Anna Anastasia pt 7
by KevinHearn Rules

Kevin gargled with the glass of water I gave him and spit it out in the sink. I put my arm around his shoulders and kissed him on the cheek.

"Feel better?" I asked.

"A little," he said. "My stomach hurts. So does my head."

The gash had stopped bleeding, but Kevin still needed stitches, or he was going to have a very ugly scar on his forehead. I didn't say anything. Instead, I led him over to the couch in the dressing room.

"I think you should just lie down for a little bit," I said.

"But what about the show?"

"Don't worry about it. Just lie down."

He stretched out and put his head in my lap. "I fucked up the show, didn't I?"

"A little, but it wasn't that bad," I said. "You did do a good job of singing that one part of ‘Wizard of Magic Land'." I ran my fingers through his hair.

"I did what?"

"You jumped on Steve's part and sang a verse. The ‘When you're brokenhearted' verse."

"It's "When your heart is broken,' not ‘When you're brokenhearted.'"

"Whatever," I said. "I'm just a tech. I don't pay attention to the lyrics all that much. All I care about is ‘Does this song need an accordion?'"

Kevin chuckled softly. "Well, if I really did sing part of ‘Wizard,' then I guess this means I really did puke on Ed."

"Yeah, Hon, you did. He was wearing his man-blouse, though, so you can't even tell it has puke on it."

He laughed a little bit louder this time. "Thanks."

"For what?" I asked.

"For still being here for me, even though I was a total ass. If I were in your shoes, I'd have let me choke on my own puke."

"Well, I knew you didn't really mean all those things you said. I love you, Kev, and I'm really sorry about what I did with Ed. I was in shock because you said you were in love with me, and I wasn't thinking straight. ‘Course, it's partly Ed's fault, too, but anyway, will you forgive me?"

"You did break my heart," he said as he rolled onto his back and looked up at me. "But you helped me when I needed you the most. Yeah, I guess I forgive you." Then he added, "And I still love you."

Kevin sat up and kissed me. I was happy to feel his warm lips touching mine again. We kissed for a few more minutes, then he lay down again, this time with his head at the other end of the couch. I lay down, too, with my head on his chest. I listened to his steady, rhythmic heartbeat. I must've fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew, Fin was nudging me.

"Anna, the show's over," he said. "Time to pack up."

I groaned, and then I realized my head was still on Kevin's chest. With a gasp, I sat up abruptly.

"We were just--"

"It's all right," said Fin. "I understand. You've got work to do now, though. Don't worry about Kevin. I'll make sure he gets on the bus, and you can see him back at the hotel."

"Thanks," I said. Then, I gave my sleeping keyboardist a light kiss on the forehead before setting off to dismantle the keyboard setup.

It seemed like it took forever to get it all taken down. All the cables had to be disconnected, everything had to be put back in the right case, the stage had to be checked to make sure nothing was left behind, and the trucks had to be checked to make sure all the equipment was in there. Then, it was all ready to go to the next venue, where it would all have to be set up and taken down again. It was a lot of work, especially for me because Kevin had about a million different insruments. I did have help, fortunately, and dismantling everything always took less time than it did setting it up. Once everything was packed up, all of us techs hopped on the buses and returned to the hotel.

I went straight to Kevin's room, but on the way, I found out that he wasn't there, because Fin had also realized that Kevin needed stitches. Poor Kevin had to go the hospital again. He came back and had a bandage over his wound.

"How many?" I asked.

"Seven. Wanna see?"


Kevin peeled back the bandage. His wound looked nice and neat compared to what it looked like before.

"Cool," I said.

He smiled. "I might still have a scar, though."

"That's okay. Scars are sexy."

"So I've been told," he grinned.

"Well, I guess this means we can't go try out the hot tub."

"We still can. I just can't get my head wet."

I kissed him lightly on the lips. "Let's go have a soak."

We changed into our swimsuits and headed down to the hot tub, but we ran into the rest of the band on the way down.

"Hey Kev, how's your head?" Steve asked.

