Center of Attention
a Round Robin
by Ariel Thalia

       I never really considered myself to be spectacular.  Normally, I preferred to shy away from attention, it was just easier that way.  After 20 plus years of living like that, it all changed for me one night - my birthday.  Sure, my Sweet 16 was an important day, as were my 18th and 21st birthdays.  But, as was usually the case, I was overshadowed by prettier friends in attendance, despite being the center of attention for that one night.

      For my 25th birthday however, while I did have the obligatory party with family and close friends, a separate party proved to be the highlight.  Two guys I'd been acquainted with since University - Kevin and Steve - promised to give me a very unforgettable birthday.

      They came to my apartment and took over my kitchen, preparing an incredible dinner for me.  We sat together, eating, talking and drinking wine until we were quite satisfied.  When it came time for dessert - strawberries and cream, served with Champagne - I was almost in Nirvana.

      Sitting on the floor, Kevin fed me cream-drenched strawberries while Steve gave me the Champagne.  I was ready to start blushing.  Two absolutely lovely men were treating ME like I was a Goddess tonight.

      "Guys, how far in advance was this evening planned?  This is just too wonderful for words!"  I said, coyly.

      Mind you, I was shaking like a leaf inside.  I wasn't used to this kind of attention.  It was lovely, don't get me wrong, but I was caught in this state of "Why?" and "Please, never let this end!"

      "Oh Lily,"  Steve said.  "Think of this as just a small token of our affection.  The three of us have been friends for so long, we just felt that you needed some pampering."
      "And Lily, any opportunity I have to get a girl to blush, I'm going to take it!"  Kevin continued.

      With that, Kevin planted a soft kiss on my cheek and laughed softly as he watched my face flood with crimson.  About twenty or so minutes later, Steve polished off the last strawberry, savoring every bit with his delicious mouth.  By this time, we had moved from the floor to my glorious couch, which was quite possibly the most comfortable piece of furniture this side of the Mississippi.

      "I just wanted to thank you Lily, for allowing me to have one of your strawberries.  We did get them for you, you know."  Steve commented out of nowhere.
      "Well, Steve," I said, feeling a bit braver.  "I just wanted to see you put those lips into action.  It IS my birthday after all."

      Thankfully, the three of us had this really great friendship where we could have the slightly sexual banter and the loyal bond at the same time.  So, my comment was soon met with a slightly racier comment.  Little did I know that this was the beginning to one of the most amazing nights of my life.

      "Well, Lily, since you put it that way, my lips would rather be tasting something else tonight."  Steve whispered to me.

      I rolled my eyes at both him and Kevin, and said, "And I wonder what that would be, Steve ... perhaps that redhead you've been going on about for the past week?"

      Kevin, who was to my right, put his arm around me and looked me in the eyes.  He began running his fingers through my auburn hair and whispered, "I would have to agree with Steve on this one.  There is something that I've been just aching to taste."

      And with that, Kevin placed his lips on my neck, tasting my flesh.  No doubt it tasted like a mixture of sweat, soap and perfume.  He enjoyed it no less, kissing up to my ear.

      "Oh Kevin" was al my mouth could utter.  Soon, the other side of my neck was being attacked by Steve's full lips.  Oh those lips could do magic, I thought.  They were so full, so wonderful, how I'd love them to be at my breasts or my sex ... anywhere.

      "Ahhh, Steve" I muttered, finally able to speak something else.

      I could only sigh loudly as I felt Kevin's tongue gently tracing the outline of my ear, then planting a quick kiss before sliding his tongue in.

      As I shivered in delight, Steve grinned at me, then took off his glasses.  Looking into his beautiful brown eyes, I found myself almost drifting off into a sea of bliss.

      His lips pressed to mine, giving me a very soft kiss.  Yet, I wanted more - so much more.  It may seem clichéd, but there was this hunger in me - a desire to just take them both into my bedroom and spend the entire night making love to them.

