. She was tight, but very wet, and he knew that it wouldn't take much for him to go over, but he wanted her to go first.
Once he did start, it was with slow, gentle thrusts. J.C. moved her hips to meet each thrust, her fingers gripping his back, her lips leaving a trail of kisses on his neck. Kevin started moving faster, and her long legs wrapped around his hips, giving his deeper access. She kept her arms wrapped around his neck and began to nibble on his earlobe. As soon as she did that, Kevin knew it was over for him. He felt the particular tingle that always preceded orgasm. He also felt J.C. stiffen slightly as she moaned softly, then the inner muscles of her pussy throbbing just as he came.
He collapsed on top of her, burying his face in her hair. She lightly ran her fingers up and down is back, sending exquisite little shivers throughout his body, which surprised him ,since he was completely numb.
Once he regained a minimal amount of control over his muscles, he leaned up, afraid he was crushing her.
"I'm..." he started, but she put a finger against his lips.
"Don't say you're sorry," she said. "Nothing ruins the experience like that."
"all right," he said, gently kissing her finger. "Will you settle for 'I'm hungry'"
"I'd be disappointed if you weren't," she replied with a smile.....