"Better," he said.

"Why'd you fuck up the show?" Ty asked.

"Tyler!" said Ed.

"It's okay," said Kevin. "I'm sorry for messing up the show. I was a little wasted, so I didn't know what I was doing."

"Why the hell did you go onstage wasted?" Jim asked.

"Why the hell not?" said Steve. Ed glared at him.

"Anna and I had a fight, but we made up, so everything's cool now."

I noticed Kevin was looking at Ed, who had a hard time looking me or Kev in the eye.

"Well, we're going for a swim now," I said. "See you all later." With that, Kev and I left the other Ladies and continued to the hot tub.

We got lucky; there was no one in the hot tub room. We slipped into the hot, bubbly water and relaxed. I put my head on his shoulder and he put his arms around me.

"I could sit like this forever," he said.

"Me too."

"So what are you gonna do when the tour's over?"

"Oh, I dunno," I said. "Probably go back to working for local bands until you guys go back on tour. Gotta put food on the table, ya know. What about you? What are you gonna do off-tour?"

"Probably work on music, do stuff with Thin Buckle. Maybe work on another album if Steve and Ed get some more songs done."

"And if you do another album, you guys will go on tour again, and we'll get to see each other again."

"You know, we don't have to wait till the next tour to see each other again," he said as he ran his fingers through my hair. "We could get together off-tour. Oh wait, you have a boyfriend, though."

"Actually, I don't anymore. He broke up with me just before this tour started. He said he didn't trust me being on the road with a bunch of rock stars for three months."

We looked at each other, then burst out laughing.

"Let's get together, then," he said. "How bout I take you to dinner, then to a Leafs game?"

"I'd like that. Oh, but what about your girlfriend?"

"I'm going to break it off with her. It wasn't working out to begin with."

He leaned in and kissed me for a very long time. I felt his hand glide across my back as he undid my bikini top. He pulled me close to him and I moaned when I felt my skin against his. I ran my hands down his back and slipped my hands under his swim trunks to feel his ass. He started kissing my neck and I moaned again, but then he suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I heard footsteps," he said. "Someone's coming."

"Damn." I put my top back on just as some other people came in.

"Let's go back upstairs," Kevin whispered.

We got back upstairs, and even though we were both still wet, Kevin practically tore my swimsuit off.

"Wait," I said. "Let's do something different to celebrate us officially being together."

"What should we do?"

"I dunno. Something kinky."

He thought for a moment. "We could do a threesome like we've always talked about."

"Okay, but are we going to get another guy or another girl?"

"I don't care."

"Hmm...I don't know any of the other girls on the road crew very well," I said. "I guess it'll have to be another guy."

"Well, I don't know any of the guys on the road crew well enough to invite them to have a threesome."

"Neither do I. How bout one of your bandmates?"

He took a long time to think about it. "Okay, but not Ed. Or Ty. All that back hair....ugh."

"Not Steve," I said.

"Well, I guess that leaves you know who. He does like to experiment with new things."

I smiled. "Okay, so how do we get him in here? Do we just go up to him and say, ‘Hey Jim, wanna have a threesome?'"

"Nah," said Kev. "We'll have to trick him."

"No, I'd feel bad if we did that."

"Let's just wait for him to come upstiars, then. He has to come up here sometime."

So, we waited. Kevin was getting hornier by the minute, so I let him play with one of my boobs. He was still sucking on it when Jim walked in. The bassist's jaw dropped when he saw both of us sitting on the bed naked. He started to back out of the door, but Kevin jumped up and slammed it shut.

"It's okay, Jim," he said. "You weren't interrupting anything. In fact, we were waiting for you."

"You were?" said the confused bassist.

I strode up to him and looked him in his big, brown eyes. Then, I caressed his cheek and kissed him hard, forcing my tongue into his mouth. He moaned and I felt his shoulders drop.

"Mmm...what was that for?" he said.

I started unbuttoning his shirt. "You'll see," I said.