      Kevin was moving from my ear back to my neck, kissing and nipping at the warm surface of my skin underneath his mouth.  I had an arm around him, lazily stroking his hair, my moans suppressed by Steve's tongue exploring my mouth.
      Finally, I realized that this was just too delicious to end.  I still cannot recall what swallowed my inhibitions that night, but whatever it was, it worked.

      Steve continued his tender exploration of my mouth. My arms left Kevin for a moment as I took Steve into my arms and softly bit his lower lip.  He opened his eyes and moaned his response.  I then felt Kevin move from his position next to me, to right behind me so I was leaning against him, and Steve was pressed up against me.

      "How did you manage to do that so quickly?"  I managed to ask in between Steve's fiery kisses.
      "I have many talents, Lily. Most of which you'll see tonight, if you let me."

      Then, I felt Kevin's hands cup my breasts.  I shivered at his gentle touch.  He took one of my nipples into his hand and tickled it, making me giggle into Steve's mouth.  Steve gave Kevin a 'Can't-you-see-I'm-trying-to-seduce-her' look, but Kevin paid no attention.  I felt Kevin gathering the hem of my dress, raising it so my legs were exposed completely.  Steve noticed what Kevin was doing, and without warning, slowly bent his head down and started weaving a trail of kisses from my thigh to that place ... Kevin took this opportunity to give me a sample of his kissing talents.  This time, it was I who moaned into his mouth for his kisses came so deep and intensely that all I could do was moan and ask for more.

      "Oh Lily, I can't stand it any longer.  Follow me."  Steve said.
      "What exactly do you have in mind, baby?"  I asked, still weak from Kevin's kisses.
      "Don't worry, Lil, I promise to be gentle."  said Kevin.

      It seemed like we were in a dream-like state as we moved from the living room to my bedroom.  Maybe it was the Champagne going to my head, or perhaps it was the fact that I was with two men that actually wanted ME.

      Steve lit a few candles while Kevin looked through my CD collection for something 'romantic', finally deciding upon a Miles Davis CD.  Before I could even pull my dress over my head, Steve was stopping me.

      "Nonono ... let me do that, Lily."  Steve whispered into my ear before kneeling down in front of me, to get my dress from the hemline.

      Slowly, he hiked up my dress, giving me quick kisses wherever I was exposed.  Then, Kevin came up behind me, kissing his way up my spine - starting at my waist.  I could've just melted into a puddle right then and there from the feel of his soft lips on my back.

      Steve leaves the room, but returns quickly, with a coffee cup in hand.  I don't think much of it - or even what could be inside the cup - until Steve tells me that he's got a surprise for me.  My curiousity is piqued, and Kevin works on undoing my bra in the meantime.

      As soon as my bra comes off, and my breasts are exposed, Steve dips a finger into the cup, and brings it out, a small amount of the cream on his fingertip.  His cream-covered finger circles my nipple, teasing it into erection.  Then, he positions himself so that he can lick the underside of my breast, gradually moving to my nipple, lapping up the cream before taking me into his mouth and sucking while I moan into his hair.

      Kevin was just sitting by and watching, then he decides to join in on the fun.  I'm now lying on the bed, with these two men touching me all over, their mouths on my breasts, and all I have to do is enjoy the experience.  Wow, this is definitely Nirvana...

      "Hmmmmm, Kevin, come here." I manage in between moans.
      "What is it, my Lil?"  he asks gently as he looks up from tasting my nipples.  Who knew he was so good at that?

      He looks at me with his soft blue eyes, eagerly wanting to fulfill my every command.  I bite my lower lip, which sets Kevin off and sighing, and I pull him on top of me.  My hands slowly run up and down his back with my legs firmly wrapped around him.  Oh, he smelled so good.  For a split second, I found my mind drifting to the source of his scent, but Kevin disrupted my thoughts by whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

      "Lil, I want you so much.  Oh let me taste you."

      I look up at him almost shocked at his remark.  This is the Kevin that used to be an Altar Boy in his youth.  This is the Kevin that remained well into his adulthood an absolute angel.  Yet at that moment, the wanting that etched his face almost forbade me to say no to him.  I met his gaze and gently kissed the top of his forehead, slowly making my way down to his mouth.  I then kissed his upper lip, nodding yes.

      Steve, who had been taking a well-deserved breather, lies down next to me.  He buries his face in my neck, teasing my earlobe with his tongue.

      "This is your night, love.  We'll do whatever you want."  He then flashes his trademark grin and goes from teasing my earlobe to gently sucking on my neck.

      Kevin takes this as his cue to begin.  He gives me one last gentle kiss, and he carefully finds his way to my sex with his tongue.  He mouth almost memorizes the rise and fall of my breasts.  He pauses for just a minute as he takes one of my nipples into his mouth, teasing my throbbing peak.

      "Oh I can't just taste one," he moans into my chest.  He then takes both of my breasts into his hands, making the nipples meet.

      "Oooohhh, Kevin..."  I cry to my ceiling.  Steve, looking up from my neck, finds my mouth.
      "I love it when you cry out our names,"  Steve says to me.  "It makes me want you even more."

      Kevin had meanwhile found my ever-responsive navel.  They both knew how ticklish my navel was.  So, Kevin, ever  the opportunist, began to gently kiss it, making me laugh in the midst of Steve's kisses.

      "Hey, I'm trying to woo her over here!"  Steve jokingly said to Kevin.
      "Oh, I think I'm about to one-up you there, Steve"  Kevin replied.

      With that, I felt Kevin's eager mouth reaching that place ... I grew still as he allowed his fingers to gently explore my wetness.  He had found my clit and wasted no time in making my toes curl.  It was gentle at first, but as my cries came faster and faster, so did his touch.  In a moment of inspiration, Kevin got a wicked idea.  He had found the cream that Steve had brought in earlier and he dipped his finger in it.  He then ran that finger around my clit and ...

      "Mmmmmmmm, Kevin, more!!!"  I cried out in the midst of Steve's delicious kisses.

      Then, he slipped his tongue into my wetness.  I swore later on that the Universe revealed all its secrets to me.  His rhythm steady, he let his tongue wander in places that I didn't know existed.  He would tease my clit with his tongue, then pause, then do it again, then pause.  All the while, I cried out his name and ran my hands through his hair.  Minutes had come and gone, but Kevin wasn't worried about that.  All he wanted to do was please me, and he was doing much more than that.  All of a sudden, I felt this tidal wave of warmth as I began to come.

      "Oh God, Kevin, ohhhhh!"  I cried.

      Kevin knew that I was almost ready, but he still took great care to finish what he had started.  I had noticed that during the course of this, Steve was about ready to come himself just watching me moan and writhe in pleasure, but in the back of my mind, I had that taken care of.  Little did he know what I had in store for him.

      At this point, my legs were beginning to get weak from being wrapped around Kevin.  Somehow, though, he knew the right time to make me come.  He had run his tongue up and down every inch of me and with intense passion, began licking faster than ever before at my clit.  I bucked against his face, shouting to the Heavens, enjoying the sounds of pleasure that were leaving Kevin's mouth, until I collapsed into the pillow and Steve's nearby arms.

      "Kevin, oh my God, you ... how ... where did you learn that?"  I stammered, trying to recover from what just happened.

      Finding his way back to my lips, he softly kissed me, then said ...
      "A master never reveals his secrets, Lily."

      I lie there almost collapsed in Steve's arms, while Kevin looks on.  Steve runs his hands through my hair, down to my shoulders and back.  He kisses the top of my head and whispers to me about how erotic that was to watch, and how much he wanted to be the one in Kevin's place.

     "Lily, would you do me a favor and stand up, please?"  Steve asks me.

     I slowly get up, not wanting to leave the warmth of Steve's embrace.  My knees are a bit shaky, but I try my best to get my footing.  Steve gets up from the bed, taking a pillow with him.  He puts the pillow down, about two feet in front of me, then kneels on the pillow.

     "You're going to worship me, Steve?  Is that it?"  I say to him.
      "Yes Lily.  How else does one treat a Goddess?"