I got Jim's shirt off and tossed it aside. I started rubbing his chest, while Kevin worked on getting his shoes and pants off. I licked Jim's nipples and he moaned in ecstasy.

"Oh God, is this really happening?" he said out loud. Then, he suddenly shouted, "Holy shit!"

I looked down and saw Kevin kneeling on the floor with Jim's dick in his mouth. He licked and sucked it very slowly while fondling Jim's balls, causing the bassist to curl his toes. Just as Jim was starting to climax, Kevin let go.

"Oh shit...where'd you learn to suck cock like that?" said Jim.

"I learned from her," Kevin said with a smile.

"Do it some more," said Jim.

"But we're just getting started," I said.

I led Jim over to the bed and Kevin followed. I then lay down so my legs were dangling over the edge. That meant that Jim would have to stand up to fuck me. He hesitated and looked at Kevin.

"It's all right," said Kevin.

Jim leaned over me and slipped his dick inside. I moaned loudly and Jim started thrusting hard. He ran his hands all over my body and ran his thumbs over my nipples. I watched Kevin come up behind Jim and start running his hands all over Jim's body. He started nuzzling Jim's neck and Jim stepped back, pulling his dick out of me. Kevin ran his hands down to Jim's thighs and started fondling his dick. He kissed Jim's neck and slowly slipped his own dick into Jim's ass.

"Oh God..." Jim sighed and arched his head back.

Kevin pulled Jim's hips back, slipping his dick even farther inside. His chest was touching Jim's back.

"Oh shit!" Jim cried out.

I watched Kevin thrust slowly and gradually increase his rhythm. I'd never been so turned on in my life. I took Jim's cock in my mouth and sucked it while Kevin continued thrusting. Jim started panting, but once again, Kevin pulled out just as Jim was starting to climax.

"Dammit, why'd you stop?" said Jim.

"Because it's my turn," said Kevin. Jim started to go behind him, but Kevin stopped him. "No, I want you to suck my dick first."

"But I don't know how to give a blowjob."

"All you do is put it in your mouth and suck," said Kevin. Then he looked at me. "Right?"

I sighed and shook my head. Men...

"Since you're a beginner, just pretend it's a popsicle," I said.

"Oh, okay," said Jim.

He knelt in front of Kevin and wrapped his mouth around his dick. He started out by moving his mouth up and down the shaft while Kevin ran his fingers through Jim's red hair. I touched myself while I watched. Then, Jim must've figured out he could use his tongue, because Kevin suddenly let out a moan.

"Stop," said Kevin, but Jim didn't. "Jim, unless you want a mouth full of cum, stop." He did.

"How was it?" Jim asked.

"Good, for a beginner," said Kevin. "Now, I want you to fuck me."

I lay on the bed again, and while Kevin slipped inside of me, Jim slipped inside of Kevin. The harder Jim thrusted inside of Kevin, the harder Kevin thrusted inside of me. I could hear Jim breathing hard and Kevin moaning.

"Oh God!" Kevin cried out as he orgasmed and came inside of me.

Jim pulled out and I sat up as Kevin leaned over the bed, out of breath.

"Is that it?" said Jim.

"Nope," Kevin said, just before he threw Jim down on the bed.

Kevin started sucking on Jim again, only he didn't realize how close Jim was to orgasming. Jim's back arched and he came in Kevin's mouth.

"Shit!" Kevin shouted as he jumped back. "Ewww, it's salty!" He grabbed a handful of Kleenex and began spitting into it.

"Hey, what about me?" I said. "I haven't orgasmed yet!"

"Okay, hold on," said Kevin.

He ran in the bathroom, and I heard the water run, then I heard gargling and spitting. He came back out, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand.

"All right, your turn," he said.

I lay on the bed and spread my legs. He sucked my pussy until I, too, had an orgasm. All three of us lay on the bed, exhausted. Kev and I noticed Jim was lying between us, so we rolled over and kissed Jim on the cheek.

"Thanks Jim," I said.

"Yeah," said Kevin. "That was great."