     Oh God.  I could almost die laughing.  Sure, this is supposed to be a chance for me to live out a fantasy, but it seems almost like Steve is getting silly.  But, I snap out of that as soon as I look down, and see those brown eyes staring back up at me, that sensuous red mouth aching to taste me - and realize that he's dead serious.

     He leans in, and gives me a kiss on my stomach.  Just a gentle, feathery kiss that has me almost ready to giggle.  He kisses me again, and slowly, he works on getting his kisses lower on my body.  He's mere centimeters from my sex and I can almost feel his tongue darting out to give me a teasing lick.  Instead, his mouth goes right to my knees, nibbling and kissing his way up my legs.

     Feeling him getting closer and closer, his arms wrapped around me, holding me against him,  I can feel myself starting to get wet all over again.  I shift my stance, so that my legs are spread just enough for him to get his head in between.  He moans his approval, and starts to lick along the inside of my right thigh, then the left one, before finally giving me what I want.

     Unsure of what to do with my hands, I reach down and run my fingers through his hair, telling him how much I love this.  Looking over at the bed, I see that Kevin appears to have dozed off, probably trying to get his energy for what could end up coming next.  Steve continues to lick and suck on my clit, trying to get his face into my wetness as much as possible.

     Kevin looks over at us, and smiles.  Then, he gets out of the bed, and comes up behind me.  He pushes my hair off the back of my neck, and starts to kiss me.  I can't help but moan, starting to feel euphoric.  While Steve is sucking on my clit and sliding two fingers into my sex, Kevin takes his hands away from my hair, and instead begins to fondle my breasts.

     I'm standing there, feeling as though my knees could give out, and I could just fall right on top of Steve, with Kevin on top of me.  Steve must sense this, as he pulls away from me, and asks if I'd rather be on the bed.  Right now, all I'd be capable of is an incoherent mumbling, so I nod my head in agreement.  Kevin moves away, and waits for me to get onto the bed.

     Once I'm sprawled out in the middle of the bed, Steve gets between my legs again, going back to licking and fingering me.  Kevin kisses me, and plays with my breasts again, slowly kissing his way down.  I put my hands on the back of Steve's head, pushing him into me, thrusting my hips against his face.  His licking gets more intense, and he goes between licking and sucking, sensing that I'm going to be coming very soon.

     Kevin is kissing my neck, and his ear is dangerously close to my mouth.  Rather than scream in the poor man's ear, I run my tongue along his skin and start to suck on his earlobe.  He moans against my neck, and continues kissing me.  Before I can ask him to do it, he is licking one of my breasts, drawing the nipple into his mouth and sucking excitedly.

     My moans and cries get louder, and I can feel myself starting to shake all over, the intensity of my orgasm taking over my entire body.  Steve is still licking me, gently, while Kevin is now kissing my face and whispering in my ear that he can't get enough of it, that he wants to experience this forever.

     I lie there, almost exhausted and damn near breathless.  When Steve comes up and faces me, I just smile at him.  He smiles back, then kisses me and whispers in my ear  "the best is yet to come, Lily..."

      Kevin got up and left the bedroom.  He didn't say where he was going, or what he was doing, he just left Steve and I alone.  I looked over at Steve, who was leaning against the headboard.  He put his arms around me and hugged me.  I hugged him back, and started to kiss his neck, gradually making my way down his body.

      By the time Kevin returned, I was licking and pinching Steve's nipples while he moaned in delight.  Kevin got behind me, his hands rubbing over my back and ass.  Steve started playing with my breasts and I was anticipating their next moves.
      I felt Kevin holding onto my hips as he pulled me down onto him.  Oh God, he was so hard, and I was so wet.  My kisses went further down Steve's body, to his cock.  I licked the head, and his back arched.

      "Lily, please..."  I heard him say.

      I took him into my mouth and started licking and sucking, slowly at first.  The way it felt to have his cock in my mouth, coupled with Kevin's fucking me and both of them moaning, I was getting even hotter.

      Steve's moans got louder and I could feel him tensing up.  He stroked my hair, muttering endearments in between moans.  Kevin fucked me harder, getting to where he was as loud as Steve, thrusting into me faster.

      There was silence for a brief moment, then Kevin and Steve were both almost screaming.  Steve was right at my throat, and I could feel him throbbing against my tongue and lips while he came.  Next, it was Kevin, thrusting into me one last time, and biting into my neck as he moaned, "Ohhhh Lily" into my skin.

      Afterwards, I was sitting on my bed, wrapped up in a sheet, looking at the obviously content Steve and Kevin.  My other long-standing (but never expressed) fantasy runs through my head, while I debate over whether or not to share my desire to see it fulfilled.

      Steve crawls over and rests his head on my shoulder.  "Something bothering you, Lil?"  he asks, looking up at me, almost innocently.
      I hesitate, then say "Oh no ... it was absolutely incredible.  It's just ... "
      "That you expected something else to happen?"  Steve interjects.
      "No ... not that."  A sigh, and then I attempt to finish my thought.  "Well, there's something else I've been curious about.  But, I don't want either of you taking offense at my asking."
      "What is it, Lil?"  Kevin asks as he gets on my other side.
      "Well, I think it would be interesting ... "  I look at Steve and kiss him quickly.  "To watch two men together."  I turn and smile at the almost-blushing Kevin.

      Nothing is said as both men kiss my face, then lean in and kiss each other.  I move back, giving them more room.  Watching how these two interact with each other, I wonder if there was maybe something going between them back in University days.  Kevin has taken Steve's face into his hands, as though they were re-enacting a love scene from a John Hughes film, and I get into watching them kiss, all lips, tongues and intensity.

      Ultimately, it's Steve who takes the initiative to move his kisses beyond Kevin's mouth, dragging his lips over the exposed surface of his neck, running his tongue along his collarbones, Kevin moaning in pleasure the whole time.  I watch as Steve's hands caress Kevin all over, completely taking in the feel of his skin, and it reminds me of how good it felt to be under Steve's touch.  It's like he takes his time, relishing the experience, wanting to memorize the way you feel - every inch, curve, slope and angle of your body.

      When Kevin attempts to reciprocate, he is met with Steve's whispering "Don't worry about me."  I have no idea how far this can go, and I'm truly surprised that they'd even be willing to do it in the first place.

      I look on, still damn near astonished as Steve gets Kevin to lie on his back, flashing a wicked grin and starting to go down on him.  Until that moment, I'd been so good.  I'd managed to keep from touching myself - even though I'd found their foreplay to be so passionate and erotic - but the sight of Steve's gorgeous red mouth wrapped around Kevin's cock ... and Kevin's loud cries of pleasure, I couldn't help but give in.

      My hand seems to absentmindedly wander to an opening in the sheet, below my knee, moving up my own thigh, a reminder of how it felt when it was another's hand a short time ago.  My other hand starts to rub my breasts, and I allow my mind to drift, reliving the experience of being - dare I say it? - worshipped by the two men who are now in front of me, getting lost in their lovemaking.

      The sheet came off completely, and I sat there before them, fully exposed while I touched myself.  I started slowly at first, then built up the pace, only to slow down again.  I kept at this, getting myself closer to an end, stopping suddenly, only to start again, starting and stopping until the slightest touch of my fingertips on my clit sets me off.  My cries of "Oh God" and Kevin's "Ohhh Steve" merge into one shared expression, resulting in an orgasmic chorus that Steve probably never imagined he'd hear live in the privacy of a partner's bedroom.

      I look over at the edge of the bed and see the grinning Steve and satiated Kevin.  I couldn't help but smile as well.

      "Lily,"  Kevin whispered in a raspy voice.  "I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much."

      I just nodded my silent agreement before falling forward, collapsing upon a nearby pillow, not caring that I was sprawled out in the middle of the bed.

      In the morning, they were gone, and it was a return to our everyday lives.  But I'll never forget that night - my 25th birthday - when I truly was the Center of Attention.